Elite Energy 35 Speed

Have you ever wondered what makes a compound bow so unique? The Elite Energy 35 Speed is a prime example of the fusion of innovation and tradition in archery. With its system of cables, pulleys, and cams, this bow offers incredible power and speed, allowing for precise aiming and accuracy. Its compact design makes it perfect for hunting in tight spaces, while its adjustable draw length and weight cater to individual preferences. However, it’s important to remember that the power of a compound bow should never be underestimated, emphasizing the importance of proper safety precautions. Whether you’re an experienced archer or just starting out, the Elite Energy 35 Speed is sure to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Elite Energy 35 Speed

1. What is a Compound Bow?

A compound bow is a modern variation of the traditional bow that incorporates advanced technology and mechanisms to enhance the archer’s performance. It is characterized by a system of cables, pulleys, and cams that work together to provide a smooth and efficient draw cycle. Unlike traditional bows, the draw weight of a compound bow reaches a peak and then releases, significantly reducing the holding weight at full draw. This innovative design allows archers to hold the bow steady for longer periods, improving accuracy and stability.

2. Key Components:


The limbs of a compound bow are much stiffer compared to traditional bows. They store and release energy when the bowstring is released, propelling the arrow forward with power and speed.


Cams are one of the primary distinguishing features of a compound bow. These oval-shaped devices are attached to the end of the limbs and rotate as the bowstring is drawn back. The cam system gives compound bows their unique draw cycle, providing a smoother and more consistent release of energy. Different cam designs can affect the feel and performance of the bow, allowing archers to choose one that suits their preferences and shooting style.

Cables & Strings:

Cables and strings play a crucial role in a compound bow’s operation. They connect the cams to the limbs, transferring energy from the cams to the limbs and ultimately to the arrow. The cables are responsible for controlling the timing and synchronization of the cams, ensuring a balanced and efficient draw cycle.


The riser is the central component of the bow, where all the other key components are attached. It is typically made of aluminum or carbon, providing strength, stability, and durability. The riser allows for the attachment of accessories such as sights, stabilizers, and quivers, enabling further customization and enhancing the overall performance of the bow.

Elite Energy 35 Speed

3. Advantages of Compound Bows:

Power & Speed:

One of the most significant advantages of compound bows is their ability to generate immense power and shoot arrows at incredible speeds. The combination of the efficient energy transfer system and the modern materials used in their construction allows compound bows to outperform traditional bows in terms of velocity and kinetic energy. This increased power and speed make compound bows ideal for hunting or situations where a longer range is required.


Compound bows excel in accuracy due to their design and let-off feature. The let-off refers to the reduction in weight that occurs when the bow is at full draw. This reduction allows the archer to aim and hold the bow steady for a longer time without exerting excessive strength. The reduced holding weight enables a more stable shot, leading to improved accuracy and precision.

Compact Design:

Compound bows typically have a more compact and shorter limb design compared to traditional bows. This compactness makes them more maneuverable and easier to handle in tight spaces, such as hunting blinds or crowded archery ranges. Thus, compound bows are highly favored for hunting or situations that require flexibility and mobility.


Another major advantage of compound bows is their adjustability. Many models allow archers to customize their draw length and draw weight, ensuring a personalized fit and optimal shooting experience. Adjusting the draw length ensures proper anchoring and a comfortable shooting posture, while adjusting the draw weight allows archers to find the balance between power and ease of use. This adjustability makes compound bows suitable for a wide range of archers, from beginners to experienced professionals.

4. Choosing the Right Compound Bow:


When choosing a compound bow, it’s essential to consider your intended use. Are you planning to use it for hunting, target archery, or perhaps bowfishing? Different purposes may require specific features, such as speed for hunting or precision for target shooting. Clarifying your purpose will help narrow down your options and ensure you select a bow that suits your needs.

Draw Length:

Determining the correct draw length is crucial for comfort, accuracy, and optimal performance. The draw length is the distance between the bowstring at full draw and the grip of the bow. Using an incorrect draw length can lead to inconsistency, discomfort, and reduced accuracy. It is recommended to consult with a knowledgeable archery professional to determine your ideal draw length, which can vary depending on factors such as arm length and shooting style.

Draw Weight:

The draw weight of a compound bow refers to the amount of force required to draw the bowstring to its full draw length. It is crucial to choose a draw weight that you can comfortably and consistently handle. Starting with a weight that is too heavy can lead to fatigue, reduced accuracy, and potential injury. It is advisable to start with a lower draw weight and gradually increase as you develop strength and proficiency.


Let-off is the percentage of weight reduced when the bow is at full draw. It is a significant feature of compound bows as it allows the archer to hold the bowstring back with reduced effort. A higher let-off means less holding weight, enabling archers to aim and steady their shot for more extended periods without muscle fatigue. Consider your shooting style and preferences when selecting a bow with the desired let-off percentage.

Elite Energy 35 Speed

5. Maintenance & Care:

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, compound bows require regular maintenance and care. Here are some essential maintenance practices:

  • Regularly inspect the strings, cables, and cams for signs of wear and tear. Replace any damaged or worn-out components promptly.
  • Lubricate the cams and axles as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure smooth and consistent performance.
  • Keep the bow clean and free from dirt, debris, and moisture. Wipe it down after each use and store it in a safe and dry place.
  • Consider professional tuning and servicing at least once a year to ensure all components are in proper working order.

Following these maintenance practices will not only extend the lifespan of your compound bow but also contribute to reliable and consistent performance.

6. A Word on Safety:

When using a compound bow, safety should always be a top priority. Here are some crucial safety guidelines to follow:

  • Use arrows that are specifically recommended for your bow’s draw weight and length. Using improper arrows can result in serious injury or malfunction.
  • Always ensure that your shooting lane is clear of any obstacles or people. Be aware of your surroundings and what lies beyond your target to avoid accidents.
  • Practice safe drawing and shooting techniques, always keeping your fingers below the arrow rest and away from the bowstring until you are ready to shoot.
  • Familiarize yourself with archery safety rules and regulations, especially if you are a beginner or participating in organized archery events.

By prioritizing safety and following proper shooting protocols, you can enjoy the sport of archery while minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Elite Energy 35 Speed


The compound bow represents a fusion of innovation and tradition, combining modern technology with timeless archery principles. Its advanced design, including features such as efficient cams, adjustable components, and reduced holding weight, offers archers unprecedented power, speed, accuracy, and versatility. Whether you are a seasoned archer or just starting your archery journey, the compound bow promises an exhilarating experience that respects the sport’s heritage while embracing the possibilities of the future. So, pick up a compound bow, embrace the challenge, and embark on your archery adventure with confidence and excitement.


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