Bear Compound Bow Serial Number Search

Bear compound bows have serial numbers stamped into their limbs that allow them to be identified and tracked. To search for a Bear bow’s serial number, first locate the limb label on the lower limb of the bow. The label will include an “ID” number, which is the bow’s serial number.

This ID can then be used to look up information about when and where it was manufactured, as well as previous owners if it has been registered with Bear Archery. Additionally, you can use this ID to order replacement parts or accessories specific to your model of bow online or through a certified dealer.

When it comes to buying a Bear compound bow, knowing the serial number can be an invaluable tool for both buyers and sellers. With a few simple steps, you can perform a Bear compound bow serial number search to determine a bow’s exact model, year of manufacture, and other important information. This makes it easier to accurately assess the worth of any used bows you may come across on your shopping journey.

What Year Is Your Bear Archery Bow

How Old is My Bear Compound Bow?

The age of your Bear compound bow can be determined by looking for the serial number located on the back or riser of the bow. If you are unable to find a serial number, then it is likely that your bow was made before April 1st, 1973 when the Archery Trade Association (ATA) began requiring archery manufacturers to include serial numbers on all bows produced. The model year and approximate age can then be determined from this information using an ATA Bow Identification & Dating guide.

It is also possible to contact Bear directly with any questions regarding your particular model’s age and history.

Where is the Serial Number on a Bear Compound Bow?

The serial number on a Bear compound bow is usually stamped onto the limb of the bow near the front. It can be found just above where your arrow would rest when nocked, and should have ‘Bear Archery’ written along with it. The serial number will generally consist of seven digits that represent details about its manufacture date, model/series number and axle-to-axle length.

If you cannot find any information printed near the limbs then check for an adhesive label or engraving on the riser area which may contain additional product identification information.

Are There Serial Numbers on Compound Bows?

Yes, most compound bows have serial numbers. They are usually located near the limb pockets on either side of the bow. The purpose of a serial number is to identify individual bows and track them for warranty and recall purposes.

Additionally, some manufacturers add extra information about the bow’s intended user, such as draw length or draw weight, to help archers choose a suitable model when buying a new bow. Serial numbers can also be helpful when selling used bows since they provide buyers with an assurance that they’re purchasing genuine equipment from an authorized dealer.

Do Bear Bows Have Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, Bear bows do have a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship and also includes free parts and labor to repair the bow should it become damaged from normal use. It does not cover damage resulting from abuse, misuse, alterations or improper maintenance of the bow.

If you believe that your Bear bow is defective, please contact their customer service for further assistance with claiming your warranty.

Bear Compound Bow Serial Number Search


Bear Compound Bow Identification

Identifying a compound bow can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Bear Archery is one of the most recognizable brands in archery, and their bows are easy to identify due to certain features they possess. Some of these include: an adjustable draw weight between 5-70 pounds; smooth cams with multiple string grooves; limb pockets that have cutouts on either side near the tips; cable guard rods made from lightweight aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy; and a variety of colors available including black, camo, pink and more.

Knowing these characteristics will help you accurately identify any Bear Archery compound bow.

Fred Bear Bow Serial Number Lookup

If you are a bowhunter and own a Fred Bear bow, then you may be interested in learning how to look up the serial number for your bow. This can be done through the official Fred Bear website, where customers can enter the serial number of their bows to find out information about its origin. Knowing this information is important for when you need to replace parts or accessorize your bow with new items.

Additionally, by having the serial number handy it makes it easier if ever one needs warranty service on any Fred Bear Bow product.

Bear Bow Model Number Location

The model number of a bear bow can usually be found on the inside of the limb, near the handle. It is typically stamped or printed onto the limb and may include letters and/or numbers. Knowing your bear bow’s model number is important for finding replacement parts, understanding its features, or verifying warranty information.


This blog post has been very useful in providing a comprehensive guide to locating and interpreting the serial numbers of compound bows. It is important to note that different manufacturers have their own unique numbering systems, so it can be beneficial to research each one before attempting your search. Furthermore, even if you are unable to locate the exact model number, you may still be able to get an approximate date by using the manufacturing information provided on the bow.

By following these steps and having some patience, anyone should be able to find out all they need about their compound bow with a successful serial number search!


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