Bear LS6 Compound Bow Review

The Bear LS6 Compound Bow is a high-performance hunting bow that combines impressive speed with a smooth draw cycle. With a speed rating of 355 feet per second, this bow is perfect for those looking for a quick and powerful shooting experience. While the lower let off and shorter dwell zone may take some getting used to, the LS6 offers a durable and sturdy design with features like the unique bridged riser, silent release system, and comfortable Narogrip. Available in four finishes, this bow is a great choice for shooters seeking a fast and versatile hunting bow at an affordable price.

Bear LS6 Compound Bow Review

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to hunting bows, the Bear LS6 Compound Bow is a top contender that is worth considering. With its impressive speed and smooth draw cycle, this high-performance bow offers an enhanced hunting experience. It boasts a speed rating of 355 feet per second, making it ideal for those who prioritize speed in their pursuits.

One of the standout features of the LS6 is its 5-inch brace height. This contributes to its impressive speed, although some shooters may find it less forgiving compared to bows with longer brace heights. Additionally, the bow has a 70% let off, which is slightly lower than what is commonly found in other hunting bows on the market. While this may feel different to those accustomed to higher let off bows, it still provides a comfortable shooting experience.

Features and Benefits

Speedy Performance

The Bear LS6 Compound Bow shines when it comes to speed, with a velocity of 355 feet per second. This impressive speed allows for quicker arrow flight, increasing your chances of a successful hunt. Whether you’re shooting at a moving target or need a bow that can deliver speedy shots, the LS6 won’t disappoint.

Durable Riser Design

The LS6 boasts a durable and sturdy riser design that adds to its overall performance. It features a unique bridged technique that enhances stability and strength, reducing riser torque. This ensures a more consistent and accurate shot, even in challenging hunting conditions. The riser also includes a built-in carrying handle and a stabilizer-mounting hole for added versatility.

Silent and Torque-Free

Thanks to the dual string stop system and hinge cable guard system, the LS6 provides a silent release and minimizes torque. These features work together to eliminate unwanted noise and vibrations that could alert your prey. You can take your shots with confidence, knowing that the LS6 helps you remain undetected while hunting.

Stylish Finish Options

The LS6 is available in four attractive finishes: Realtree Xtra, Shadow Black, Coyote Brown, and Olive. While these finishes may not stand out to those seeking more stylish options, they are well-done and add a touch of aesthetic appeal to the bow. You can choose the finish that best suits your personal style or hunting environment.

Bear LS6 Compound Bow Review

Product Quality

When it comes to product quality, the Bear LS6 Compound Bow delivers on its promise. It is built to last, with a durable construction that can withstand the demands of hunting. The riser design, including its bridged technique, ensures stability and strengthens the overall structure of the bow. The use of Carbon Crosslock Limb Pockets adds to its longevity, ensuring proper alignment and durability while reducing the overall weight of the bow.

What It’s Used For

Whether you’re an experienced bowhunter or just starting out, the Bear LS6 Compound Bow has a variety of uses to meet your hunting needs. Here are some common uses for this versatile bow:

Versatile Hunting

The LS6 is ideal for hunting a wide range of game, from deer to smaller predators. Its impressive speed and accuracy make it a highly effective tool in the field. Whether you’re an avid bowhunter or a newcomer to the sport, the LS6 will help you achieve successful and ethical hunts.

Target Shooting

Beyond hunting, the LS6 is also suitable for target shooting. Its high-performance features and smooth draw cycle make it a joy to shoot. Whether you’re practicing your accuracy or participating in target shooting competitions, the LS6 will help you hit your targets with ease.

Outdoor Recreation

Even if you’re not a hunter or target shooter, the LS6 can still be a valuable tool for outdoor recreation. Its durability and versatility make it a great companion for hiking, camping, or any outdoor adventure. You can rely on the LS6 to provide you with a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.

Bear LS6 Compound Bow Review

Product Specifications

To provide a visual representation of the LS6’s specifications, here is a table highlighting its key features:

Specification Value
Speed Rating 355 feet per second
Brace Height 5 inches
Let Off 70%
Finish Options Realtree Xtra, Shadow Black, Coyote Brown, Olive
Draw Weight Configurations 55-70 pounds, 45-60 pounds
Draw Length Range 27-30 inches
Riser Design Bridged technique, built-in carrying handle, stabilizer-mounting hole
Limb Technology Max Preload Quad Limbs, Carbon Crosslock Limb Pockets
Grip Type New Narogrip, slim and flat back design

Who Needs This

The Bear LS6 Compound Bow is suitable for a wide range of individuals who are seeking a high-performing hunting bow. It is especially valuable for those who prioritize speed and accuracy in their pursuits. Whether you’re an experienced hunter looking to upgrade your equipment or a beginner starting your archery journey, the LS6 has something to offer.

Bear LS6 Compound Bow Review

Pros and Cons

Before making a purchasing decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the Bear LS6 Compound Bow:


  • Impressive speed of 355 feet per second
  • Durable and sturdy riser design with unique bridged technique
  • Silent release and minimized torque
  • Attractive finish options
  • Versatile uses, suitable for hunting, target shooting, and outdoor recreation


  • Slightly less forgiving due to the 5-inch brace height
  • Lower 70% let off compared to other hunting bows
  • Limited customization options for more stylish finishes


  1. Is the LS6 suitable for hunting larger game? Yes, the LS6 can effectively hunt larger game such as deer. Its high speed and accuracy make it a reliable choice for pursuing larger animals.

  2. Can the LS6 be adjusted to fit my draw length? Yes, the LS6 offers a draw length range of 27-30 inches, providing flexibility for shooters of various sizes.

  3. How quiet is the LS6 during a shot? Thanks to the dual string stop system and hinge cable guard system, the LS6 offers a silent release, minimizing any noise that could potentially alert your prey.

  4. Is the LS6 beginner-friendly? While the LS6 is suitable for beginners, its speed and lower let off may require some adjustment for those who are new to archery. However, with proper practice and guidance, beginners can enjoy using the LS6.

Bear LS6 Compound Bow Review

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Bear LS6 Compound Bow have generally been highly satisfied with its performance and features. Many have praised its impressive speed and accuracy, noting successful hunts and consistent target shooting results. The durable construction and smooth draw cycle have also received favorable reviews.

Overall Value

Considering its impressive speed, smooth draw cycle, and durable construction, the Bear LS6 Compound Bow offers great value for its price. It is a high-performing hunting bow that caters to those who prioritize speed and accuracy. With its versatile uses and reliable features, the LS6 is a wise investment for any shooter seeking a fast and affordable bow.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To get the best results with the Bear LS6 Compound Bow, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Practice proper form and technique to maximize accuracy.
  2. Regularly check and maintain the bow’s components to ensure optimal performance.
  3. Use high-quality arrows that are appropriate for your shooting needs.
  4. Consider adding accessories, such as a stabilizer or sight, to enhance your shooting experience.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In conclusion, the Bear LS6 Compound Bow is a reliable and high-performing hunting bow that offers impressive speed and a smooth draw cycle. Its durable construction and versatile features make it a valuable tool for hunters, target shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a speed rating of 355 feet per second and a comfortable grip, the LS6 provides a satisfying shooting experience.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in the market for a fast shooting hunting bow that won’t break the bank, the Bear LS6 Compound Bow is worth considering. Its combination of speed, accuracy, and durability make it a top choice for shooters seeking a reliable and high-performing bow. Invest in the LS6 and elevate your hunting experience with its impressive features.


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