Bowmaster Bow Press Beyond Parallel Limbs

The Bowmaster Bow Press Beyond Parallel Limbs is a revolutionary bow press designed to make changing out your bow limbs easier and faster. This press utilizes two parallel arms that move in unison, allowing you to easily install or remove any standard size riser and limb combination without having to worry about getting the angles just right. The arms themselves are adjustable, so you can get them matched up perfectly with your risers and limbs for an effortless installation process.

Additionally, the whole press is made of durable aluminum construction so it’s built to last for years of use. With its easy setup and reliable performance, this highly efficient Bowmaster Bow Press makes switching out your bow limbs simple task–saving you time and energy every single time!

The Bowmaster Bow Press Beyond Parallel Limbs is the perfect tool for any archer looking to make adjustments and tune their bow quickly. With its adjustable height, you can easily adjust your limbs while they are still on the bow, allowing you to fine-tune tension levels without having to remove them. This press also allows you to make quick and precise adjustments to your cams and wheel alignment with ease – all while keeping the bow parallel!

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced pro, this press will help ensure that your bow is always performing at its best.


Will a Bowmaster Press Work on a Crossbow?

Yes, a bowmaster press will work on a crossbow. It is designed to securely hold the string of your crossbow in place while you adjust it for optimal performance. This can be especially helpful when installing new strings or cams as well as adjusting nocking points and center serving.

The bowmaster press utilizes two separate arms that are placed in line with the ends of the limb tips and then tightened up until they contact each other firmly, safely holding the string of your crossbow in place so that adjustments can be made without fear of slipping or unintentional release of tension.

What are Parallel Bow Limbs?

Parallel bow limbs are an important feature of modern recurve bows. They are two pieces of wood or fiberglass that attach to the riser and connect to each other at the tips. The parallel limbs give the bow its distinctive shape, providing stability and allowing it to store energy while being drawn back.

The length of the limb determines how much power a shooter can generate from their draw weight, so choosing a limb with appropriate length is crucial for any archer looking for accuracy in their shots. Additionally, because parallel limbs spread out the load created when shooting an arrow, they allow shooters to use heavier draw weights than would be possible with traditional straight-limbed bows without sacrificing accuracy or comfortability.

How Do You Use a Bowmaster Press?

Using a Bowmaster press is quite simple and easy. To begin, you should loosen the two locking screws located at each end of the press frame. This will allow you to adjust the width of your bowstring enough to fit into the throat of the press.

Once that has been done, slide in your bowstring until it reaches its desired length inside the throat. Then tighten up both screws securely so that no tension can be applied to or released from your string when tightening or loosening bolts on either side of the frame. Finally, use an appropriate wrench or screwdriver to turn down each bolt head until they are snug against both ends of your bowstring and voila!

You’re now ready for some serious archery action!

Bowmaster Bow Press Beyond Parallel Limbs



The Bowmaster bow press beyond parallel limbs is an excellent, cost-effective tool for any archer looking to maintain the highest level of accuracy and performance in their equipment. The simple design makes it easy to use and the robust construction ensures that it will last a long time with proper maintenance. With its great features, this bow press is sure to help any serious archer keep their gear in tip-top shape for years to come.


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