Flu Flu Arrows for Compound Bow

Flu Flu arrows are a type of arrow specifically designed for use with compound bows. The design of the arrow is heavier than regular arrows, and features fletching that is longer in length. This helps to provide additional stability when shooting at longer distances.

The shaft, which is typically made from aluminum or carbon fiber, has also been modified to reduce air resistance so it can fly faster and farther than a standard arrow. Additionally, the tip of the arrowhead has been improved to increase penetration power into targets such as foam blocks or animal hides. As a result, they are an ideal choice for hunters who need maximum accuracy and distance from their shots.

Flu Flu arrows are an essential accessory for any serious compound bow archer. They are designed to be highly aerodynamic and lightweight, allowing the arrow to travel further with greater accuracy than traditional arrows. The unique design of these arrows also allow them to fly straighter, ensuring a more consistent shot each time.

Furthermore, they can help reduce noise from your shots and increase speeds without sacrificing accuracy or power. With flu flu arrows in hand, you’ll be able to take your shooting skills up a notch!

New Synthetic Flu Flu For Compounds Introduction Part 1 – Aerial Archery

Can You Shoot Flu-Flu Arrows Compound Bow?

Yes, you can shoot Flu-Flu arrows with a compound bow. Flu-Flu arrows are designed to travel shorter distances than regular arrows and they typically fly slower and have larger arrow vanes. This helps reduce the risk of injury or damage at close range when shooting into targets at short distances.

When using a compound bow, it is important to use flu-flu arrows that are compatible with your specific model of bow in order to avoid any issues while shooting. It is also important to make sure that the draw weight of your bow matches the recommended draw weight for Flu-Flu Arrows as this will determine how far the arrow will travel and its accuracy at longer ranges. In addition, due to their slow flight speed, it is best practice not to shoot these types of arrows beyond 20 yards with a compound bow for safety reasons.

What are Flu-Flu Arrows For?

Flu-Flu arrows are a specialized type of arrow used for flight shooting. These arrows have extra weight at the rear end, which creates more drag and allows them to fly shorter distances than other types of arrows. They also feature feathers instead of vanes to provide additional lift when shot, allowing them to travel further while keeping the same amount of force behind them.

Flu-flu arrows are perfect for archers who want to practice long distance shooting without having to worry about their arrow traveling too far or going off course due to wind resistance.

How Far Will a Flu-Flu Arrows Fly?

Flu-flu arrows are designed to fly shorter distances than regular hunting arrows. They typically have a flight range of 50-70 yards, depending on the weight and size of the arrow and how well it is balanced. However, if you use lighter materials for your Flu-Flu arrows, such as carbon fiber or aluminum shafts with feathers or plastic vanes instead of traditional fletching material like feather fletchings, then you may be able to increase its distance up to 100 yards or even further.

Additionally, using a heavier draw weight bow can help reduce wind drift and improve accuracy at longer distances.

Can You Shoot a Flu Flu Arrow Through a Whisker Biscuit?

Yes, you can shoot a flu flu arrow through a whisker biscuit. However, it is important to note that the more “flu-flu” an arrow has, the less likely it is to pass through the whisker biscuit without being damaged or losing its trajectory. Flu-Flu arrows are designed with extra fletching and weight distribution to slow down their flight and make them safer for use in areas with people nearby.

Therefore they usually don’t have enough speed to cut through the bristles of a whisker biscuit which could result in an inaccurate shot. It’s best practice when shooting such arrows on a target like this one to either test your arrow first or remove the bristles completely from your target before firing.

Flu Flu Arrows for Compound Bow

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Flu Flu Arrows for Small Game

Flu-flu arrows are specially designed to help hunters successfully hunt small game. These arrows have larger fletchings than traditional hunting arrows, which create a slower and more stable flight path. This makes them ideal for taking down smaller animals like squirrels or rabbits, as the arrow will not travel too far after impact.

Flu-flu arrows also provide a better chance of recovery if an animal is missed due to their slow trajectory and low penetration power.

Best Flu Flu Arrows

Flu arrows are a popular traditional Chinese medicine remedy used to ward off flu and other illnesses. The arrows themselves are made of specially-crafted herbs that are believed to have healing properties, including the ability to strengthen immunity and reduce inflammation. They can be consumed as tea or taken in capsule form for those who don’t like the taste of the tea.

The best flu arrow brands use only natural ingredients such as ginger, licorice root, angelica sinensis root, ginkgo biloba leaves and more. These remedies have been used for centuries in China with great success, so it’s no wonder why they’re still being relied upon today!

Flu-Flu Arrow Tip’S

Flu-flu arrow tips are an essential part of archery. These specially designed tips allow arrows to travel shorter distances with greater accuracy, making them ideal for shooting at moving targets or in tight spaces. They also help reduce the risk of injury by trapping the arrow after impact and preventing it from ricocheting off its target.

The unique design of flu-flu arrow tips also provides increased drag, slowing down the time it takes for an arrow to reach its intended target and allowing shooters more time to make adjustments during flight.


In conclusion, Flu Flu arrows are an excellent addition to any compound bow. They offer a great balance between flight and weight, making them perfect for small game hunting or recreational shooting. With their lightweight construction and durable design, they can withstand the wear and tear of long-term use without compromising accuracy or performance.

Whether you’re a beginner archer looking to get started in the sport or an experienced hunter seeking out the best equipment available, flu flu arrows will help you hit your target every time.


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