How Far Can a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot

A 70 lb compound bow will shoot an arrow approximately 150-200 yards. The distance is affected by the weight of the arrow, size of the fletching and type of broadhead used. Additionally, draw length and the archer’s form can affect the distance attained from a 70 lb compound bow.

Archery experts suggest that those shooting this strength should aim for a maximum target range between 40 to 50 yards when using full metal jacket arrows with their bows. Experienced archers may be able to achieve slightly longer distances with heavier arrows or lighter broadheads but it is important to remember that accuracy deteriorates significantly beyond 50 yards.

A 70 lb compound bow is a powerful piece of equipment and can shoot arrows up to distances ranging from 40-50 yards, depending on the type of arrow used. With practice, even longer distances could be possible with this strength of bow. If you’re looking for an archery experience that challenges your skills and offers exciting long-range shooting opportunities, then a 70 lb compound bow might be just what you need!

How Far can Arrows fly using Modern Bows?

Is a 70 Lb Bow Good for Hunting?

A 70 lb bow is not ideal for hunting, as it may lack the necessary power and accuracy to be effective. A good hunting bow should have a draw weight of at least 40 lbs, but most experienced hunters prefer to use bows that are between 50-70 lbs. Bows with higher draw weights can offer more kinetic energy and better accuracy; however, if you opt for a heavier bow, make sure you practice enough so that you can handle the increased weight comfortably and accurately.

Additionally, look into purchasing an appropriate arrow with sufficient grain weight for your chosen draw weight in order to ensure maximum penetration on your target.

How Far Can a 60 Lb Bow Shoot?

The distance a 60 lb bow can shoot will depend on the type of arrow being used and the archer’s draw weight. Generally speaking, with a well-made carbon fiber arrow, a 60 lb bow can shoot up to 80 yards with accuracy. However, arrows made from aluminum or other materials tend to have less flight stability, so they may only reach distances of 30-40 yards accurately.

Additionally, an archer with a strong draw weight could potentially send their arrows further than 80 yards depending on environmental factors such as wind speed and direction.

How Fast Does a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot?

A 70 lb compound bow can shoot an arrow at speeds of up to 300 FPS (feet per second). This is about twice as fast as traditional bows and much faster than most recurve bows. The actual speed will depend on the draw length and weight of the arrows being used, but a good rule of thumb for this type of bow is to expect around 280-300 FPS with standard arrows.

Therefore, if you’re looking for maximum power from your bow then a 70 lb compound bow may be an excellent choice.

How Many Grain Arrows Do I Need for a 70 Pound Bow?

When it comes to selecting the right arrows for a 70 pound bow, you will need to consider arrow spine, weight, and length. Generally speaking, heavier arrows are better suited for higher draw weights such as 70 pounds. For an optimal setup with your 70 pound bow, you should select grain arrows that weigh between 350-550 grains per inch.

This weighted range is ideal for ensuring adequate kinetic energy is produced from each shot while still remaining in line with proper form and technique when shooting. To determine how many arrows of this weight range you will need for your bow setup simply measure the total length of all your shafts then divide by 350-550 grains per inch depending on which option best fits your needs.

How Far Can a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot


How Far Can a 60 Lb Compound Bow Shoot

A 60 lb compound bow can shoot arrows up to 120 yards depending on the type of arrow being used, and with proper technique could reach even further. The heavier draw weight of a 60 lb bow gives more energy and velocity to the arrow, allowing it to travel farther than lighter bows. However, depending on the user’s skill level, even if using a high quality arrow they may be unable to take full advantage of this increased range due to their form or technique.

How Far Can You Shoot a Deer With a Compound Bow

The maximum range for a compound bow for deer hunting is typically between 20 and 40 yards. While some experienced archers may be able to shoot further distances, it’s important to determine the distance at which you can accurately hit your target before attempting shots beyond that limit. Always practice safety when shooting a bow and remember that hitting an animal with an arrow from too far away could cause injury without killing the animal.

How Far Can a 55 Lb Compound Bow Shoot

A 55 lb compound bow is capable of shooting arrows up to distances of around 80 yards, depending on the weight and type of arrow used. The heavier the arrow and higher FOC (Front Of Centre) percentage, the more energy that is transferred from the bow into the arrow resulting in a flatter trajectory with increased speed and distance. When selecting an appropriate Arrow for your 55 lb compound bow it’s important to consult with a qualified archery technician for advice on what will work best for you.


This blog post has provided an overview of how far a 70 lb compound bow can shoot. With the right technique and practice, it is possible to achieve impressive distances with a 70 lb compound bow. However, safety should always be kept in mind when shooting any type of bow and arrow as accuracy can decrease with greater distance traveled by the arrow.

Ultimately, understanding your equipment and practicing proper form are essential for maximizing your potential range with a 70 lb compound bow.


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