How Many Compound Bow Shots for a Turret

A compound bow shot for a turret is dependent on the size and type of turret. Generally, small turrets (such as those found in castles) require fewer shots than larger ones. For example, a typical small castle-like turret may require only six to eight arrows to bring it down using a compound bow.

On the other hand, larger turrets such as those found at more modern fortifications will usually take between twelve and sixteen arrows to destroy them with a compound bow shot. Additionally, certain materials used in construction can also play into how many shots are needed; stone or metal structures typically require more shots than wooden ones do. Ultimately it depends on the specifics of each individual situation.

A compound bow is a great weapon for taking down turrets in the game of Fortnite. Depending on your skill level, it can take anywhere from one to three shots to destroy a turret with a compound bow. Make sure you have enough arrows and practice your aim before attempting to take out any turrets!

RUST Anti Compound Bow Turret (Tip/Trick does not work anymore RIP)

How Many Shots Does It Take to Destroy an Auto Turret?

The exact number of shots it will take to destroy an Auto Turret depends on the type and model of turret being used, as well as what type of ammunition is being fired at it. Generally speaking, most standard Auto Turrets are designed to withstand a minimum of 30 rounds before they are destroyed. Higher-grade models may require more shots or be able to withstand even more powerful weapons such as rockets or grenades.

Ultimately, the amount of damage done by each shot also plays into how quickly an Auto Turret can be destroyed – so if you have access to high-powered weaponry then it could potentially only take a few shots to bring one down!

Can You Destroy a Turret With a Compound Bow?

Yes, it is possible to destroy a turret with a compound bow. While most people imagine using high-powered firearms or explosives when taking out turrets, the combination of velocity and kinetic energy that can be generated by a compound bow makes it more than capable of piercing through armor and destroying a turret. That being said, this type of attack requires skill as well as strength; an arrow needs to be placed in exactly the right place at the right angle for maximum effect and accuracy is essential.

Additionally, compound bows may not have enough power to penetrate thicker areas such as engine blocks on some turrets so multiple shots would need to be taken from different angles in order to ensure complete destruction.

How Much Does It Take to Break a Turret?

Breaking a turret can be an expensive proposition. Depending on the type of material and size, you may need to invest in high-powered tools such as air hammers or hydraulic jacks which can cost upwards of $1,000 each. In addition to this equipment, you’ll also need protective gear such as steel-toed boots and safety goggles.

If the turret is made from reinforced concrete then additional specialized tools will be needed like diamond saws or core drills which can easily increase the cost by thousands more dollars.

How Much Damage Does a Full Charge Compound Bow Do?

A full charge compound bow has the potential to cause significant damage. Depending on the draw weight and arrow speed of the bow, it can deliver up to 60 foot-pounds of energy at impact. This is enough force to penetrate most soft targets, such as small game animals or even thin pieces of wood.

It can also cause serious injury or death if used carelessly against a human target. Therefore, it’s important that you always use caution when using any type of archery equipment, especially a full charge compound bow with its increased power output.

How Many Compound Bow Shots for a Turret


How Many Bullets to Destroy Auto Turret Rust Console

Destroying an auto turret in Rust Console Edition requires quite a few bullets. The exact number of bullets needed to take down the turret depends on the type of gun being used and its damage rating; however, it typically takes between 300-400 rounds to destroy an auto turret.

How Many Spears to Destroy Auto Turret

Destroying an auto turret requires a lot of firepower. The most effective way to take one down is with a spear, but it may take up to 10 spears depending on the size and durability of the turret. Spears are especially useful for taking out turrets from a distance since they can be thrown with great accuracy and force.

Make sure to aim carefully though, as missing your target could give away your position or even cause some damage!

How Many Arrows Does It Take to Destroy a Turret

It takes a minimum of three arrows to destroy a turret in most video games. However, this number can vary depending on the game and the type of turret being attacked. For instance, some turrets may require more arrows than others due to their size or because they are made out of stronger materials.

Additionally, some games allow players to upgrade their weapons which could increase the amount of damage they deal with each arrow shot. In any case, it is important for gamers to be aware that destroying a turret typically requires multiple shots even if they have powerful weapons at their disposal.


This blog post has provided an informative look into the number of compound bow shots needed to take down a turret. In most cases, it is recommended that 8-9 arrows be used in order to do so effectively, although this might vary depending on the size and type of turret being fired at. Ultimately, archers should always make sure to use enough arrows for their target before firing, as insufficient bows may lead to safety concerns or failure altogether.


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