How to Adjust Compound Bow Draw Length

Adjusting the draw length of a compound bow is an important step in setting up your bow for optimal performance. To adjust the draw length, start by loosening the limb bolts on either side of the riser using an allen wrench. Then, adjust one limb bolt at a time while keeping track of which one you are adjusting until desired draw length has been achieved.

After both limbs have been adjusted to equal lengths, tighten each limb bolt equally and gradually in order to ensure proper alignment and torque settings. Finally, test fire your compound bow with arrows that match your new setup to make sure everything is working properly before taking it out into the field.

  • Measure the Draw Length: To adjust the draw length of a compound bow, first measure your current draw length
  • The most accurate way to do this is to use a bow press and measure from the string’s nocking point to the pivot point on your cam
  • Choose Desired Draw Length: After measuring your current draw length you can decide what new draw length you would like by referring to manufacturer specifications or consulting with an archery professional
  • Adjust Cam Modules: Once you know what new draw length you want, use either adjustable modules or fixed modules depending on the type of cam system that is installed in your compound bow
  • Adjustable cam systems will require adjusting each module independently while fixed systems will need both modules switched out with different size ones that match up with your desired draw weight and arrow speed as well as fit properly in relation to one another within the limb pockets of your riser assembly 4
  • Set Screws & Limb Bolts: Next set screws should be adjusted for proper tension when rotating cams so they spin freely but don’t move excessively when let off pressure is applied at full draw position
  • Then make sure limb bolts are tightened securely after adjusting any settings so all components remain tight during shooting
  • 5
  • Check Nock Point Position : Finally check nock point position once everything has been adjusted properly
  • Make sure it aligns correctly on center shot before shooting arrows from newly adjusted compound bow setup

How To Adjust Draw Length On A Compound Bow

Can You Adjust Draw Length on a Compound Bow?

Yes, you can adjust draw length on a compound bow. Most modern bows have adjustable modules that allow the user to fine-tune their draw length by changing the position of these modules. This is done by either adding or removing modules at the limb pockets and/or adjusting cams in order to increase or decrease the overall distance between them.

The process typically requires tools such as an Allen wrench, but it’s fairly straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete once you know what you’re doing. Additionally, most archery shops offer services where they can help customers with this adjustment if necessary.

What Happens If Your Draw Length is Too Short?

If your draw length is too short, it can affect the accuracy of your shots. A bow with a shorter draw length can cause you to miss the target, as well as increase fatigue due to straining more than necessary during shooting. Additionally, shorter draw lengths are also less forgiving when it comes to arrow spine and overall tuning of the bow.

This means that if you have a bow with a shorter draw length, there will be less room for error when choosing arrows and setting up your equipment. Finally, having an incorrect draw length might also lead to injury since drawing a bow without proper form or technique could put unnecessary strain on muscles and tendons in your arms and shoulders.

What Determines the Draw Length on a Compound Bow?

Draw length on a compound bow is determined by the distance from the nocking point to the pivot point of the bow’s grip when it is at full draw. It can be adjusted by changing out different modules or cams in order to increase or decrease your draw length. The size and strength of an archer also play a role as archers with longer arms may need to use a higher draw weight than those with shorter arms, requiring them to have longer draw lengths.

Additionally, many bows come pre-set with specific cam systems that are designed for certain ranges of draw lengths; thus, if you want a different draw length than what comes standard on your bow, you will likely need to purchase an aftermarket module or cam system that offers more versatility in terms of adjusting your desired draw length.

Can You Adjust a Compound Bow Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to adjust a compound bow yourself. You will need the right tools and knowledge of how to safely make adjustments. Many people opt to take their bows to an archery pro shop for assistance in making adjustments, however if you have the knowledge and tools, you can certainly do it yourself.

When adjusting a compound bow, there are several key components that must be taken into consideration such as draw length, brace height, poundage (draw weight), let off percentage and center shot alignment. Depending on your experience level with compound bows and ability to use the necessary tools correctly, adjusting your own bow can be relatively simple or more complex process.

How to Adjust Compound Bow Draw Length


How to Adjust Draw Length on Bear Compound Bow

Adjusting the draw length of your Bear compound bow is easy and only requires a few simple steps. First, loosen the limb bolts located in the middle of each limb. Then adjust the draw length by moving either or both limbs forward or backward until you reach your desired setting.

Finally, tighten up all four limb bolts to securely lock in place your new draw length setting.

How to Adjust Draw Length on a Recurve Bow

Adjusting the draw length on a recurve bow is an important process for ensuring the accuracy and performance of your bow. To adjust the draw length, you will need to loosen or tighten the screws located on both limbs at either end of your bow. The ideal draw length should be one that allows you to comfortably reach full extension while still allowing a few inches of flex in your arms and shoulders when shooting.

Make sure to measure twice before making any adjustments, as improper draw lengths can lead to inaccurate shots and poor form.

Do You Need a Bow Press to Adjust Draw Length

Having the right draw length can make a huge difference in your accuracy and form when shooting a bow, but making an adjustment to it isn’t always easy. A bow press can come in handy if you’re looking to adjust the draw length of your compound bow as it safely applies pressure allowing for easier adjustment without damaging any components. While some archers prefer using traditional methods such as string stretching or limb bolts adjustments, having access to a bow press is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for more precise results.


In conclusion, adjusting the draw length on your compound bow is an important part of getting the most out of your archery experience. Taking into account your size and strength as well as other factors will help you determine the correct draw length for you. With a few simple steps, you can easily adjust the draw length of your compound bow to ensure that it fits perfectly and gives you optimal performance when shooting.


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