How to Get the Phantom Bow

To get the Phantom Bow in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you must first complete the “Divine Beast Vah Medoh” quest. This quest can be found at Rito Village located in the Tabantha Frontier region. Once completed, you will then need to head to Rito Stable and talk to Teba.

He will give you a sidequest called “The Royal Guard’s Gear” which requires you to collect three pieces of armor from defeated Guardians scattered across Hyrule. After gathering all three pieces, return them to Teba and he’ll reward you with the Phantom Bow.

  • Unlock the Lost Woods: The Phantom Bow is located in the Lost Woods, so you must first unlock it by speaking to a man named Kilton at night
  • He can be found at various locations throughout Hyrule, usually near stables or other populated areas
  • Purchase a Monster Part from Kilton : Once you have unlocked the Lost Woods, you need to purchase a monster part from Kilton in exchange for Mon (a form of currency)
  • You can find him outside of the entrance to the woods and he will sell you different parts depending on what type of monsters are available that day
  • Find an Enemy with a Monster Part: After purchasing your monster part, head into the forest and look for an enemy carrying one of those parts
  • Defeat them and they will drop their part which is what you are looking for -the Phantom Bow! 4
  • Collect Your Prize: Now that you have collected your prize, all you have left to do is equip it! Go into your inventory and select it as one of your weapons -you’re now ready to take on any enemies in Hyrule!

Unlock Phantom Bow in 30 Seconds | Poison Tip Arrowheads | Battlefield 4

How Do You Get the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4?

To get the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4, you must complete all five assignments from the China Rising expansion pack. These assignments include getting 10 kills with a recon helicopter, destroying 5 enemy tanks using an attack boat, getting 25 assault rifle kills, carrying out 10 squad spawns and capturing 5 flags in Conquest mode. Once these tasks have been completed, the Phantom Bow will be unlocked for use on any map or game mode.

How Do You Unlock Phantom Camo?

The Phantom camo is an exclusive Camouflage pattern that you can unlock in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. To unlock the Phantom Camo, you must complete a set of challenges for each weapon category. Each challenge requires the completion of specific objectives such as reaching a certain number of kills with a particular weapon type or completing Field Upgrades.

Once all challenges have been completed for a specific weapon type, you will be rewarded with the Phantom Camo! You can then use this camouflage on any weapons within that class and show off your skills to other players on the battlefield!

What is the Phantom Room Code Bf4?

The Phantom Room code BF4 is a special Easter egg found in the video game Battlefield 4. The code was discovered by players who were able to find their way into a secret room that contained various Easter eggs and other secrets. The room had no visible entrance, leading many to speculate as to how it could possibly be accessed.

After much trial and error, players eventually managed to get inside using the code “BF4”, which stands for ‘Battlefield Four’ – the name of the fourth installment in the series. Inside this secret area are several unique items such as an M1911 pistol with tracer rounds, an M16A3 assault rifle with sniper scope attachments, two MAV drones with silencer upgrades, and more. Players who manage to successfully enter can also take part in a challenge where they must shoot down five targets within one minute for extra rewards.

How Do I Start Phantom Assignments?

When starting a phantom assignment, it is important to first create a timeline and stick to it. Establishing the timeframe for when certain parts of the project need to be completed will help keep you on track with your work. It can also be helpful to break down tasks into smaller chunks that are easier manage.

After creating a timeline, start by gathering information about the project and researching any potential sources that could be used in the assignment. Additionally, make sure you have all necessary tools or software needed before beginning work on the project itself. Once everything is ready, get organized and start working through each task as outlined in your timeline until completion!

How to Get the Phantom Bow


How to Equip Phantom Bow Bf4

Equipping the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 is a great way to gain an advantage over your enemies. To do this, you must first unlock it by completing all five assignments from the Campaign mode. Once unlocked, you can then equip it by navigating to the “Assignments” page in multiplayer and equipping it from there.

The Phantom Bow is capable of delivering powerful one-hit kills and its unique abilities make it a valuable asset for any battlefield warrior.

Phantom Bow Bf4 Location

The Phantom Bow is a unique weapon featured in Battlefield 4 and can be obtained by completing the mission “Angry Sea” in the South China Sea. This bow is one of the most powerful weapons available to players, with its high rate of fire and increased damage output compared to other bows. It also has a built-in suppressor, allowing you to take out enemies silently from long distances.

Finding this weapon can be tricky, but it’s worth it for all the advantages it offers!

Bf4 Phantom Bow Map

The Battlefield 4 map Phantom Bow is set in a Chinese fishing village and features a large river that can be used to traverse the map. The terrain is mostly flat with some low hills, allowing for intense close-quarter battles as well as exciting long-distance sniping opportunities. Players will have access to an array of vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, jeeps and boats for strategic transportation across this expansive environment.

This makes Phantom Bow one of the most popular maps in Battlefield 4 due to its variety and fast-paced multiplayer action!


The Phantom Bow is a powerful weapon in Borderlands 3, and can be obtained by completing the Last Wish mission. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, players will be able to complete the mission and obtain this legendary bow with relative ease. Whether you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself or just want an additional edge over your enemies, the Phantom Bow is sure to provide it.

With its great stats, strong elemental abilities, and unique design – no Vault Hunter should miss out on obtaining this powerful weapon!


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