How to Make a Bow And Arrow Out of Paper

To make a bow and arrow out of paper, you will need two sheets of cardstock or heavy weight paper, scissors, tape and string. First, cut both pieces of paper into strips that are approximately 1 inch wide and as long as the width of your arm when extended straight out from your body. Tape one end of each strip to create loops at each end.

Then connect the ends together with a piece of string to form an arch shape. Tie off the ends with additional string to secure it in place. To finish it off, tie a short length of string between the arches on either side for use as an arrow release mechanism when firing arrows later on.

Finally, cut some “arrows” out of cardboard or other stiff material and attach them to a longer piece of twine secured through their center so they can be fired from the bow by pulling back on its strings.

  • Step 1: Gather the Materials
  • To make a bow and arrow out of paper, you will need a few simple materials including two pieces of cardboard or thick paper, scissors, glue gun or white glue, string (or yarn), tape and markers for decorations
  • Step 2: Cut Out the Bow Shape
  • Take one piece of your cardboard/paper material and draw half an oval shape on it with your marker – this is going to be the body of your bow
  • Cut out the shape using scissors then take some string (or yarn) and wrap it around either end in order to secure them together into an arch shape
  • Secure with glue if necessary
  • Step 3: Make Your Arrow Shafts & Fletchings
  • Take another piece of card/paper and cut out four thin strips that are all equal length – these are going to be your arrow shafts so make sure they’re about as long as your arm from elbow to fingertip for accuracy when shooting! Now add fletching by cutting small triangles from scraps of paper at each end of each strip – these will act like feathers on arrows found in nature! Glue them in place with either glue gun or white craft glue
  • Step 4: Assemble The Arrowhead & Attach It To The Shafts
  • Draw a triangle on scrap paper slightly larger than the width between opposing fletchings on one side then cut it out carefully using scissors; this is going to be used as an arrowhead so make sure its edges are sharp enough but not too sharp that it can hurt someone when shot! Attach this triangle onto one end (opposite where you put fletchings) with either hot-glue or regular craft-glue then leave aside until completely dry before attaching string strings onto those ends too
  • Step 5: Connect Your Bow And Arrows Together With String And You’re Ready To Shoot!
  • Tie one end of string securely around middle portion of bow while other gets tied onto center portion between two opposite endsofarrowshafts–thisistiedupusingsecureknotstoensurethatitdoesn’t unravel during shooting
  • Once done , you’re ready ! All that’s left now is practice precision aiming !

How To Make a Mini Paper Bow and Arrow – Very Simple

How Do You Make a Simple Bow And Arrow for Kids?

Making a simple bow and arrow for kids is an easy project that can be done in about 30 minutes or less. You’ll need some bamboo sticks, string, duct tape, scissors and feathers. Start by cutting two pieces of bamboo to the size you want your bow to be—the longer the better for more power.

Tie one end of the string around one piece of bamboo then wrap it tightly around both pieces until they are firmly bound together. Secure with tape and trim off any excess string. Next, take four feathers and tie them into a bundle using thin twine.

Attach this to each end of the bow with duct tape so that when released, they act as fletching (stabilizing) arrows when fired from the bowstring. Finally, cut two short lengths of wood or plastic that will serve as arrows – make sure there’s enough space between them so you can easily attach them securely onto your bows’ strings when firing!.

How Do You Make a Bow Out of a Strip of Paper?

Making a bow out of a strip of paper is surprisingly easy! Start by cutting the piece of paper into two equal parts. Fold one part in half lengthwise, and crease it with your finger.

Then fold each side of the paper inward to create loops at either end, tucking them together at the center. Finally, use tape or glue to secure the shape and adjust it until you get your desired look. With just these few simple steps, you can make an elegant and decorative bow out of any scrap paper!

How Do You Make a Fake Bow And Arrow?

Making a fake bow and arrow is fairly simple. You’ll need to gather some materials such as foam, PVC pipe, duct tape, rope or string and paint in order to construct your own homemade version of the classic weapon. Start by cutting two pieces of foam at an angle for both the arms of the bow – making sure they are even lengths on either side.

Then use PVC pipe to connect these two pieces together and secure it with duct tape for extra stability. Next you will need to tie a piece of rope or string between one end of the bow arm and the other – this should be tight enough so when you pull back on it creates tension like a real bow would have. Finally add any details you wish such as feathers or designs using craft paints before giving it a test shot!

How Do You Make a Bow And Arrow With a Hanger?

Making a bow and arrow with a hanger is an easy yet effective way to create your own makeshift weapon without having to purchase one. To begin, you will need some basic materials such as pliers, scissors, tape or glue, and of course a wire hanger. First unbend the hanger into two pieces that resemble the shape of a bow.

Make sure that they are both around the same size in length and width so that they may be evenly balanced when used. Once you have done this, use your pliers to curve each piece slightly outward at either end so that it resembles an arch when looked at from above. Attach these two pieces together using either the tape or glue then add some string (preferably cotton) in between them making sure not to leave any slack space while doing this step.

Finally cut your arrow shafts out of wood or plastic and attach feathers on one end for better aerodynamics before attaching it securely onto your newly created bowstring with more tape/glue if needed! And there you have it – A homemade Bow & Arrow made entirely from household items!

How to Make a Bow And Arrow Out of Paper


How to Make a Big Bow And Arrow Out of Paper

Making a big bow and arrow out of paper is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike. All you need is some large pieces of colored construction paper (or cardstock), scissors, tape or glue, and string. Cut the paper into two equal strips for the bow arms and one long strip for the bowstring.

Make sure to create loops on each end of both strips to hold the string in place once it’s looped around them. Then wrap your chosen string around both loops several times before tying it off at the center with a knot or securing it with tape or glue. Finally, use another piece of paper cut into triangular shapes to make arrows that fit perfectly onto your new bow!

How to Make a Bow And Arrow Easy

Making a bow and arrow is an age old craft that has been passed down through generations. With the right materials, it’s easy to make your own bow and arrow at home! Start with a wooden dowel for the bow and some strong cord or twine for the string.

You’ll also need feathers for arrows, wood glue, a saw and sandpaper to shape your pieces. Once you have all of your supplies gathered together, cut out two sections from your dowel in an angle so they form a “V” shape when laid on top of each other. Glue these sections together along one side with wood glue before tying them securely with twine or cord.

Finally, attach feathers to either end of the shaft using more glue before you are ready to fire away!

How to Make a Paper Bow And Arrow Without Tape

Making a paper bow and arrow without tape is simple and easy. First, cut two pieces of cardstock into the shape of a bow. Then fold each piece in half lengthways to create two loops.

Next, attach the ends together with glue or staples for added stability. Finally, use another piece of cardstock to make an arrow by folding it in half twice and securing it with glue or staples at both ends before adding a pointy tip on one end. You can now enjoy hours of fun shooting your homemade paper bow and arrow!


Making a bow and arrow out of paper is not only an easy project, but it can also be fun and creative. With just some simple supplies like paper, tape, scissors and a rubber band you can make your own bow and arrow in no time. Not only will you have a great new toy to play with, but the satisfaction of making something yourself is always rewarding.

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable activity that won’t take up too much time or money then try making yourself a paper bow and arrow!


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