Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 Specs

The Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 is a high-end compound bow designed for serious archers. It has an adjustable draw length of 27″ to 30″, and it can be adjusted in 1/2″ increments. The peak draw weight is 70 lbs, but the bow has no let off so the draw force remains consistent throughout the shot cycle.

The riser is made from machined aluminum with carbon fiber accents, and it features a rock solid back wall for improved accuracy. The limbs are constructed from a combination of maple lamination and carbon fiber composite materials that provide superior strength and rigidity at lighter weights than traditional limb designs. Finally, this bow comes standard with Hoyt’s signature DFX cam system which provides smooth transitions throughout the draw cycle while still delivering maximum speed capabilities up to 330 fps IBO rate.

The Hoyt Pro Elite XT 3000 is a top-of-the-line bow for serious shooters. It has a 30″ axle to axle length, making it one of the lightest bows on the market and providing improved maneuverability in tight spots. The XT 3000 also features an adjustable draw weight ranging from 19lbs to 70lbs so you can customize your shooting experience however you need.

Finally, with its smooth drawing single cam system and low vibration design, this bow offers consistent performance shot after shot so you can trust every release.


Q: What is the Weight of the Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000

The Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 is a lightweight compound bow that weighs only 4.3 pounds. It also has an adjustable draw length of 26-31 inches and a draw weight range of 40-70 lbs, making it ideal for archers of all sizes and abilities. The bow’s axle to axle measurement is 30 ¼” which provides excellent stability during use, allowing the shooter to take precise shots easily.

With its advanced features and lightweight construction, this bow is perfect for any hunter or target shooter looking for a reliable high-performance weapon at an affordable price point.

5 Pounds Without Accessories

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Q: What Type of Cam System Does the Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 Have

The Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 is equipped with the revolutionary XT-3000 Cam System. This system features an all-new design for superior performance and accuracy, including a new power wheel that gives you greater draw length flexibility without sacrificing speed or stability. The cam system also has an adjustable cable guard bar and a three-cam alignment system which provide improved accuracy and shooting consistency.

Combined with the smooth drawing XLT limbs, this cam system provides exceptional balance, feel, shot execution and control for any archer.

Q: Does the Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 Come With Any Accessories

The Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 comes with a range of accessories, including the standard stabilizer system, limb dampers and an adjustable arrow rest. The package also includes a 4-pin sight, peep sight assembly and nocking loop set up tool. It also includes a wrist sling, quiver bracket mount and a rubber grip for more comfortable shooting.

Additionally, it is equipped with two vibration dampening modules which reduce noise when shooting. Finally, this compound bow comes with an instruction manual to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 Specs

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Hoyt Xt2000 Pro Series Price

The Hoyt Xt2000 Pro Series is one of the most advanced bows on the market, and it comes with a price tag to match. The bow retails for around $1,500 USD, making it an investment in your archery game that will pay off in quality performance and accuracy. It features top-of-the-line technology such as fully adjustable draw length and weight, a vibration dampening system that reduces noise and hand shock, plus other premium features like an ergonomic grip design.

Hoyt Protec Xt 3000 for Sale

The Hoyt Protec Xt 3000 for Sale is an excellent value for money compound bow. It has a draw weight of up to 70 pounds and a draw length range from 24″ – 30″. Its light-weight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver in the field, while its adjustable modules allow you to customize your shooting experience.

This bow also comes with many features such as anti-dry fire technology, limb dampeners, and vibration control technology that reduce noise when shooting. Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade your hunting gear, this bow will not disappoint.

Hoyt Xt3000

The Hoyt Xt3000 is one of the most popular bows used by archers all over the world. It features an ultra-smooth draw cycle, adjustable draw weights, and a sleek design that makes it easy to handle. The bow also includes a wide range of accessories such as sights, stabilizers, and string dampeners.

With its lightweight construction and industry-leading performance, the Hoyt Xt3000 has become a favorite among hunters and recreational archers alike.


Overall, the Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 is an impressive compound bow that can be customized for any type of shooter. It features a sleek design and a variety of adjustable settings to ensure you get the perfect fit and performance. With its advanced specs and superior build quality, it’s no wonder why so many archers choose this model as their go-to choice for hunting or target shooting.

Whether you are just starting out in archery or have been around the sport for years, the Hoyt Pro Elite Xt 3000 is sure to exceed your expectations.


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