Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight

Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight is a high-end adjustable bow sight designed to help archers make more accurate shots. It features five pins that can be adjusted for different distances, as well as an illuminated yardage indicator and level bubble. The sight also offers a wide range of adjustments including second and third axis adjustment, windage knob, micro adjust knobs on both the X and Y axes, laser etched elevation scale with 1/8th inch increments, adjustable pin guard height and multiple mounting positions.

This feature rich sight makes it ideal for bowhunters who require accuracy at any distance.

The Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight is the perfect accessory for any archer looking to take their game to the next level. Featuring five easy-to-adjust pins, this sight offers clear visibility even in low light conditions, allowing you to make precise shots at longer distances. The lock feature helps keep your pins secure and prevents them from shifting during use, while its lightweight design ensures that it won’t slow you down as you aim and shoot with precision.

With all these features combined, the Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight is a must have for serious bow hunters!

Mathews Bridge-Lock Fixed 5 Pin Sight by Axcel

What Sights Work With Mathews Bridge-Lock?

The Mathews Bridge-Lock sight is compatible with most modern bows and works well with a variety of sights, including multi-pin sights, single pin sights, pendulum style drop away rests and even peep sights. This makes it an ideal choice for hunters who need the flexibility to adjust their setup to match different conditions or hunting styles. Additionally, many arrow rests are also compatible with Mathews Bridge-Lock so you can customize your set up further by adding a rest that fits perfectly on your bow.

Who Makes Mathews Bridge-Lock Sights?

Mathews Bridge-Lock sights are manufactured by Mathews Archery, a leading archery and bowhunting equipment maker based out of Sparta, Wisconsin. Established in 1992, Mathews has become highly respected among archers and bowhunters around the world for their innovative design and commitment to quality. The Bridge-Lock sight is no exception; it features an adjustable elevation knob that allows shooters to quickly adjust point-of-impact without having to rezero the sight, as well as a unique bridge system that eliminates canting errors when shooting at longer distances.

Additionally, it includes a super bright fiber optic pin set up with over 20 inches of visibility in low light conditions to ensure maximum sight acquisition accuracy on even the darkest days.

What Distance Should a 5 Pin Bow Sight Be?

The distance of a 5 pin bow sight will depend on the type and size of the pins. Generally, most 5-pin sights should be set at 20 yards for the first pin, 30 yards for the second pin, 40 yards for the third pin, 50 yards for the fourth pin and 60 yards for the fifth. However, this can vary depending on what type of arrows you use as well as your draw length and draw weight.

It’s important to adjust your sight accordingly so that you are able to get accurate shots from a greater range.

What Bow Sight Has the Brightest Pins?

The TRUGLO Pendulum Bow Sight has some of the brightest pins on the market. It uses an illuminated ring to help you quickly and accurately target your shot, plus an adjustable rheostat light control so you can adjust pin brightness for any shooting condition. The sight also comes with five ultra-bright .019″ steel pins that are easy to see in any lighting situation.

This bow sight is ideal for hunters who want pinpoint accuracy and bright pins, no matter what time of day or night they’re hunting.

Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight


Mathews 5 Pin Sight

The Mathews 5 Pin Sight is one of the most popular sights on the market, providing a solid and dependable platform for archers to aim with. Its five pins are adjustable from as close as 20 yards out to 80 yards, helping you get your aim just right for any shot. The sight also features an illuminated bubble level that helps confirm whether or not your bow is perfectly balanced for optimal accuracy.

With its rugged construction and intuitive design, the Mathews 5 Pin Sight is perfect for hunters and target shooters alike.

Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight Single Pin

The Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight Single Pin is an innovative sight designed to make bowhunting easier, more accurate, and more enjoyable. This single pin sight features a patented bridge design that eliminates the need for windage and elevation adjustments; instead, all the user has to do is set one pin at their desired distance and the sight automatically adjusts itself according to your shooting angle. The unique Bridge Lock system also ensures that you can quickly switch between different ranges without needing to adjust pins or settings – perfect for hunting in varying terrain or changing conditions!

Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight Light

The Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight Light is an innovative sight light that provides a bright, focused beam of light directly to the archer’s peep sight. It allows for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, making it perfect for hunters and target shooters alike. The light attaches quickly and easily to most bows with its patented “lock” system; this eliminates the need for additional tools or modifications.

With adjustable brightness levels and a long battery life, the Mathews Bridge-Lock Sight Light is an invaluable piece of equipment for serious bowhunters and archers who want maximum visibility on their next hunt.


This blog post has discussed the Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight, a type of archery sight that is designed to help hunters and archers get better accuracy when shooting their bows. The bridge lock system locks the pins in place for more stability and improved accuracy. In addition, it features an adjustable 3rd axis level which helps with alignment and shot placement.

With its advanced features, the Mathews Bridge Lock 5 Pin Sight stands out as one of the best sights on the market today for hunters and target shooters alike. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, this sight can provide you with reliable performance every time you draw your bow back.


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