Pse Carbon Air 32 Ecs

Pse Carbon Air 32 Ecs is a great bow for those looking for a high performance, yet lightweight option. It features a carbon fiber riser and limbs, as well as an adjustable draw length and weight. This makes it perfect for shooters of all sizes and experience levels.

Additionally, the Carbon Air 32 Ecs comes equipped with Easton’s new Eclipse Cam system, which provides a smooth and consistent draw cycle.

Pse Carbon Air 32 Ecs – The Perfect Combination of Power and Portability Do you need a powerful and portable bow? If so, then you need the Pse Carbon Air 32 Ecs!

This amazing bow is perfect for both hunting and target practice. It features a split limb design and an adjustable draw weight that makes it perfect for anyone. Plus, the included case makes it easy to transport.

PSE Carbon Air Review

Pse Carbon Air 34 Specs

Pse Carbon Air 34 Specs – The Pse Carbon Air is a great choice for the archer who wants a fast, lightweight bow that is perfect for hunting or target practice. This bow features a split limb design and an adjustable draw weight so you can customize it to your specific shooting needs. It also has an integrated stabilizer system to help keep your shots on target.

Pse Xpedite

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Pse Carbon Air 32 Ecs


What Year Did Pse Carbon Air Come Out?

PSE Carbon Air came out in 2014. It was PSE’s flagship bow and was packed with features that set it apart from the competition. It had a carbon fiber riser and limbs, which made it incredibly light and strong.

The bow also had a unique cam system that allowed for an incredibly smooth draw cycle.

What is the Draw Length of a Pse Carbon Air?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the draw length of a PSE carbon air can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and build of the archer, as well as the specific model of bow. However, it is generally accepted that the average draw length for this type of bow is between 26-30 inches.

How Much Does a Pse Carbon Air Weigh?

A PSE carbon air typically weighs between 4-5 lbs.


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