Pse Drive 3B Specifications

Pse Drive 3B Specifications: Unleash the Power

The PSE Drive 3B specifications include a draw weight of ____ lbs, a maximum draw length of 31 inches, a brace height of 7 inches, and an IBO speed of ____ fps. This compound bow from PSE Archery is designed for _____ and features a ____-inch axle-to-axle length and a weight of ____ lbs.

With its high performance and advanced features, the PSE Drive 3B offers a great shooting experience for archery enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, this bow is sure to meet your needs and deliver excellent arrow performance.

Pse Drive 3B Specifications: Unleash the Power


Key Features Of The Pse Drive 3B

The Pse Drive 3B boasts impressive specifications, including a brace height of 7 inches, draw lengths ranging from 25. 5 to 31 inches, and a weight of just 3. 7 pounds. Designed for optimal performance, this compound bow offers a versatile and lightweight option for archery enthusiasts.


The Pse Drive 3B is a high-performance compound bow designed for archery enthusiasts who demand power, accuracy, and versatility. This impressive bow is packed with a range of key features that make it stand out from the competition. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of the Pse Drive 3B:

Fps (Feet Per Second):

  • Lightning speed: With a blistering speed of up to 332 feet per second (FPS), the Pse Drive 3B delivers lightning-fast arrow velocities, ensuring your shots reach your target quickly and with maximum impact.
  • Efficient power: The Drive 3B’s high FPS rating is made possible by its smooth and efficient cam system, which not only boosts arrow speed but also optimizes energy transfer for improved accuracy and power.
  • Precision accuracy: Whether you’re on the range or out in the field, the Drive 3B’s exceptional speed ensures consistent and accurate shots, allowing you to hit your target with precision every time.


  • Lightweight design: Weighing in at just 4.1 pounds, the Pse Drive 3B is remarkably lightweight, providing archers with a comfortable and stable shooting experience. Its reduced weight also makes it easier to carry for extended periods, making it a perfect choice for hunting or competitive shooting.
  • Maneuverability: The Drive 3B’s lightweight build enhances maneuverability, allowing archers to easily navigate tight spaces or take aim from awkward angles. This feature is particularly useful in real-life hunting scenarios where quick and agile movements can make a significant difference.


  • Compact and versatile: With an axle-to-axle length of 30 inches, the Pse Drive 3B strikes the perfect balance between being compact enough for maneuverability while still providing a stable and accurate shooting experience. This makes it an excellent option for both experienced archers and beginners looking to hone their skills.
  • Easy to handle: The shorter length of the Drive 3B makes it easy to handle, especially for archers with a shorter draw length. Its compact design also contributes to overall better bow balance, making it more comfortable to hold for longer shooting sessions.

With its impressive FPS rating, lightweight construction, and compact length, the Pse Drive 3B is a compound bow that truly deserves attention. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or a novice, this bow combines power, accuracy, and versatility to take your archery skills to the next level.

So, if you’re in the market for a high-performing compound bow that won’t disappoint, the Pse Drive 3B should definitely be on your radar.

Performance And Speed Of The Pse Drive 3B

The Pse Drive 3B offers an impressive performance and speed, making it an excellent choice for archery enthusiasts. With its advanced specifications, this bow delivers precision and power, ensuring a successful shooting experience.

Speed & Draw Length:

  • The Pse Drive 3B is known for its exceptional speed and impressive draw length capabilities.
  • With a lightning-fast IBO speed, this bow delivers a powerful performance that is perfect for both hunting and target shooting.
  • The draw length of the Pse Drive 3B ranges from 25.5 inches to 31 inches, giving archers the flexibility to find their ideal fit.
  • Whether you prefer a shorter draw for precise shots or a longer draw for increased power, this bow can accommodate your preferences.

Lower Stabilizer:

  • One of the standout features of the Pse Drive 3B is its lower stabilizer, which enhances stability and accuracy.
  • The lower stabilizer effectively minimizes hand shock and vibrations, allowing for a steady aim and consistent shot placement.
  • This feature is especially beneficial for archers who value precise shooting and want to improve their overall accuracy.

Charcoal Finish:

  • The Pse Drive 3B sports an eye-catching charcoal finish that not only adds style but also provides durability.
  • The charcoal finish not only looks sleek and modern but also protects the bow from scratches and wear.
  • With this finish, the Pse Drive 3B remains looking new and maintains its high-quality appearance even after extensive use.

Draw Cycle:

  • The Pse Drive 3B features a smooth and comfortable draw cycle, making it a pleasure to shoot for archers of all skill levels.
  • The draw cycle is designed to be both efficient and consistent, allowing for a seamless shooting experience.
  • With a consistent draw and let-off, archers can focus on their aim and shot execution without any distractions or disruptions.

Shooting Demonstration:

  • In shooting demonstrations, the Pse Drive 3B showcases its exceptional performance and accuracy.
  • Archers will be amazed by the bow’s incredible speed, as arrows fly swiftly towards their targets with precision and power.
  • The Pse Drive 3B’s shooting demonstration is a testament to its superior quality and reliable performance.

Arrow Performance:

  • The Pse Drive 3B delivers outstanding arrow performance, thanks to its combination of speed and accuracy.
  • Arrows shot from this bow fly with impressive velocity, ensuring quick and efficient target penetration.
  • Additionally, the accuracy offered by the Pse Drive 3B allows archers to consistently hit their intended target.
  • Whether you’re hunting or participating in target shooting, the Pse Drive 3B’s arrow performance will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions On Pse Drive 3B Specifications

How Fast Is The Pse Drive 3B?

The PSE Drive 3B has a speed of insert exact speed here (in fps).

What Is The Draw Weight On A Pse Mini Burner?

The draw weight on a PSE mini burner is not specified in the available information.

What Is A Drive Bow?

A drive bow is the handle that the musher holds when participating in dog mushing.

How Much Does A Pse Omen Weigh?

The PSE Omen weighs 4. 5 lbs.


The PSE Drive 3B offers impressive specifications that make it a top choice for archery enthusiasts. With its high FPS (feet per second) and optimal weight and length, this compound bow provides the perfect combination of power and accuracy. Whether you’re a professional hunter or an avid archer, the PSE Drive 3B delivers exceptional performance.

Not only does the PSE Drive 3B excel in performance, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design. Its charcoal finish adds a touch of elegance to the bow, making it a standout choice among competitors. Additionally, the Draw Cycle of this bow is smooth and consistent, allowing for a comfortable shooting experience.

The PSE Drive 3B is a true game-changer in the world of archery. Its impressive specifications, combined with its stylish design and smooth draw cycle, make it the perfect choice for all skill levels. Whether you’re aiming for speed, accuracy, or both, the PSE Drive 3B won’t disappoint.

Elevate your archery game with this exceptional bow.


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