Pse Drive Nxt Draw Length Chart

Pse Drive NXT Draw Length Chart is a chart used to determine the correct draw length for PSE bows. It is designed to help archers of all sizes and skill levels find the optimal draw length for their bow. The chart lists various measurements, including arm span, shoulder width, height, and more.

Using these measurements along with an arrow shaft size will allow you to accurately determine your proper draw length. Generally speaking, it is recommended that one’s draw length be no greater than 3/4 of their body height or arm span whichever measurement is longer. Additionally, having a qualified archery technician measure your bow correctly can also help ensure accuracy when selecting the right size bow for you.

Pse Drive NXT draw length chart offers an easy way to find the right fit for your bow. This chart will show you the exact measurement of each draw length, so that you can choose a bow that fits your size and shooting style with precision accuracy. With this chart, you can be sure that your new set-up will perform exactly as it should, providing maximum performance and making sure you get the most out of every arrow shot.

2021 PSE Drive NXT compound bow first look

What is the Max Draw Weight for Pse Drive Nxt?

The PSE Drive NXT is a lightweight, adjustable compound bow that offers shooters an incredible draw weight range of 20 to 70 pounds. This makes it incredibly versatile for beginners and experienced shooters alike, as users can easily adjust the draw weight to their preference without having to invest in another bow. With its maximum draw weight of 70 pounds, the PSE Drive NXT provides ample power and accuracy whether you are shooting targets or game animals.

What are the Letters for Draw Length on Pse?

The letters for draw length on PSE bows are typically denoted by an ‘L’ followed by a number. For example, L28 would be a 28-inch draw length and L31 would be a 31-inch draw. It is important to remember that the higher the letter designation, the longer the draw length of your bow will be.

Therefore, when selecting your PSE bow it is very important to select one with the appropriate letter and number designations for your specific draw length. Additionally, if you are unsure about what your exact draw length should be then consulting with an experienced archer or sales associate at a pro shop can help ensure that you get just the right fit for you!

What is the Draw Length of a Pse Evo Nxt 33?

The PSE Evo NXT 33 has an adjustable draw length range of 25-31 inches, making it ideal for a wide variety of archers. It features PSE’s patented Cam & 1/2 technology which allows the bow to be adjusted easily and quickly with just two screws. The draw weight is adjustable from 45 – 70 lbs, providing plenty of power and accuracy.

With its lightweight design and easy adjustability, this bow can accommodate virtually any archer’s needs, regardless of their size or skill level.

How Do You Calculate Draw Length?

Draw length is an important factor to consider when selecting the right bow for your needs. To calculate draw length, you will need to measure from the nock point of the arrow (where it sits in the bowstring) to a point on your body that is consistent with where you anchor your arrow when shooting. Generally, this is either at your sternal notch or just below it.

Once you have measured this distance, divide it by 2.5 and round up or down depending on what number fits best for you. This calculation will give you a good starting point for determining which size bow and arrows are best suited for your height and arm length combination.

Pse Drive Nxt Draw Length Chart


Pse Drive Nxt Draw Length Adjustment

The PSE Drive NXT has a draw length adjustment system that is simple and easy to use. It features adjustable cams with settings from 22” – 30” in ½” increments, allowing you to customize the bow for your specific shooting style. This great feature allows archers of any size or skill level to achieve the perfect fit and make the most out of their archery experience.

With its quick release module, it only takes minutes to adjust your bow’s draw length so you can get back on target faster!

Pse Brute Nxt Draw Length Adjustment

The Pse Brute NXT Draw Length Adjustment allows you to customize the draw length of your bow to fit your individual shooting style. This adjustable feature makes it easy for archers of any size or experience level to find a comfortable draw length and make more accurate shots with their bow. The adjustment is done by simply turning an Allen wrench located on the bottom cam, allowing users to adjust from 19-30 inches in 1/2 inch increments without having to change out modules or cables!

Pse Evo Nxt 31 Draw Length Chart

The Pse Evo Nxt 31 Draw Length Chart provides an accurate reference for draw length measurements for this specific bow model. This chart allows shooters to easily adjust the draw length of their bows, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance from the bow. The chart shows the recommended draw lengths at various settings, along with corresponding arrow speeds, so shooters can make sure they are getting maximum efficiency out of their setup.

With this information in hand, archers can rest assured that they are using their bows correctly and safely.


The Pse Drive Nxt Draw Length Chart is a great tool for helping archers choose the best draw length for their bows. This chart takes into account the bow size, arrow length, and user’s height to determine the most comfortable draw length. It also provides information on how much of an impact draw weight will have on overall performance.

With this chart, anyone can find out what their ideal draw length should be in order to get the most out of their shooting experience. As such, it is an invaluable resource for any archer looking to maximize accuracy and consistency with every shot.


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