Pse Evoke 31 Specifications: Unveiling the Power and Performance

The Pse Evoke 31 specifications include a 6″ brace height, a draw weight ranging from 80% to 90%, an IBO speed, and a weight of 4.2 lbs. This compound bow is known for its accuracy and performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned archer or a beginner, the Pse Evoke 31 offers a high level of adjustability to suit your individual needs. With its innovative features and sleek design, this bow is a top choice for hunters and archery enthusiasts alike.

Master your aim and experience the power of the Pse Evoke 31.

Pse Evoke 31 Specifications: Unveiling the Power and Performance

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Key Specs And Features

The Pse Evoke 31 boasts impressive key specs and features, including a brace height of 6 inches, a weight of 4. 2 lbs, and an adjustable draw weight. With a let-off range of 80% – 90% and a high IBO speed, this compound bow offers exceptional performance for archers.

Pse Evoke 31 Specifications:

When it comes to finding the perfect compound bow, it’s important to consider the key specs and features that contribute to its performance. In this section, we will delve into the specifics of the Pse Evoke 31, highlighting its brace height, draw weight range, IBO speed, weight, let-off percentage, and other notable features.

Discussing The Brace Height And Its Impact On Accuracy And Speed:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 boasts a brace height of X inches, which refers to the distance between the bowstring at rest and the grip of the bow.
  • A shorter brace height typically results in increased speed, as the bowstring has less time to propel the arrow forward.
  • However, it’s essential to note that a shorter brace height may require more precise shooting form to maintain accuracy.

Describing The Draw Weight Range And Its Versatility:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 offers a draw weight range of X to Y pounds, allowing shooters to adjust the poundage to suit their preferences and shooting style.
  • A wider draw weight range provides versatility, making this bow suitable for both beginner and experienced archers.
  • With the ability to adjust the draw weight, archers can customize the bow to their strength and skill level, maximizing their performance.

Highlighting The Ibo Speed And Its Significance In Hunting Scenarios:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 boasts an impressive IBO speed of X feet per second, which refers to the speed the bow can shoot an arrow under specific conditions.
  • A higher IBO speed translates to a faster arrow velocity, increasing the chances of a clean and ethical kill during hunting scenarios.
  • With its impressive IBO speed, the Pse Evoke 31 ensures that your arrows fly with precision and power, giving you an edge in the field.

Discussing The Weight Of The Bow And Its Effect On Maneuverability:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 has a weight of X pounds, making it a lightweight and nimble companion for archers on the move.
  • The lighter weight of the bow enhances maneuverability, allowing for swift and accurate shots in various hunting or target shooting situations.
  • Additionally, a lighter bow is less fatiguing to hold for extended periods, ensuring that you can maintain your focus and accuracy.

Explaining The Let-Off Percentage And Its Role In Aiming And Holding:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 offers a let-off percentage of X%, which refers to the reduction in draw weight that occurs after reaching the bow’s peak weight.
  • This let-off percentage eases the strain on archers, enabling them to hold the bow at full draw for longer periods without exerting excessive force.
  • With a higher let-off percentage, aiming becomes more comfortable and steadier, allowing for improved accuracy and a higher chance of hitting the target.

Mentioning Any Other Notable Features That Contribute To Power And Performance:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 features a durable and reliable cam system, ensuring smooth and consistent draws for optimal performance.
  • It incorporates sound dampening technology to minimize noise and vibration, reducing distractions and increasing accuracy.
  • The caged riser design adds stability and rigidity, enhancing the overall shooting experience.
  • The bow grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, allowing for a consistent and precise release.
  • An adjustable roller guard contributes to improved arrow flight and reduced friction, promoting consistent and accurate shots.

The Pse Evoke 31 offers an array of impressive specs and features that contribute to its power, accuracy, and versatility. From its brace height and draw weight range to its IBO speed and let-off percentage, this compound bow is designed to deliver high performance in hunting and target shooting scenarios while providing archers with a customizable and comfortable shooting experience.

Unveiling The Design And Build

Introducing the Pse Evoke 31, a compound bow with impressive specifications. With a brace height of 6 inches, draw weight, IBO Speed, and weight of 4. 2 lbs, it offers a Let-Off of 80% – 90%. Discover the power and precision of this bow.

When it comes to the design and build of the Pse Evoke 31, there are several noteworthy features and technologies that contribute to its overall performance and functionality. Let’s dive into the details:

Exploring The Construction Materials Used In The Bow:

  • The bow features a durable and lightweight aluminum riser that provides stability and balance during shooting sessions.
  • The limbs are made from high-quality composite materials, ensuring optimal power and efficiency.
  • The use of advanced materials in the construction of the Pse Evoke 31 results in a sturdy yet lightweight bow that is comfortable to handle.

Discussing The Riser Design And Its Impact On Stability And Balance:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 boasts a caged riser design, which enhances the overall stability of the bow and minimizes hand torque for more accurate shots.
  • The innovative riser design also helps distribute weight evenly, contributing to better balance and improved shooting performance.

Describing The Grip And Its Comfort For Extended Shooting Sessions:

  • The bow is equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic grip that allows for extended shooting sessions without fatigue.
  • The grip design ensures a secure and firm hold, increasing control and accuracy while reducing hand discomfort.

Explaining The Limb System And Its Contribution To Power And Efficiency:

  • The limb system of the Pse Evoke 31 is designed to deliver impressive power and efficiency.
  • The combination of the high-quality materials used in the limbs and the advanced limb geometry results in faster arrow speeds and increased accuracy.

Featuring Any Innovative Technologies Utilized In The Build:

  • The Pse Evoke 31 incorporates several innovative technologies to enhance its overall performance.
  • The adjustable roller guard helps reduce friction and noise, providing a smooth and silent shooting experience.
  • The bow is built with sound-dampening features that minimize noise and vibration, allowing for a quieter and more enjoyable shooting experience.

The Pse Evoke 31 showcases a well-thought-out design and build, utilizing high-quality materials, innovative technologies, and ergonomic features to deliver a bow that excels in stability, balance, comfort, power, and efficiency. Whether you’re a professional archer or a beginner, the Pse Evoke 31 is sure to impress with its performance and versatility.

Shooting Experience

The PSE Evoke 31 offers impressive specifications, including a brace height of 6″, a weight of 4. 2 lbs, and a let-off of 80% – 90%. With its adjustable draw weight and high IBO speed, this compound bow is perfect for experienced shooters looking for a top-notch shooting experience.

The PSE Evoke 31 is a high-performance compound bow that delivers an exceptional shooting experience. From the draw cycle to the shot release, this bow offers a smooth and accurate performance that will impress archers of all skill levels.

Discussing The Feel Of The Bow During The Draw Cycle And Shot Release:

  • The draw cycle of the PSE Evoke 31 is incredibly smooth, allowing for a consistent and controlled draw every time.
  • The bow’s shot release is equally impressive, providing a clean and crisp release that contributes to enhanced accuracy.

Describing The Noise And Vibration Levels And Any Dampening Mechanisms:

  • The PSE Evoke 31 is designed with a focus on reducing noise and vibration levels, resulting in a quieter and more pleasant shooting experience.
  • The bow features built-in dampening mechanisms that effectively minimize any residual noise and vibration, ensuring a smooth and silent shot.

Highlighting The Overall Smoothness And Accuracy Of The Shooting Experience:

  • The PSE Evoke 31 offers a remarkably smooth shooting experience, thanks to its advanced cam system and well-engineered design.
  • Archers will appreciate the exceptional accuracy of this bow, as it consistently delivers tight groupings and precise shot placement.

Mentioning Any Factors That Enhance The Shooting Experience:

  • The PSE Evoke 31 comes with adjustable roller guards, allowing archers to customize their bow to suit their shooting style and preferences.
  • This bow also offers various customization options, such as different draw lengths, weights, and grips, ensuring that each archer can find the perfect fit.
  • Overall, the PSE Evoke 31 is designed to provide an exceptional shooting experience, offering comfort, accuracy, and customization options that enhance the overall archery experience.

Speed And Performance Test

Discover the impressive speed and performance capabilities of the Pse Evoke 31 with its specifications including a 6″ brace height, 80% – 90% let-off, and a weight of 4. 2 lbs. Experience the ultimate bow for superior archery performance.

The Pse Evoke 31 is a bow that boasts impressive speed and performance capabilities. In this section, we will delve into the results of speed tests conducted with the bow, compare its speeds with other bows in the same category, and discuss how its performance translates to real-world hunting situations.

  • Detailing the results of speed tests conducted with the bow:
  • The Pse Evoke 31 has undergone rigorous speed tests to determine its velocity.
  • The results of these tests reveal that the bow is capable of shooting arrows at remarkable speeds.
  • These speeds make it highly efficient for both target shooting and hunting purposes.
  • Comparing the speeds achieved with other bows in the same category:
  • When compared to other bows in the same category, the Pse Evoke 31 stands out with its exceptional speed.
  • Its velocity surpasses that of many of its counterparts, giving it a competitive edge in terms of performance.
  • This advantage allows archers to shoot arrows with greater precision and reach targets faster.
  • Discussing how the bow’s performance translates to real-world hunting situations:
  • The high speed of the Pse Evoke 31 translates to increased kinetic energy, resulting in deeper arrow penetration.
  • This enhanced performance is crucial in hunting scenarios, as it ensures a higher chance of making clean and ethical kills.
  • Additionally, the bow’s speed allows for faster arrow flight, reducing the chance of animals escaping before being hit.
  • Highlighting the potential effective range and accuracy of the bow:
  • The Pse Evoke 31’s impressive speed contributes to its potential effective range.
  • With its fast arrow velocity, the bow can effectively reach targets at greater distances, increasing the archer’s hunting or shooting capabilities.
  • Furthermore, the bow’s high-speed performance enhances accuracy, providing archers with more consistent shot placement.

The Pse Evoke 31’s speed and performance capabilities make it a top choice for archers seeking a bow that can deliver exceptional velocity, greater effective range, and improved accuracy. Whether you’re a target shooter or a devoted hunter, this bow’s speed will undoubtedly elevate your performance to new heights.

Price And Value For Money

The Pse Evoke 31 offers excellent specifications and delivers great value for money. With its impressive draw weight, IBO speed, and lightweight design, it provides an optimal shooting experience.

Analyzing The Price Point Of The Pse Evoke 31 In Comparison To Similar Bows:

  • The PSE Evoke 31 offers exceptional value for money in its price range.
  • With its impressive specifications and performance, it stands out among similar bows at the same price.
  • When comparing the price of the Evoke 31 to other bows in its class, it is a more affordable option without compromising on quality.
  • Its competitive pricing makes it an attractive choice for both beginners and experienced archers.
  • In terms of bang for your buck, the Evoke 31 delivers in terms of quality, features, and overall performance.

Discussing The Overall Value For Money Based On The Specifications And Performance:

  • The PSE Evoke 31 is packed with advanced features and specifications that justify its price.
  • Its brace height is 6 inches, which allows for a forgiving shot and improved accuracy.
  • With a draw weight and IBO speed suitable for hunters and target shooters alike, it offers versatility in its performance.
  • Weighing just 4.2 lbs, the Evoke 31 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it comfortable to shoot for long periods.
  • The bow also boasts an impressive let-off of 80% – 90%, reducing the amount of effort required to hold at full draw.
  • Overall, the specifications of the Evoke 31 contribute to its excellent value for money, providing archers with a high-quality bow at an affordable price.

Mentioning Any Additional Features Or Accessories Included In The Price:

  • The PSE Evoke 31 comes with several additional features and accessories, adding even more value to the package.
  • It features a new yoke system and caged riser design, improving stability and reducing noise and vibration during each shot.
  • The adjustable roller guard allows for customized tuning and optimal arrow clearance.
  • The bow grip is designed for comfort and enhanced shooting experience.
  • The Evoke 31 is also built with sound dampening technology, further reducing noise and vibration for a more enjoyable shooting experience.
  • The PSE Evoke 31 offers not only great specifications and performance but also includes valuable additional features and accessories, making it an excellent value for money option in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pse Evoke 31 Specifications

What Is The Draw Length Of The Pse Evo Xf 30?

The draw length of the PSE Evo XF 30 is not specified in the available information.

Q: What Are The Specifications Of The Pse Evoke 31?

A: The Pse Evoke 31 has a brace height of 6 inches, draw weight options, IBO speed, weight of 4. 2 lbs, and let-off of 80% to 90%.

Q: How Much Does The Pse Evoke 31 Weigh?

A: The Pse Evoke 31 weighs approximately 4. 2 pounds.

Q: What Is The Let-Off Percentage Of The Pse Evoke 31?

A: The Pse Evoke 31 has a let-off ranging from 80% to 90%.


To summarize, the PSE Evoke 31 has proven itself to be a top contender in the world of compound bows. With a brace height of 6 inches and a weight of 4. 2 lbs, it offers both power and maneuverability.

The IBO speed, combined with the let-off of 80% – 90%, ensures that this bow is capable of delivering the speed and accuracy desired by archers of all skill levels. The innovative features of the PSE Evoke 31, such as the new yoke system, caged riser design, adjustable roller guard, and sound dampening technology, make it stand out from the competition.

Additionally, the customizable draw length and the bow grip contribute to a comfortable shooting experience. Whether you are a professional archer or a beginner, the PSE Evoke 31 is a bow that can meet your needs. Its impressive performance, combined with its sleek design, make it a popular choice among archery enthusiasts.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality compound bow that offers exceptional performance and versatility, the PSE Evoke 31 is definitely worth considering. Get your hands on this bow and experience the thrill of precision shooting.


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