Spypoint Link Micro S Lte Problems

Spypoint Link Micro S LTE is a cellular trail camera that allows users to monitor their game remotely. Despite its great features, there are some common problems that people have reported with this device. The most frequent complaints involve experiencing poor reception or no network connection at all due to the location of the camera being too far away from a cell tower.

Other issues include pictures not uploading properly, low battery life, and slow response time when making changes in settings. To resolve these issues it might be necessary for Spypoint to adjust the sensitivity of their antennas or upgrade their software as well as improve upon customer service support by providing more detailed instructions on how to correctly set-up and use their products.

The Spypoint Link Micro S LTE has been a popular choice for those looking to stay connected while on the go. Unfortunately, this device is not without its problems. Many users have reported issues with inconsistent data connection speeds and unreliable service from their cellular provider.

Other common complaints include difficulty setting up the device, poor battery life, and an overly complicated user interface. If you are having difficulties with your Link Micro S LTE, be sure to contact Spypoint customer support for help troubleshooting these issues.

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Why is My Spypoint Not Sending Pictures to My Phone?

The most common reason that your SPYPOINT camera may not be sending pictures to your phone is due to a misconfiguration of settings. Even if the camera was initially set up correctly, there are several variables that can cause it to stop working properly such as lost or weak cellular signal, incorrect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection setup and low battery levels. To ensure that your SPYPOINT device is correctly configured, check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to set it up and make sure all of the applicable settings are correct.

If you have confirmed that all of these settings are correct but still aren’t receiving images, try resetting the device in order to reinitialize its connections with your mobile device before attempting any further troubleshooting steps.

How Do I Update My Spypoint Micro S Lte Firmware?

Updating your Spypoint Micro S LTE firmware is a simple and straightforward process. First, you’ll need to download the latest version of the firmware from Spypoint’s website. Once you have downloaded it, connect your camera to your computer using the included USB cable.

Then open up File Explorer and locate “Firmware Update” folder under “Spypoint Micro S LTE” in the root directory of your device. Finally, copy over the new firmware file into this folder and restart your camera – it should now be running on the updated version of software!

Why is My Spypoint Camera Not Picking Up Signal?

There could be a few reasons why your SPYPOINT camera is not picking up signal. First, make sure that you have inserted the SIM card properly into the camera and it’s securely in place. Additionally, check to see if there are any network/signal outages in your area that may be causing an interruption of service.

Also, ensure that you have activated your data plan with your cellular provider so that the camera can connect to their LTE networks for data transmission. Finally, double-check all settings on the mobile app or website associated with your account and make sure everything is correct – this includes verifying the correct APN code as well as making sure all other settings are accurate for optimal performance from your device.

Why is My Spypoint Link-Micro-Lte Status Light Flashing Red?

The SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE status light flashing red indicates that there is a problem with your cellular connection, often caused by low signal strength or an issue with the SIM card. You can try moving the camera to a location with better cell service and/or replacing the SIM card if possible. If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact Spypoint support for further assistance.

Spypoint Link Micro S Lte Problems

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How to Reset Spypoint Link-Micro Lte

Resetting the Spypoint Link-Micro LTE is a simple process. First, locate the reset button on your device and press it for 5 seconds until you see the LED indicator turn solid red. Then, open up your mobile app or web portal to go through the device’s setup guide in order to reconnect it to your network.

Finally, wait until all lights are green before continuing with any further usage of your Link-Micro LTE camera.

Spypoint Firmware Update

Keeping your Spypoint device up to date with the most recent firmware is essential for getting the best performance and reliability out of it. Firmware updates may include bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features that will help you get more out of your device. To update your Spypoint firmware, simply log into your account on their website, check for available updates in the settings section and follow any instructions provided.

It’s important to note that some older models may not be eligible for a firmware upgrade so make sure you are running an updated version before attempting this process.

Spypoint Link Micro S Lte Review

The Spypoint Link Micro S LTE is an excellent choice for hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This cellular trail camera provides lightning-fast 4G connectivity to keep you updated with photos and videos of your hunting area or favorite hiking spot. With its compact design, the Link Micro S LTE is easy to use and battery life can last up to 6 months on a single charge.

The camera also features image recognition technology so you can identify animals quickly without having to manually look through all the images captured by the camera. Additionally, this device offers a Live View function that allows users to monitor their scouting activities in real time from anywhere. All in all, this cutting-edge wildlife monitoring system from Spypoint gives users more control over their scouting experience than ever before!


Overall, the Spypoint Link Micro S LTE seems to have a few issues that make it inconvenient for users. While some of these problems can be solved with firmware updates, others remain unresolved and require further investigation from the manufacturer. Despite its drawbacks, many customers still find this camera useful for their surveillance needs.

Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide if they want to take on the risk of buying this camera or not.


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