Where to Put String Silencers on Compound Bow

String silencers are important components of a compound bow. They help reduce the amount of noise generated when shooting the bow, as well as vibration that might affect accuracy and consistency. When installing string silencers on a compound bow, it is important to place them in the right position for optimal performance.

Generally, string silencers should be placed near the limbs and away from cable slide or cams where they can collect dirt or debris which may cause wear and tear over time. Additionally, it is also important to balance both sides with an equal number of string dampeners so that there is no imbalance in weight distribution across the riser or limb pockets. Finally, some archers prefer to attach their string dampening material at full draw length while others opt for placing them close to the cam system instead; whatever works best for your particular set-up should be done accordingly!

String silencers are an important part of a compound bow, as they help to reduce vibration and noise when shooting. They should be placed evenly on both sides of the string, with one silencer near the top cam and another near the lower limb tip. It is also recommended that a third silencer be put at the center serving for extra dampening protection.

Additionally, make sure that your string silencers are securely fastened to ensure accuracy and safety while shooting.

Tip for Installing DoubleDown™ String Silencers

Where Do You Put String Dampeners?

String dampeners are accessories that can be added to the strings of a guitar or other stringed instrument. They are typically placed directly between the bridge and nut of the instrument, with one on either side near each tuning peg post. This is so they can easily absorb vibrations from the strings without interfering with playability or intonation.

Additionally, depending on the type of dampener used, it may also help reduce sustain for certain notes or chords as well as provide additional protection against breakage in case of accidental over-tightening.

Do String Silencers Work on Compound Bows?

Yes, string silencers do work on compound bows. String silencers help to dampen the noise and vibration of a bow when it is shot. They are often made from materials that absorb shock and vibrations such as leather or rubber, and they are attached to the bowstring in various ways.

The silencer helps reduce sound levels for both you and your hunting partners, as well as helping keep animals from being spooked by loud noises. Additionally, string silencers can also help increase accuracy due to reduced vibration which results in more consistent shots.

Do String Silencers Affect Speed?

String silencers do affect the speed of a bow. When using string silencers, archers typically experience slower arrow flight speeds due to the added weight on their bowstring. This is because each additional ounce of weight (in this case from the string silencer) slows down how quickly an archer can draw and release their arrow from the bow.

Additionally, when shooting with a heavier string setup due to multiple string silencers being attached, it is harder for an archer to hold back at full draw as they must provide more force in order to keep their drawn position steady. As such, accuracy may be compromised if an archer cannot maintain a consistent form while trying to shoot with too much tension or extra weight on the bowstring.

Are Bow String Silencers Worth It?

Yes, bow string silencers are absolutely worth it! Not only do they help reduce noise and vibration when you shoot your bow, but they can also increase accuracy. Bow string silencers dampen the sound of the shot which makes shooting quieter and more comfortable for both yourself and those around you.

They also absorb some of the energy created by the bowstring’s movement to help prevent shock waves from reaching your hands. Additionally, they disperse excess kinetic energy so that it doesn’t affect arrow flight negatively. As a result, using a bow string silencer can improve accuracy and consistency in your shots without sacrificing power or speed.

Where to Put String Silencers on Compound Bow

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Compound Bow String Silencers

Compound bow string silencers are an important part of archery equipment because they dampen the noise created when a bow is fired. This can help to prevent spooking animals and also reduce wear on the string itself, prolonging its life. Silencers come in many shapes and sizes, but all work by reducing vibration along the length of the string which helps to absorb sound waves that travel through it.

They can be made from various materials such as rubber or leather, and some even feature additional features like scent control for hunting applications.

String Silencer Placement

When it comes to properly positioning string silencers, the placement will depend on the specific model of your bow. Generally speaking, most models benefit from having one near and one far away from the bowstring’s nocking point, which helps keep noise and vibration down while firing. Additionally, some bows may require two string silencers on either side of the riser for optimal performance—be sure to consult with a qualified archer or pro shop staff before making any adjustments to ensure best results.

Where to Place String Silencers on Recurve

String silencers, also known as string dampeners, are an important component of any recurve bow. To ensure accuracy and comfort while shooting, it is recommended that you place your string silencers on the top (near the arrow rest) and bottom limb tips of your recurve bow. This will help to reduce vibration and noise when releasing the arrow, resulting in a smoother shot with better accuracy.


In conclusion, when choosing where to put string silencers on a compound bow, you should always consider the type of bow you have and the amount of noise reduction desired. The most common places are between the nocking point and serving, in the cable guard system or at both ends of the stabilizer. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference as long as your bow is properly set up with quality accessories that will provide adequate protection from noise and vibration while still allowing for an accurate shot.


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