Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest

The Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is a lightweight, adjustable arrow rest designed for archers looking to improve their accuracy and consistency. The arrow rest has two adjustable arms that can be set at any angle to provide optimal support while shooting. Additionally, the arrow rest is made of durable aluminum alloy, making it strong yet lightweight.

It also features an integrated launcher that helps launch arrows with greater velocity and accuracy than traditional rests. In addition, the micro-adjustable design allows for fine tuning of your shooting form with precision. Ultimately, this makes the Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest ideal for hunters who are looking to increase their overall accuracy when hunting game animals in varying conditions and terrain.

The Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is the perfect choice for any archer looking to take their shooting game to the next level. With its micro adjustable design, you can easily customize your arrow rest and get the most accurate shot possible. The lightweight construction also ensures that you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy gear while out on the range.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, this arrow rest will help you achieve great accuracy with every shot.

COVERT Arrow Rest High Speed Footage


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What Type of Arrow Rest is Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest

The Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is a containment-style rest that features a unique design to keep the arrow secure without making contact with the launcher. This type of rest uses two arms and an adjustable spring tension system to hold the arrow firmly in place until it is released, providing consistent accuracy for even novice archers. The micro size also allows for easy installation on smaller bows, allowing you to take your shooting skills with you wherever you go.

With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is a great choice for any serious archer looking to increase their accuracy and consistency while out on the range or in competition.

Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is a Drop-Away Style Arrow Rest That Utilizes an Enclosed Micro-Adjustable Launcher Arm for Precise Tuning And Accuracy

The Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is an ideal drop-away style arrow rest for serious bowhunters who want superior accuracy and precision. This arrow rest features a micro-adjustable launcher arm that allows you to fine tune the firing position of your arrows, so they can fly straight and true every time. The enclosed design helps keep debris out, while the lightweight construction ensures minimal noise and vibration during launch.

With its high quality materials and durable construction, this arrow rest will give you years of performance without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.


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How Does the Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest Help With Accuracy

The Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is designed to help archers achieve greater accuracy with their bows by providing a more stable and consistent launch pad for the arrow. The patented technology of the rest uses an adjustable, low-profile design that eliminates launcher wobble to ensure that arrows are released at the same exact spot each time for maximum accuracy. Additionally, its windage adjustment feature allows you to fine-tune your shot in any given environment or situation.

This ensures that even if there is some degree of wind blowing across your target, you’ll still be able to tune your arrows so they hit exactly where you want them to go every time you pull back on the string.

The Enclosed Micro Adjustable Launcher Arm Helps to Reduce Friction While Launching Your Arrows, Helping to Increase Accuracy And Consistency in Your Shots

The enclosed micro adjustable launcher arm on the bow helps to reduce friction while launching your arrows, ultimately improving accuracy and consistency in your shots. The small adjustments made to the launcher arm allow for a smoother release of the arrow by lessening any resistance between it and the riser or limbs when drawn back. This ensures that each shot releases with even force, creating consistent results in shooting performance.

Additionally, using an adjustable launcher arm can help you adjust for other variables such as different draw lengths which may affect accuracy over time. With these micro adjustments being so easy to make and incredibly effective at increasing precision, they are essential tools for archers looking to maximize their accuracy on each shot.


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Is the Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest Compatible With Any Bow Riser

The Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is designed to fit most bows, but it is not necessarily compatible with every bow riser. While the arrow rest comes with a universal mounting plate that can be attached to almost any compound or recurve bow riser, some risers may require additional modifications in order for the rest to fit properly. Additionally, the design of the rest does not always allow for easy installation on certain types of risers and may require extra drilling or cutting into the riser material before it can be installed correctly.

It’s important to check your specific bow type and model prior to purchasing an Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest in order ensure proper fitting and compatibility.

Yes, This Arrow Rest is Designed to Fit All Common Bow Risers, Including Reverse Draw Models, So You Can Easily Attach It to Your Existing Gear Or Purchase It for Use on a New Model of Bow You’Re Considering Buying

The answer to your question is yes! This arrow rest is designed to fit on any and all common bow risers. Whether you have a traditional, reverse draw model or are considering purchasing a new one, this rest will provide the perfect fit for your equipment.

Not only does it come with easy installation instructions but also offers reliable accuracy and stability when shooting. Plus, the adjustable design ensures that you can get just the right tension needed for accurate shots each time.

Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest

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How to Sight in Apex Covert Pro

To sight in an Apex Covert Pro, follow these simple steps: first, attach the scope to the rifle with a Picatinny rail. Next, use a bore sighter or laser boresighter to adjust your scope until it is roughly on target. Once that’s done, move onto the range and rest the rifle securely against sandbags or a benchrest for stability.

Fire three shots with your chosen ammunition at a fixed target from 25 yards away; you should see all three shots grouped together somewhere on the paper target. Adjust your scope to bring those shots into alignment and fire another 3-shot group from 25 yards away to make sure everything is still aligned correctly before moving back further out. Finally, repeat this process of firing 3-shot groups and adjusting accordingly until you have achieved desired accuracy at 100yds or farther depending on what type of shooting you plan to do!

Apex Covert Single Pin Sight Instructions

The Apex Covert Single Pin Sight is an easy to use adjustable sight that makes it simple and fast to accurately line up a shot. With its easily adjustable knobs and coded yardage tapes, you can quickly dial in the correct distance for your shot. The illuminated pin helps ensure accuracy at all distances while also making it easier to take aim in low light conditions.

To get the most out of this sight, be sure to follow the instructions provided by Apex carefully!

Apex Surge Drop Away Rest

The Apex Surge Drop Away Rest is a popular choice for archery enthusiasts. It features an adjustable-tension launcher arm and zero-play, stainless steel components that ensure smooth operation and arrow flight accuracy. The precision micro-adjustment knobs allow the user to tune it perfectly for their bow setup, so they can get maximum performance out of every shot.

Its unique design also prevents fletching contact, giving you improved downrange accuracy while still providing reliable containment of your arrows. With its durable construction and dependable performance, the Apex Surge Drop Away Rest is sure to be a hit with any serious bowhunter!


In conclusion, the Apex Covert Micro Archery Arrow Rest is a great investment for any archer looking to improve their accuracy and performance. It provides excellent support and stability which helps increase arrow speed while curing launch problems. The adjustable design allows you to customize it based on your needs, making it ideal for both beginners and experts alike.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced hunter, this rest will ensure that your shots are accurate and consistent every time.


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