Arrow Spine for 70 Lb Draw

Arrow spine is the measurement of an arrow’s stiffness and flexibility. When selecting arrows, it is important to choose a spine that matches your bow draw weight. For a 70 lb draw, you should select an arrow with a 700-750 grain inch-pound rating or higher.

The lower end of this range will provide stiffer and more accurate shooting; whereas the upper end offers better forgiveness for minor form errors on release. It is also important to consider other factors such as point weight, shaft material, length and fletching when selecting your arrows for optimal results in accuracy and distance shooting.

Arrow spine is one of the most important factors in archery and selecting a suitable arrow for your bow. If you have a 70 lb draw, then it’s best to look for an arrow with an appropriate spine size that will provide enough stiffness so that it won’t flex too much when drawn back. A good rule of thumb is to pick an arrow with a spine rating at least five pounds higher than the peak draw weight of the bow.

This ensures that you get optimal accuracy and performance from your arrows.

Choosing Arrow Spine Correctly by Professional John Dudley

What Poundage is a 400 Spine Arrow Good For?

A 400 spine arrow is typically best suited for bows that draw up to about 70 lbs. of draw weight. While this type of arrow will work with higher poundage bows, it won’t be able to take full advantage of the increased speed and power provided by those heavier poundages.

For optimum performance, arrows should match the bow’s peak draw weight within a few pounds so the fletching can properly stabilize the arrow in flight.

Is 340 Or 400 Spine Stiffer?

The stiffness of a spine is measured in what’s called flex. Generally, the higher the flex number, the stiffer it is. In this case, 400 spine would be considered stiffer than 340 spine because it has a higher flex rating.

This means that with a 400 spine arrow shaft, you will get more power and accuracy from your shots due to its greater stiffness. However, keep in mind that if you choose an arrow shaft with too high of a flex rating for your draw weight and setup, then you could risk having your arrows go off-course or become inaccurate during flight.

How Do I Know What Spine Arrow I Need?

When selecting a spine arrow, the most important factor to consider is the draw length of your bow. This can be determined by measuring from the back of your grip (where your hand holds) to where the string rests when fully drawn. Once you have this measurement, you can then compare it against manufacturer’s recommendations for specific arrows as they will indicate what draw lengths are best suited for that model.

Additionally, if purchasing pre-fletched arrows it is important to know what shaft length and weight you need in order to ensure proper performance and accuracy. Finally, make sure that any points or broadheads used with these arrows are compatible with the shaft diameter size for optimal performance and safety!

What Arrow for 70Lb Draw?

For a 70lb draw weight, a 28 inch arrow is the most suitable choice. The spine of an arrow for such draw weight should be about 500. Be sure to look for arrows made from carbon or aluminum when buying as they are more durable and provide better accuracy than wood arrows.

Make sure to pick arrows with broadhead-ready inserts so you can use whatever type of broadhead fits your needs best. Additionally, make sure the fletching (feathers) on the arrow is properly attached and that each feather has three vanes no less than ½ inch long in order to ensure proper stabilization while shooting down range.

Arrow Spine for 70 Lb Draw


Arrow Spine Calculator

The Arrow Spine Calculator is a handy tool for archers that allows them to accurately calculate the proper arrow spine size to use based on their draw weight, draw length, and arrow shaft material. This calculator takes into account factors like fletching type and point weight as well, ensuring an optimal setup tailored to the individual shooter’s shooting style. By inputting these measurements into the calculator, it can provide shooters with more consistent results from shot to shot.

Easton Arrow Spine Calculator

The Easton Arrow Spine Calculator is a great tool for archers to use when selecting arrows. It allows users to input their draw weight and arrow length, then provides recommendations on what arrow spine size would work best with the specified parameters. This calculator makes it easier for archers to select the right arrow for their bow, ensuring that they get the most accurate performance from their equipment.

Easton Arrow Spine Chart

The Easton Arrow Spine Chart is a great tool for finding the right arrow spine size for your bow set-up. This chart takes into account variables like draw weight, arrow length, and fletching type to determine the best suited spine size for optimal performance of your arrows. With this information you can ensure that you are shooting with arrows that will fly straight and true when released from your bow.


This blog post discussed the importance of finding an appropriate arrow spine for a bow with a draw weight of 70 lbs. It provided information on how to make sure that your arrows are properly matched to your bow, as well as understanding the terminology related to arrow spines and how they relate to draw weights. Overall, it is important to understand what type of arrow spine you should be using when shooting with a bow set at 70 lbs in order for optimal accuracy and consistency.

Taking into account all factors such as environment, style, and setup will ensure that you have chosen the right arrow for the job.


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