Arrow Spine for 45 Lb Recurve

The ideal arrow spine for a 45 lb recurve bow is generally considered to be 550-600. This means that the best arrows for this type of bow should have an “arrow spine” rating between 550 and 600. The arrow spine is determined by measuring the amount of flex in a shaft when static weight is applied to it.

A higher number indicates stiffer material, while a lower number indicates more flexible material. It’s important to choose an arrow that meets these specifications so it won’t break or fly erratically due to too much flexibility or stiffness upon release from the bowstring.

If you’re looking for a reliable and consistent arrow spine weight for your 45 lb recurve bow, the 500 spine is an excellent choice. This arrow spine is designed to provide superior accuracy and stability in flight while still allowing some flexibility in terms of draw length adjustments. The 500 spine also offers enough flex to absorb any shock that may occur when shooting at higher poundages, ensuring safety and accuracy with every shot.

Plus, arrows with this type of spine are generally more durable than other models, giving you peace of mind that your arrows will last longer.

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What Spine Arrows for a 45Lb Recurve?

When choosing spine arrows for a 45lb recurve, it is important to consider the draw weight of the bow and the type of arrow you are using. Generally speaking, a lighter draw weight requires stiffer (higher spine) arrows than heavier draw weights. For a 45lb recurve bow, we would recommend Arrows with an approximate 400-450 spine rating in order to give optimal flight characteristics and consistency.

It is also important that your arrows match your bows length as this can have significant impact on accuracy and shot placement.

What Arrows for 45Lb Bow?

When choosing arrows for a 45lb bow, it’s important to take into account the arrow length and spine weight. The ideal arrow length should be equal to your draw length plus 1-2 inches. This will help you achieve proper clearance from the riser of your bow when shooting.

It is also important to select an arrow with a spine rating that can handle the force generated by your bow; typically, this means an arrow with a 500–550 spine rating or higher is recommended for bows up to 45lbs in draw weight. Additionally, make sure you choose arrows that are made out of quality materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum so they last longer and provide better accuracy when shooting at long distances.

What Poundage is a 400 Spine Arrow Good For?

A 400 spine arrow is best suited for bows with draw weights between 45 and 60 pounds. The heavier the poundage of your bow, the stiffer the spine of your arrows should be to ensure optimal accuracy. However, as long as you don’t exceed a draw weight of 60lbs, 400 spine arrows are well-suited for most archers shooting recurve or compound bows.

They provide excellent penetration when used in competition or hunting over medium distances and help prevent broadhead-induced torque that can affect accuracy at longer ranges.

What Spine Arrow Do I Need for 50 Lb Recurve?

If you are looking for a spine arrow for a 50 lb recurve, the ideal size would be an arrow with a minimum of 40-45 grains per pound. This will ensure that your arrows will fly accurately and consistently. The weight of your spine also depends on the length of the arrow and its point weight, so make sure to factor these into consideration when selecting your arrows.

It’s important to pick an appropriate spine as too light or too heavy can result in poor accuracy or inconsistent flight patterns. Additionally, make sure that the points you choose have inserts which match up correctly with your chosen shafts – this will help reduce any chances of inconsistency due to mismatched components.

Arrow Spine for 45 Lb Recurve


Arrow Spine for 40 Lb Recurve

The correct arrow spine for 40 lb recurve bows is usually in the 400-500 range. Choosing a proper arrow spine is important to ensure that you have the best accuracy, speed, and overall performance from your bow. When selecting an arrow for this draw weight, it’s important to keep in mind that a higher degree of stiffness will result in better penetration power, while a lower degree of stiffness will provide more forgiveness when shooting off target.

Arrow Spine for 30 Lb Recurve

When selecting an arrow spine for a 30 lb recurve bow, it is important to consider the weight of the arrows you are using. Generally speaking, arrow spines ranging from 340-400 will suit most 30 lb bows. Heavier arrows can require sturdier spines (e.g., 500 or higher), whereas lighter arrows may require lighter spines (e.g., 320 or lower).

It is also important to factor in your draw length and make sure that your chosen spine aligns with your individual shooting style and preferences.

Arrow Spine for 25 Lb Recurve

When selecting an arrow spine for a 25 lb recurve, it is important to choose the right size. Generally speaking, arrows with a higher spine rating can be used for heavier draw weights. A good starting point would be 500-550 spines for a 25 lb recurve bow.

This should provide enough stiffness and straightness of flight necessary to shoot accurately at longer distances. It is best to test different sizes to determine which works best for your setup, as each archer’s needs are unique.


Overall, the Arrow Spine for 45 Lb Recurve is an excellent choice for archers in search of a reliable and durable arrow to use. Its size, weight, and design make it ideal for target practice or hunting with a recurve bow. With its ability to provide consistent accuracy shot after shot, this arrow spine is sure to be appreciated by any serious archer.

With so many benefits offered at such an affordable cost, the Arrow Spine for 45 Lb Recurve makes it easy to decide that it should be your go-to arrow choice when wanting top quality performance and reliability.


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