Lighted Nocks for Barnett Hyperflite Arrows

Lighted Nocks for Barnett Hyperflite arrows are a great safety feature that can be added to the arrowheads. The lighted nock is placed onto the back of the arrowhead, and it works by lighting up when shot from a bow. This gives you visibility of where your arrow has gone even in low-light conditions.

It also helps with tracking game as well as making sure all arrows have been fired before reloading. Lighted nocks can be purchased separately or they come pre-installed on some Barnett Hyperflite arrows, which makes them an easy upgrade option for improving accuracy and safety while hunting or target shooting.

Lighted Nocks for the Barnett Hyperflite Arrows are a great way to take your archery game to the next level. These nocks provide a bright, consistent light that makes it easy to track your arrows in flight and make adjustments so you can hit your target with every shot. They also come with advanced features such as adjustable lighting times, allowing you to customize them for different situations and conditions.

With Lighted Nocks from Barnett Hyperflite Arrows you’ll be able to shoot confidently knowing that each arrow will reach its intended destination!

How To Install Lighted Illuminated Crossbow Nocks: AND WHY I DECIDED TO MAKE THE SWITCH!

Who Makes Hyperflite Arrows?

HyperFlite arrows are made by HyperFlight, Inc., a small family-owned business in the United States. They specialize in producing high quality, custom designed hunting and target arrows for competitive archers. Their carbon composite arrow shafts are precision cut to exacting standards using the finest materials available.

Each arrow is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure consistent accuracy and performance from each shot. With careful selection of components and proprietary fletching techniques, HyperFlight produces some of the most accurate arrows on the market today that will provide years of dependable service for any archer or bowhunter looking for top performance from their equipment.

What is Hyperflite Compatibility?

HyperFlite compatibility refers to the ability of a particular device or software program to work in conjunction with HyperFlite, a cloud-based project management platform. This platform allows users to manage multiple projects and tasks from one centralized space, providing an efficient way for teams to collaborate on projects. In terms of compatibility, this means that any app or service that is integrated with HyperFlite can be accessed and managed within the same platform.

For instance, popular apps like Slack and Asana can be used in tandem with HyperFlite so that all members of the team are able to communicate easily regarding their respective tasks. Ultimately, HyperFlite’s compatibility ensures smooth teamwork across different applications and services while keeping everyone organized and updated at all times.

What Nock Do Barnett Crossbows Use?

Barnett crossbows use a Picatinny rail mounted nock system. This system is designed to provide a secure fit for the arrows, while also allowing for easy removal and replacement of the arrow from the bowstring. The Picatiny rail provides stability and allows for greater accuracy when shooting with Barnett crossbows.

Additionally, this nock system offers increased safety by minimizing potential contact between your fingers and string when loading your arrow onto the bowstring or cocking your crossbow. As such, it is an ideal choice for hunters who want maximum precision and safety during their hunting trips.

Do All Lighted Nocks Fit All Arrows?

No, all lighted nocks do not fit all arrows. Each type of lighted nock is designed to fit a specific arrow size and shaft diameter, so it’s important to know the specs for your own arrows before you buy new lighted nocks. It’s also important to ensure that the groove in the shaft of your arrow can accommodate the size of the nock.

If you’re unsure, there are many online resources available with helpful information on which types of lighted nocks are compatible with different arrows.

Lighted Nocks for Barnett Hyperflite Arrows


Hyperflite Arrow Alternative

The Hyperflite Arrow Alternative is an innovative new disc designed to provide a more accurate flight path than traditional Frisbee discs. It features a unique aerodynamic shape that helps improve accuracy and distance, as well as superior durability for extended playtime outdoors. The Hyperflite Arrow Alternative also offers better grip thanks to its ergonomic design and lightweight construction.

With its impressive performance, this alternative disc could revolutionize the way we play Frisbee!

Broadheads for Barnett Hyperflite Arrows

Barnett Hyperflite Arrows are designed for superior accuracy, and their flight characteristics make them the perfect partner for a broadhead. The arrow’s rigid carbon shaft is lightweight and has a straightness of ± .003”, providing tight groupings with any broadhead you choose to pair it with. Additionally, these arrows come equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel nocks that provide extra strength and durability when used in conjunction with broadheads.

With this combination of speed, accuracy, and toughness, Barnett Hyperflite Arrows can help archers achieve maximum performance from their bows—no matter what type of game they’re hunting!

Barnett Hyperflite Bolts Weight

The Barnett Hyperflite Bolts are designed for optimal speed and accuracy, while still providing the maximum weight capacity. The bolts weigh in at an impressive 15.2 grain per inch; this makes them one of the lightest on the market! They come with a standard half-inch diameter shaft that is milled to exact specifications for superior performance and accuracy.

With their lightweight construction and precision craftsmanship, these bolts are sure to provide you with outstanding results every time you shoot.


Overall, lighted nocks for Barnett Hyperflite arrows are a great way to illuminate your target and increase accuracy. They offer superior illumination in low light conditions and provide an easy-to-use system that can be used by both novice and experienced archers alike. With the added convenience of being able to purchase them online or in your local store, these nocks prove themselves as an invaluable tool for any serious archer looking to improve their aim.


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