How to Nock an Arrow With a Drop Away Rest

To nock an arrow with a drop away rest, start by orienting the bow so that it is parallel to the ground. Place your thumb on top of the arrow and insert it into the string nocking point. Make sure that you keep your fingers well away from where the bowstring will be released.

Pull back on the string until it reaches your anchor point, which needs to be consistent each time you use this technique. Now gently let some pressure off of the bowstring until you hear a click or feel resistance indicating that the drop away has engaged and securely holds your arrow in place ready for release.

  • Choose the right arrow size: The first step to nocking an arrow with a drop away rest is to make sure you have the correct size of arrows for your bow
  • Measure your draw length and use this information to determine what type of arrows you need, as well as their length and weight
  • Attach the Arrow Rest: Securely attach your drop-away arrow rest onto the riser of your bow using screws or bolts, following the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual
  • Make sure that it is properly centered on your bow before continuing
  • Install Nocking Point: Once you have attached the rest, install a nocking point at 90 degrees from where you pulled back on your string when drawing; otherwise known as “perpendicular” or “square” to where you were aiming when you drew back on it earlier
  • Installing a pre-made brass nock will help ensure proper placement without having to measure every time after shooting each shot – just screw in one end and tie off onto another part of string at other end so it stays put while shooting! 4
  • Nock Your Arrow: Now that everything is set up correctly, grab an arrow from quiver and slide its fletching into contact with top limb (or cam) until reaching half way down shaft – this should create enough tension for proper alignment during flight phase but not too much pressure against fibers so they don’t break prematurely upon release! Finally move bottom portion (nock) over notch created by installing brass piece earlier in steps above then gently press down until secure before releasing shot if all looks good
  • and enjoy!

Dead On: How to Check for Fletching Contact with Drop-Away Arrow Rests

What is the Correct Position of Nocking the Arrow?

When nocking an arrow, it is important that the archer understand the proper technique. The arrow should be placed on the bowstring so that its nock (the notch at the back of the arrow) fits snugly against one side of the bow’s nocking point. This will ensure a consistent release and flight path for your arrows each time you shoot.

Additionally, check to make sure that your fingers are not blocking part of the string when you draw back; this can cause inconsistencies in your shot as well as potentially damage both your fingers and equipment. Finally, aim high when placing your finger tabs or shooting glove onto your fingers; this will help keep them from slipping off during a shot.

Why Use a Drop Away Arrow Rest?

Using a drop away arrow rest is an excellent way to ensure accuracy and consistency when shooting. A drop away arrow rest holds the arrow in place until released, allowing for more consistent nock placement each time you draw back your bowstring. The angle of release can be adjusted depending on the shooter’s preference, allowing for greater control over shot accuracy.

Additionally, since the arrow drops away from the launcher after it is fired, there is less risk of fletching damage or contact with other parts of the bow which could affect trajectory and overall accuracy.

Why are Fletchings Hitting Drop Away Rest?

Fletchings hitting a drop away rest is a common problem that can occur when shooting arrows. This issue arises because the fletching of an arrow does not have enough clearance from the rest, as it passes by during flight. As a result, contact between the fletching and the rest causes friction which slows down the arrow’s velocity and accuracy.

To avoid this issue, archers should make sure to properly tune their bows so that there is adequate clearance between the fletching and rest when an arrow is shot. Additionally, tuning your bow for proper spine alignment will help ensure optimal performance from your arrows. With proper adjustments made to both your bow and arrows, you’ll be able to enjoy accurate shots without worrying about any interference caused by having too little clearance between your fletchings and drop away rest!

Is a Drop Away Rest Better Than a Whisker Biscuit?

Yes, a drop away rest is generally considered to be better than a whisker biscuit. A drop away rest offers superior accuracy and arrow flight since it only comes into contact with the arrow at the moment of release. This ensures that there is no drag on the arrow as it passes through, allowing for greater accuracy and consistency in shot placement.

Additionally, drop away rests provide more clearance for fletching or vanes which allows for improved stability in flight, leading to even tighter groupings downrange. Ultimately, if you’re looking for maximum accuracy and performance out of your bow setup then a drop away rest is definitely the way to go!

How to Nock an Arrow With a Drop Away Rest


Which Way Does the Odd Color Fletching Go on a Drop Away Rest

When it comes to properly installing a drop away rest, the odd color fletching should always be facing away from you. In other words, if you’re standing in front of your bow and looking at the arrows in flight, the odd colored fletching will appear on your left side. This is essential for proper arrow flight and accuracy.

If the odd colored fletching is facing towards you or any other direction than away from you, adjustments may need to be made before shooting with your bow.

How to Nock an Arrow on a Compound Bow

Nocking an arrow on a compound bow is easy and can be done with the right equipment. Start by attaching the nock or notch at the end of your arrow to one of the top two strings on your bow. Then, place your index finger above and behind the arrow’s knock point where it meets the string.

After that, pull back on both ends of the string while aligning your sight pins with where you want to shoot in order to draw back your bowstring until it clicks into place. Finally, ensure that both strands are even before releasing for accuracy.

Qad Drop Away Rest Fletching Up Or down

A Qad Drop Away Rest is an important piece of technology used by archers to help improve accuracy and consistency when shooting. The rest allows for the fletching – or vanes – on an arrow to be positioned either up or down, depending on the preference of the shooter. This positioning can have a significant impact on arrow flight and trajectory, making it essential that archers use a drop away rest if they want optimal results.


This blog post provided a detailed and easy to follow guide on how to nock an arrow with a drop away rest. With the tips outlined, anyone can practice this skill safely and properly. Whether you are an experienced archer or someone who is just starting out, being able to accurately nock an arrow with a drop away rest is essential for successful shooting.

With some patience and practice, soon you will be able to master this skill!


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