One Pin Sight for Compound Bow

One pin sight for a compound bow is an archery sight that uses just one fiber optic pin to aim. This type of sight is ideal for targeting moving animals such as deer, elk, and other large game. The single pin allows the shooter to easily adjust the trajectory of their arrow to match the movement of their target quickly and accurately.

One pin sights offer increased accuracy over traditional multi-pin sights due to the reduced “friction” between pins when aiming at different distances. They also allow shooters more flexibility in terms of how they set up their bows and can be adjusted with less effort than multiple pins require. One pin sights are most commonly used by experienced archers who want maximum accuracy while hunting or competing in competitions where speed is important.

One Pin sights are great for compound bows because they provide archers with a more accurate aim and make it easier to hit their target. The single pin offers a clear view of the target, making it easy to line up your shot. It also helps eliminate any guesswork when aiming at long distances, as you can adjust the pin for different distances quickly and easily.

This makes One Pin sights ideal for hunting or tournament use where precision is essential.

Sighting In a One Pin Sight

Are Single Pin Sights Worth It?

Single pin sights are an excellent choice for experienced archers who need more precision and accuracy when shooting. These types of sights have a single vertical-adjusting pin that can be adjusted to different distances, allowing the user to precisely aim at targets from varying ranges. Single pin sights also offer greater visibility because they do not obstruct the view as much as multi-pin sights.

Additionally, these sights typically weigh less than traditional three or five pin models and allow users to easily adjust them in tight spaces without having to remove any pins. Consequently, single pin sights are ideal for hunters who want a lightweight setup while still being able to accurately shoot their target at various distances.

Why Use a Single Pin Bow Sight?

A single pin bow sight is a great option for archery hunters because of its simplistic design, accuracy, and ease of use. Single pin sights have one adjustable pin that can be set to the desired distance. This eliminates the need to adjust multiple pins depending on the range from the target, allowing you to stay focused on your shot without having to worry about adjusting pins constantly.

Additionally, these sights tend to be more accurate than multi-pin sights due to their solid construction and lack of moving parts. Finally, single pin bowsights are incredibly easy to use – all it takes is a few quick adjustments and you’re ready for action!

What is a Single Pin Bow Sight?

A single pin bow sight is a type of archery sight that uses one adjustable pin to provide the shooter with an accurate aim at long distances. This style of sight features an adjustable vertical and horizontal dial which allows the shooter to adjust the aiming point according to their unique shooting form and arrow trajectory. The single pin design also allows for a clear view of the target, making it easier for shooters to make more precise shots over longer distances.

It’s important for shooters using this type of sight to practice regularly in order to become familiar with its use and maximize its potential.

How Many Pins Do I Need on My Bow Sight?

The number of pins you need on your bow sight depends largely on the type of shooting you’ll be doing. If you plan to shoot distances no further than 50 yards, most archers get by with a 3-pin sight (sometimes called a “3-dot”). This typically gives enough accuracy for short and mid range shots.

However, if you regularly hunt from longer distances or plan to compete in tournaments, then 4 or 5 pins may be necessary for greater precision. There are also sights available with even more pins if needed – 6 or 7 pin models can provide additional accuracy at extreme distances. Ultimately though it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you and your shooting style.

One Pin Sight for Compound Bow


Best Single Pin Bow Sight 2022

The Hoyt Satori Single Pin Bow Sight is the best single pin bow sight for 2022! Featuring a completely adjustable windage and elevation system, this precision-crafted piece of equipment has been designed with tournament archers in mind. With its easy to use quick detach mount brackets, this single pin bow sight offers enhanced accuracy and control when shooting at longer distances.

Its fully shrouded fiber optic pins provide greater visibility in low light conditions and are available in both .019” & .029” sizes for increased customization options. The Hoyt Satori Single Pin Bow Sight is sure to help you take your game up a notch!

Best Single Pin Bow Sights

Single pin bow sights are a great choice for archers looking to improve accuracy and consistency when shooting. These sights offer the ability to quickly adjust the pin, allowing you to make quick adjustments on the fly while shooting in different conditions. They also feature adjustable yardage markers, so you can easily switch between target distances without having to recalibrate your sight each time.

Single pin bow sights provide precision and convenience that will help any archer reach their goals!

Black Gold Single Pin Bow Sight

The Black Gold single pin bow sight is a great choice for hunters looking for an affordable yet accurate way to improve their accuracy. This sight features a light-gathering pinsight and microadjust windage and elevation with easy one-click adjustments. The unique 3rd axis level ensures perfect vertical alignment, allowing you to shoot accurately in any terrain.

The adjustable yardage indicator allows you to quickly identify the correct distance of your target, while the illuminated ring helps you aim in low light conditions. With its durable construction and superior performance, this bow sight will help take your hunting game to the next level!


In conclusion, the One Pin Sight for Compound Bow is an excellent choice for any hunter looking to elevate their game. Its easy setup and precise accuracy make it a great option for those who want to take their skills up a notch. With its adjustable pins and range of features, this device offers everything you need to become a better shooter.

Whether you are just starting out or are already experienced in archery, the One Pin Sight is sure to help you reach your goals!


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