Do You Follow the Arrow When Sighting in a Crossbow

Yes, you should always follow the arrow when sighting in a crossbow. Sighting in is the process of aligning your crossbow with your target by making adjustments to the scope or sights on your bow. To do this correctly, you want to place an aiming point at the end of an arrow and then make sure that it points toward where you want to shoot.

If necessary, adjust the scope or sights until they are properly aligned withthe arrow’s trajectory. This will ensure that when you fire, the bolt will travel directly towards its intended target without needing additional adjustment along its path.

When sighting in a crossbow, it is important to consider the arrow. When you fire your first shot, make sure that you follow the arrow’s trajectory and adjust your sights accordingly. This will ensure that the next shots are more accurate and consistent with each other.

Don’t forget to take into account any wind or other environmental factors when adjusting your sights as well!

How to sight in a crossbow

Do You Chase the Arrow When Sighting-In a Bow?

Yes, when sighting-in a bow it is important to chase the arrow. This means that after each shot you should adjust your sight pin or scope reticle to where the arrow landed and then shoot another arrow from that same spot. Doing this will help you find out exactly how far off your original point of aim was and make sure your arrows are consistently hitting where you want them to.

Chasing the arrow is an essential step in achieving accurate shots with a bow and should be done every time you sight-in a new setup.

How Far Should You Sight a Crossbow in At?

When sighting in a crossbow, it is important to find the precise distance you will be shooting at. The optimal range for most crossbows is 20-30 yards; however, this can vary depending on the size of your arrows and the type of bow. To ensure accuracy, take your time when sighting in a crossbow.

Start by aiming at a target that is close to you (10-15 yards) then gradually increase the distance until you reach 30 yards or even further if needed. It’s also important to adjust your scope accordingly so that it matches up with where you are aiming – making sure that all adjustments are made carefully and precisely so as not to affect accuracy downrange.

Why is My Crossbow Shooting to the Right?

If your crossbow is shooting to the right, it could be because of a number of different things. One possibility is that your scope may be off and needs to be calibrated or zeroed in properly. It’s also possible that you have an issue with the string alignment, which can be solved by adjusting the limb tips or having a professional check them for any issues.

Another potential cause could be improper arrow selection; if you’re using arrows made from a material other than aluminum or carbon fiber they won’t fly as straight and will likely result in shots veering to one side or another. Lastly, make sure all bolts are tight on the stock and barrel so nothing shifts while firing. If none of these steps resolve your problem, consult a professional archer who can provide additional advice on how to get back on target!

How Do You Use the Crossbow Sight-In the Hunter Call of the Wild?

To sight-in a crossbow in the Hunter Call of the Wild, you first need to ensure that your bow is properly set up and all necessary safety precautions are taken. Once this is done, you should then move onto the actual sighting process. Begin by aiming at a target from about 20 yards away and adjust the sights until they are correctly aligned with your intended point of aim.

Then, fire three shots into the same spot on your target and adjust accordingly until all three shots land within close proximity to each other. Repeat this process at different distances as needed until you have completely sighted-in your crossbow for optimal accuracy at any range.

Do You Follow the Arrow When Sighting in a Crossbow


Sighting in a Barnett Crossbow Scope

Sighting in a Barnett Crossbow Scope is an important step to ensure that your crossbow shoots accurately and consistently. When sighting in, you will need to adjust the scope for both windage and elevation so that when the bolt is released it hits where you are aiming. This can be done by using a shot group chart or shooting at different distances and adjusting the scope accordingly.

After sighting in, make sure to check accuracy regularly throughout the season as environmental conditions may affect performance.

How to Adjust Crossbow Scope Left And Right

Adjusting the crossbow scope left and right is an important part of setting up your bow correctly. To do this, you’ll need to understand how to use windage and elevation adjustments on the scope. Windage adjustment moves the reticle horizontally while elevation adjustments move it vertically.

By rotating the turrets located at either end of the scope, you can make small, precise changes in your shot’s aim point until it is properly aligned with where you want your arrow to go.

Crossbow Sighting in Problems

When sighting in a crossbow, it is important to make sure that you are properly aligned with the target. Improper alignment can lead to inaccurate shooting and missed shots. To ensure accuracy, use a bow square or other tool to align your bow with the target, adjust your sights accordingly, and shoot several practice arrows at various distances until you find the right alignment for your setup.

With proper sighting in of your crossbow, you will be able to hit targets consistently with confidence!


In conclusion, the arrow is an important part of sighting in a crossbow. It should be used to accurately adjust your scope for maximum accuracy and consistency when shooting. When followed correctly, the arrow can help you get on target quickly and consistently with minimal adjustment.

With diligent practice, following the arrow will become second nature and you’ll be able to make precise shots every time.


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