Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows

Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows are designed for superior performance and accuracy. The arrows feature a lightweight carbon shaft, with the XX75 magnum profile that provides improved speed, accuracy, and durability. The arrows also have an aluminum insert to increase stiffness and reduce spine deflection which helps minimize arrow drop at long range.

They are also equipped with a 2″ vanes for better flight stability and grouping consistency. The Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows provide hunters with the perfect combination of power, precision, and accuracy for any hunting situation.

The Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their crossbow arrows. These arrows feature a 20-inch Easton aluminum shaft that provides improved speed and accuracy, while the XX75 Magnum design gives them superior penetration power. They also have an improved nock point which helps ensure consistent arrow grouping and better accuracy when shooting.

With these features in mind, it’s no wonder why the Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows are some of the most popular on the market today!

Easton xx75 2219's crossbow arrows at 40 yards

Can I Shoot Aluminum Arrows in My Crossbow?

Yes, you can shoot aluminum arrows in a crossbow. In fact, aluminum arrows are the most common type of arrow used with crossbows because they tend to be lightweight and relatively inexpensive. However, it’s important to note that while they’re great for recreational use, they may not hold up as well as carbon arrows when subjected to more intense conditions such as those encountered during hunting or competitive shooting.

Additionally, due to the increased stiffness of an aluminum arrow shaft compared with a carbon arrow shaft, it is necessary to make sure your crossbow is properly tuned for proper accuracy when using aluminum arrows instead of carbon ones.

Do You Have to Use Alpha Nocks With Tenpoint Crossbows?

Yes, TenPoint crossbows should be used with alpha nocks. Alpha nocks are designed to work specifically with TenPoint’s patented technologies, and they provide superior performance compared to other brands of crossbow nocks. The fit of the Alpha Nock is more exact than other generic brands and ensures a better connection between string and arrow, resulting in improved accuracy and consistency.

Additionally, the proprietary design of the Alpha Nock helps reduce noise while shooting by eliminating contact between the arrow shaft material and the inside walls or edges of traditional plastic flat-back or half-moon nocks. Consequently, using an Alpha Nock is not only recommended but essential for maximizing your performance when shooting a TenPoint Crossbow!

How Long are Xx75 Arrows?

XX75 arrows are generally between 28 and 32 inches long, depending on the specific model. This is because XX75 arrows are designed to be used with bows of various draw lengths and arrow weights. The length of an XX75 arrow can be determined by measuring from the back end of the nock groove (where the string rests) to the end of the shaft.

In general, longer arrows will provide more accuracy at longer distances than shorter ones, so it is important to select a size that is appropriate for your bow’s draw weight and length.

Can You Use Alpha Nocks Instead of Omni Nocks?

Yes, you can use alpha nocks instead of Omni nocks. Alpha nocks have a smaller diameter and slightly narrower profile than Omni nocks, which may be beneficial for target shooting or hunting with an arrow that has a smaller inner diameter shaft. Alpha Nock’s are also less prone to breakage due to the way their grooves fit snugly onto the bowstring, making them stronger and more durable than Omni Nocks.

Additionally, they allow for greater accuracy because they provide better stability when released from the string as opposed to traditional round-grooved arrows with omni-style nocking points. Finally, some archers find them easier to install than other types of arrow heads since they require less force during installation and removal from the shafts.

Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows

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Easton Xx75 Magnum 2219 Crossbow Bolts With Omni-Nocks

Easton Xx75 Magnum 2219 Crossbow Bolts are the perfect choice for any avid crossbow hunter looking for reliable accuracy and power. Featuring Easton’s omni-nock system, these bolts provide consistent arrow flight with an increased speed of up to 326 fps. Crafted from a heavy wall 7075 alloy, these arrows also boast superior strength and durability, allowing them to stand up to even the most extreme conditions.

With their improved kinetic energy and straightness tolerance of +/- .003″, you can be sure that your shots will hit their mark every time you pull the trigger!

Easton Xx75 Magnum 2219 Crossbow Bolts Weight

Easton Xx75 Magnum 2219 Crossbow Bolts are built for strength and accuracy, weighing in at 17.6 grains per inch (GPI). These bolts feature a precision-crafted aluminum shaft with 7075 alloy construction and an on-center spine consistency of 1/10th of an inch or better. The XX75 Magnums also come equipped with Super Nock collars and half moon nocks to ensure proper alignment and fitment when shot from crossbows.

With these features, the XX75 Magnums provide tight groupings and maximum penetration into your target – making them one of the most popular arrows used by serious crossbow hunters today.

Easton Xx75 Magnum 2219-20 Crossbow Bolts

The Easton Xx75 Magnum 2219-20 Crossbow Bolts are a great choice for experienced and beginner crossbow users alike. The bolts feature an aerodynamic aluminum construction and come with durable Super Nock System inserts. They have a straightness of ± .003″ and are 20” in length, making them perfect for use with most modern crossbows.

Additionally, the bolts’ lightweight design ensures superior flight speed and accuracy. With their combination of strength, durability, and performance, these bolts from Easton will take your hunting game to the next level!


This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of the Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows. These arrows are incredibly durable, accurate and reliable, making them a great choice for any crossbow user looking for maximum performance. Not only do they provide superior accuracy and penetration power, but also they come with an impressive 2 year warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

With all these features in mind, it is no surprise why Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows are one of the most popular choices among archers today.


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