Compound Crossbow 7 Days to Die

A compound crossbow in 7 Days to Die is a powerful weapon that can be crafted with the right materials. It uses metal parts, wood, and cloth to construct a highly accurate and deadly projectile capable of taking down multiple enemies quickly. The player needs to acquire enough resources such as iron ore, planks of wood, and cloth scraps in order to build one.

Once constructed, the compound crossbow has an adjustable draw weight for increased accuracy or power when firing at distant targets. These weapons are incredibly valuable for clearing out hordes of zombies from afar as well as providing extra firepower during tough battles against human opponents.

The Compound Crossbow in 7 Days to Die is an incredibly powerful weapon, capable of taking down even the toughest enemies with ease. It’s also one of the easiest weapons to craft, requiring just a handful of materials and some basic crafting skills. The crossbow comes with two types of bolts – standard bolts for everyday use and special explosive-tipped bolts for bigger targets.

With its high damage output and easy availability, the compound crossbow quickly became a favorite among players looking for an effective way to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Compound Crossbow VS Day 700 Horde 7 Days to Die [Alpha 18]

Is the Compound Bow Good 7 Days to Die?

The compound bow is a great weapon option in 7 Days to Die. It offers decent damage, long-range and high accuracy compared to other weapons. The draw weight of the compound bow is also very low, allowing for easy handling even for those who are new to archery or have limited strength.

Additionally, the ammunition used with the compound bow – arrows – can be crafted from materials found throughout the game world such as sticks and feathers, making it an economical choice in terms of resources needed over time.

What Ammo Does Compound Crossbow Take 7 Days to Die?

Compound crossbows in 7 Days to Die take the same type of ammunition as bows, which is Arrows. There are three different kinds of arrows available in the game: Simple Arrow, Iron Arrow and Steel Arrow. All arrows require Wood Logs to craft, with each arrow requiring one log and a certain number of materials (Iron or Steel Scraps) depending on the type.

Each arrow does more damage than the last, so it’s best to craft higher tier arrows for better performance when taking down enemies or wild animals. Additionally, compound crossbow bolts can be crafted out of wood logs and steel scraps for even greater damage output against tougher opponents.

Does Archery Affect Crossbows 7 Days to Die?

Yes, archery does affect crossbows in 7 Days to Die. Crossbows are more powerful than bows and can shoot farther distances with greater accuracy. However, they cannot be fired as quickly as a bow and require extra steps for reloading such as winding the string back on the bow’s limbs each time you fire it.

Additionally, due to their heavier construction, crossbows have slower draw speed when compared to bows which affects their overall rate of fire. That being said, crossbows still hold an advantage over bows thanks to their increased power and range making them invaluable tools in combat situations where long distance shots are needed or when facing off against stronger enemies that would be difficult or impossible to take down with a bow alone.

Are Compound Crossbows Better?

Compound crossbows are generally considered to be better than traditional bows due to their increased power and accuracy. Compound crossbows have a cam-and-cable system which multiplies the force generated by drawing the bowstring, allowing for more efficient arrow flight and greater distance shooting. The cams also help reduce recoil on the shooter’s arm and shoulder, making it easier to aim accurately over longer distances.

Additionally, compound crossbows tend to be lighter in weight than traditional bows, allowing archers to hunt or target shoot with less fatigue or strain. For these reasons, many consider compound crossbows as being superior when compared to traditional bows.

Compound Crossbow 7 Days to Die


7 Days to Die Compound Crossbow Schematic

The 7 Days to Die Compound Crossbow Schematic is an item that can be crafted in the game. It requires 2x Iron Bars, 4x Stick, 1x Bowstring and 1x Rope to craft. This schematic allows players to construct a compound crossbow with powerful long-range capabilities that can do significant damage when used correctly.

The Compound Crossbow is a great tool for taking out enemies from afar while staying hidden and safe behind cover!

7 Days to Die Crossbow Ammo

The Crossbow in 7 Days to Die is a powerful ranged weapon for eliminating enemies and animals from afar. It uses bolts as ammunition, which can be crafted with 2 pieces of cloth, 1 stick and 2 iron nails or found in various locations such as loot drops or on dead bodies. Bolts are stackable up to 999 per slot so you will never run out of ammo if you have enough materials to craft them.

7 Days to Die Compound Bow Vs Crossbow

The Compound Bow and Crossbow are two of the most popular weapons in 7 Days to Die. The Compound Bow is great for long-range attacks, but it takes some time to reload after each shot. On the other hand, the Crossbow is a fast-firing weapon that can quickly take down enemies at close or medium range.

However, its limited ammunition capacity means you have to be careful when using it and make sure your shots count. Ultimately, both weapons have their pros and cons depending on what kind of situation you’re in, so choose wisely!


This post has provided a comprehensive overview of the Compound Crossbow in 7 Days to Die. From its crafting requirements and components, to its uses and advantages, it is clear that the Compound Crossbow is an incredibly powerful weapon with great potential in both PvE and PvP settings. With its ability to one-shot enemies from afar, this crossbow can be an invaluable asset for any survivor seeking long range protection or simply looking for a powerful ranged weapon in their arsenal.


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