What Length Arrows for 28 Draw

For a 28″ draw length, you should use arrows that measure at least 28″ long. This is the minimum size arrow recommended for this draw length since shorter arrows may not have enough Kinetic Energy to fly properly. Additionally, longer arrows can be used with a higher FOC (front of center) rating and more kinetic energy.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many other factors involved when selecting an arrow such as spine stiffness and weight so it’s best to consult an archery professional or do your own research before making a purchase decision.

When it comes to choosing the right arrow length for a 28-inch draw, there are a few important things to consider. First, you’ll want an arrow that is at least as long as your draw length; typically this means arrows that measure between 28 and 30 inches in length. Next, keep in mind the type of bow you’re using when selecting an appropriate arrow size; longer arrows may require more power from certain bows than shorter ones do.

Finally, make sure to factor in any additional factors such as point weight or fletching height – these could potentially affect your final selection. By taking all of these elements into account while shopping around for arrows, you can make sure that you purchase the best option for your needs!

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How Long Should Arrows Be for 28 Draw?

The length of an arrow for a 28″ draw should be around 29″-30″. It is important to get the correct size so that your bow is in proper alignment and that you are drawing with maximum efficiency. The arrow should also be weighted appropriately for the draw weight of your bow, as too light or heavy arrows can cause accuracy problems.

If you can’t find an arrow at exactly 29-30 inches, it’s best to go slightly shorter than longer as it will give you more control when aiming and shooting.

How Long Should My Arrows Be Based on Draw Length?

The length of your arrows should be based on your draw length. Generally, you will want to measure from the throat of the nock (where it attaches to the string) up to a point that is 1 inch longer than your draw length. This can vary depending on personal preference but this measurement is generally accepted as being optimal for most archers.

Additionally, if you have a bow with a heavier draw weight, then you may need slightly longer arrows in order to get an optimal flight and accuracy out of them.

How Long Should Arrows Be for 27 Inch Draw?

The length of the arrow that you need for a 27 inch draw depends on several factors, including your height and arm span. Generally speaking, arrows should be approximately three inches longer than your draw length in order to ensure proper accuracy and performance. In this case, an arrow with a 30-inch shaft would be recommended for optimal performance when shooting from a 27-inch bow.

Additionally, it is important to remember that heavier arrows will require shorter lengths in order to maintain accuracy and stability.

How Long Should Arrows Be for 29 Draw?

The ideal arrow length for a 29” draw is usually around 28-30 inches. This measurement includes the total length of both the shaft and the nock. The overall length should be determined by your individual physical characteristics, such as your arm length and draw strength, as this will determine how far back you are able to comfortably pull when shooting.

When selecting an arrow, it is important to choose one that is comfortable and suitable for your specific body type. It may also be helpful to consult with an archery professional or store associate who can help guide you in choosing the right size arrows based on your physical characteristics.

What Length Arrows for 28 Draw

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Arrow Length Calculator

The Arrow Length Calculator is an invaluable tool for archers looking to get the perfect fit for their arrows. By entering a few measurements, such as draw length and arrow weight, the calculator can quickly determine the ideal arrow length for any given setup. This helps ensure that your arrows fly straight and true, giving you better accuracy and performance when shooting in competition or hunting scenarios.

Arrow Length for 27 Inch Draw

When choosing the right arrow length for a 27 inch draw, you should use arrows that measure between 28-29 inches in length. This is because when shooting with an arrow that is too long, it can cause problems like incorrect spine alignment and poor accuracy. On the other hand, if your arrow is too short then it will be difficult to shoot accurately due to lack of stability during flight.

Therefore, it’s best to stick within the recommended range of 28-29 inches for your draw length of 27 inches.

Arrow Length for 29 Inch Draw

When selecting an arrow for a bow with a 29 inch draw, it is important to pay attention to the arrow length. Generally speaking, arrows between 28 and 30 inches are suitable for bows with a 29 inch draw. The best way to determine the ideal arrow length is to measure from the nocking point of your bowstring to the end of your grip while at full draw.

This measurement will help you select an arrow that matches up most accurately with your own shooting style and bow setup.


The answer to the question of what length arrows for a 28 draw is dependent on many factors. These include arrow spine, draw weight, and personal preference. Generally speaking, arrows with a length that is 1-2 inches longer than the bow’s draw length will provide optimal performance for most shooters.

However, it may be necessary to experiment with different lengths in order to find the arrow that provides you with the best accuracy and stability while shooting. Ultimately, choosing an appropriate arrow size can help maximize your archery experience.


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