How Long Should My Arrows Be

Arrow length should be measured from the base of the arrow shaft to the end of its insert. For most adults, a good starting point is 28 inches for recurve bows and 30-32 inches for compound bows. When measuring your draw length, use an arm span measurement to ensure accuracy – stand with arms outstretched and measure from fingertip to fingertip.

The resulting number in inches divided by 2.5 should give you a rough estimate of your draw length in inches which can then be used as a guide when selecting arrows.

When determining the length of your arrows, there are a few factors to consider. First, you should measure from the middle of your bow grip to the centre of your chest when drawing back an arrow – this is known as draw length. Arrows that are shorter than this draw length can cause hand shock and inaccuracy, while those longer than it may be too long for you to handle comfortably.

In addition, the weight of your arrows should also match how much pullback force you use on your bowstring. Finally, make sure to choose arrows with fletchings (feathers) that fit snugly against both sides of the shaft so they won’t interfere with flight speed or accuracy. By taking all these considerations into account, you’ll ensure that your arrows are perfectly suited for hitting targets every time!

How Long Should Your Arrow Be?

How Do I Know What Length Arrows I Need?

When selecting arrows, it is important to consider their length. The best way to determine the right length arrow for your bow is by measuring the total distance from the nocking point on your bowstring (where you attach the arrow) to the throat of your grip (the part where your hand sits when shooting). This measurement should be taken with an arrow already in place and drawn back as if you were about to shoot.

Once this measurement is known, subtract 1-2 inches from that number and select arrows based off of that reduced measurement. It is important to note that a longer shaft can cause issues such as poor accuracy or increased noise while shooting due to vibrations.

How Long are Arrows Supposed to Be?

The size of an arrow is usually determined by the height and draw length of the archer. Generally, arrows should be roughly 3/4 the length of your draw length (the distance from your bowstring to where it rests on your jaw). For example, if you have a 30” draw length then you should use 24” arrows.

However, because people come in different sizes and shapes this may not always be the case for everyone so it’s important to get fitted for an appropriate arrow size to ensure that you shoot with maximum accuracy.

How Long Should My Arrows Be for a 29 Inch Draw?

When selecting arrows for a 29 inch draw, it is important to ensure that the arrow length is appropriate. The ideal arrow length should be approximately one-half inch to one inch longer than your draw length. This will provide the correct spine stiffness and flexing of the shaft during release.

Additionally, an arrow too short may cause poor flight characteristics and accuracy while an arrow too long could affect proper contact with the bowstring. For best results when shooting a 29-inch draw, you should aim for arrows measuring 30 – 30 ½ inches in total length from tip to nock.

How Long Should My Arrows Be for a 27 Inch Draw?

When it comes to selecting the right length of arrows for a 27 inch draw, there are a few key factors you should consider. The most important factor is the actual size of your bow – if you have a larger bow then you will need longer arrows than if you have a smaller one. Additionally, the length and weight of your arrows should be matched to ensure that they perform as expected when fired.

Generally speaking, arrows for bows with 27-inch draws should be 28 inches in length or slightly shorter depending on their weight; heavier arrows may require shorter lengths for optimal performance. Finally, keep in mind that personal preference also plays an important role in arrow selection – it’s best to experiment with different lengths until you find what works best for your particular setup.

How Long Should My Arrows Be


How Long Should My Arrows Be for a 30 Inch Draw

For a 30-inch draw, your arrows should be around 28 inches long. This length allows for the best performance and accuracy of your bow, as it ensures that the arrow can reach its full potential when released from the string. Additionally, having an appropriate arrow length will ensure that you have adequate clearance from yourself and other shooters during practice or competition.

Ultimately, selecting an arrow length specific to your draw is essential in achieving maximum shooting accuracy with any bow set up!

Arrow Length Calculator

A good way to determine what size and length your arrows should be is by using an arrow length calculator. This tool takes into account the draw weight and draw length of your bow, as well as other factors such as arrow spine, fletching type, etc., to accurately calculate the ideal size for your arrows. With this information in hand you can make sure that you are shooting with properly fitted arrows that will provide maximum accuracy and performance on the range or in the field.

How Long Should My Arrows Be for a 28.5 Draw

The optimal arrow length for a bow with a 28.5-inch draw is usually 30 inches, but this can vary slightly depending on your individual build and preferences. It’s important to make sure the arrows you select are not too long or short in order to maximize accuracy and performance. Additionally, it’s helpful to experiment with different lengths until you find one that works best for you.


Overall, it is important to make sure that your arrows match the size of your bow and draw length so that you can get maximum accuracy when shooting. There are many factors to consider when choosing arrow length such as height, draw weight, and draw length. With the right information, you can easily determine what type of arrow will be best suited for your archery needs.

Armed with this knowledge, you should now have a better idea of how long your arrows should be in order to maximize accuracy!


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