How Fast Does an Arrow Travel

An arrow typically travels at around 150 to 200 feet per second (fps), or about 100 miles per hour. This speed depends on the draw weight of the bow being used, as well as other factors such as arrow length and aerodynamic drag. The heavier the draw weight, the faster an arrow will travel; however, this is generally limited by energy constraints and practical considerations related to how quickly a human can draw a bowstring.

Generally speaking, arrows shot from traditional bows tend to travel somewhere between 160-180 fps while those shot from compound bows are capable of achieving much higher velocities upwards of 300 fps in some cases.

An arrow can travel at an incredible speed of up to 150 mph, making it one of the fastest projectiles ever created. This combination of speed and accuracy makes archery a popular sport for both hunting and recreational activities. With such high speeds, arrows are capable of piercing through even some of the toughest materials with ease.

Additionally, due to their aerodynamic design, arrows have been known to reach distances well over a kilometer!

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Are Arrows Faster Than Bullets?

The answer to the question of whether arrows are faster than bullets is a matter of debate and depends on several factors. Generally speaking, bullets travel at higher speeds than arrows due to their design, which allows them to be propelled with greater force. Bullets can reach speeds up to 3,000 feet per second whereas an arrow’s speed is typically between 150-200 feet per second.

However, since arrows are aerodynamic and streamlined in shape they create less air resistance during flight thus allowing them to remain airborne longer than bullets before hitting their target. This means that depending on the distance of the shot an arrow may actually hit its target before a bullet does even though it has been fired with less initial velocity. Ultimately, both projectiles have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to speed so choosing one over the other will depend largely on individual preference as well as situational needs.

How Fast was a Medieval Arrow?

The speed of a medieval arrow varied depending on the type of bow used and the skill of the archer. A skilled longbowman using an English/Welsh Longbow could shoot an arrow at speeds up to 200 mph, while a weaker crossbow might only fire arrows around 50-60 mph. Being able to fire arrows quickly and accurately was essential for success in medieval warfare, so professional soldiers would practice with their bows regularly to ensure they were firing as fast as possible.

How Fast Does a 70 Lb Bow Shoot?

The speed at which a 70 lb bow shoots depends on several factors, such as the type of arrows used, draw length and draw weight. Generally speaking, a 70 lb bow will shoot an arrow up to approximately 200 feet per second (fps). This is dependent on a number of variables including the type of arrow shaft material used, fletching design and overall weight.

Additionally, draw length can have an impact on the speed in which your bow shoots; shorter draws may result in slightly slower speeds than longer draws. Finally, it is important to note that shooting form can also affect how fast your bows shoots; correct form will maximize velocity while poor form may reduce it significantly.

What is the Fastest Arrow Ever Shot?

The fastest arrow ever shot was launched by an American archer named Brady Ellison on October 2, 2020 at the World Archery Indoor Championships in Las Vegas. Brady’s arrow travelled a staggering 482 feet per second (fps), making it the fastest recorded arrow launch of all time. This record-breaking speed means that Brady’s arrow covered a distance of almost 300 meters in just 1.3 seconds!

In addition to having set the new world record, this achievement also earned Brady gold medal honors at the event. The previous record holder, Dutch archer Sjef van den Berg, had achieved 474 fps back in 2015; thus demonstrating how far technology and training have come in helping athletes reach incredible speeds with their arrows!

How Fast Does an Arrow Travel


How Fast Does an Arrow Travel from a Compound Bow

An arrow shot from a compound bow can travel at velocities of up to 300 feet per second (fps). This is significantly faster than the average speed of an arrow fired from a traditional longbow, which usually falls in the 200 fps range. The faster speed provided by compound bows makes them popular among archers, as they offer increased accuracy and power.

How Fast Does an Arrow Travel M/S

An arrow travels at a speed of approximately 150 m/s, or about 340 mph. The exact speed will vary depending on the draw weight and length of the bow used to shoot it, as well as other factors such as wind resistance. This means that an arrow can travel the length of a football field in around one second!

How Fast Does an Arrow Travel from a Crossbow

An arrow fired from a crossbow can travel up to 400 feet per second, or around 270 miles per hour. This speed is equivalent to the fastest car in the world, and makes it an incredibly powerful weapon for hunting and target shooting. Additionally, modern crossbows are designed with safety features that help prevent accidental firing of arrows at bystanders.


In conclusion, an arrow can travel at a very high speed depending on the type of bow used and other factors such as the size and weight of the arrow. While arrows have been around for thousands of years, modern technology has allowed us to make more accurate calculations about their speed. Overall, understanding how fast an arrow travels is important in order to ensure safety when using archery equipment.


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