How to Put Inserts in Arrows

Inserts are an important part of arrows. They help to keep the arrow from splintering, provide a good flight, and increase accuracy. To insert inserts into arrows, you will need a few tools including: an arrow saw or drill bit, insert glue, and the proper sized inserts for your arrows.

First measure the inside diameter of your arrow shaft with a caliper to make sure you have the correct size insert for your arrows. Then use either an arrow saw or drill bit to create a hole in the center of your shaft that is slightly larger than your chosen insert size. Next apply some glue inside the hole prior to inserting it into the shaft.

Make sure all excess glue is removed before inserting it completely as this may affect performance or cause damage when shooting at longer distances. Finally push in firmly but gently until no more can be inserted; then let dry according to instructions on adhesive packaging before using them with real targets!

  • Step 1: Select the arrow shafts you wish to use
  • Make sure they are of a compatible size and weight for your inserts before purchasing them
  • Step 2: Purchase the appropriate insert type for your arrows
  • Choose inserts with an inner diameter that is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of your chosen arrow shafts
  • This will ensure a secure fit when installing the inserts into the arrows
  • Step 3: Install one end of each arrow shaft onto an archery press or vise, so that it is held securely in place while inserting the insert into its slot on each side
  • Step 4: Place each insert into its respective slot on either end of each arrow shaft, making sure that it is properly aligned and seated correctly within its respective opening on both sides of the arrow shaft
  • Use an adhesive if necessary to keep it firmly in place during insertion
  • Step 5: Once all inserts have been properly inserted into their slots, remove any excess glue or tape used to secure them in place, if applicable, and then inspect all finished arrows for accuracy and consistency before shooting them at targets or game animals

How To Install Arrow Inserts – Easton Archery

Do You Glue Inserts into Arrows?

Yes, inserts can be glued into arrows. This is generally done with a two-part epoxy glue such as Devcon 5-minute epoxy or Gorilla Glue. It’s important to clean the inside of the arrow shaft and the outside of the insert before gluing them together for optimal adhesion.

Once everything is cleaned, mix up some glue in an appropriate size container and apply it liberally to both surfaces using either a small brush or applicator tool. Make sure all air bubbles are pushed out from between the insert and shaft when clamping them together and then let it dry at least 8 hours before shooting your arrows again!

What Do You Use to Glue Inserts into Arrows?

The best way to glue inserts into arrows is by using an epoxy glue specifically designed for use with carbon or aluminum arrows. This kind of adhesive is usually waterproof and provides a strong bond between the insert and arrow shaft. It’s important to make sure that the surface of both components are clean before applying the adhesive, as any dirt or debris can prevent it from bonding properly.

Additionally, you should let the adhesive cure completely before shooting your arrows, as this will ensure that it has had enough time to set correctly and securely hold your insert in place.

Can I Use Super Glue for Arrow Inserts?

Yes, super glue can be used for arrow inserts. Super glue is a strong adhesive that creates a secure and permanent bond between two surfaces. For best results, make sure to clean the surface of the insert and shaft before applying the super glue, as dirt or dust particles may prevent proper adhesion.

When using super glue for arrow inserts it is important to use only a small amount in order to avoid any excess seeping through onto other parts of the arrow which could cause damage or create an imbalance. Additionally, wear protective gloves when handling superglue as it can be hazardous if it comes into contact with skin.

What is the Best Glue for Inserts in Carbon Arrows?

The best glue for inserts in carbon arrows is Loctite Super Glue Gel Control. This type of glue has been specifically designed to provide a secure bond between the insert and shaft, while also allowing for easy removal if necessary. It dries quickly, forms an incredibly strong bond, and doesn’t require any clamping or holding time.

Additionally, it won’t cause any damage to your arrow’s carbon construction or leave behind any residue after removal. As a result, it’s great for inserting nocks, fletching jigs, broadheads and other accessories into your arrows without fear of them coming loose during use.

How to Put Inserts in Arrows


What Glue to Use for Arrow Inserts

When it comes to gluing arrow inserts, the best glue to use is epoxy. Epoxy provides a strong and reliable bond that can stand up to the wear and tear of shooting arrows, as well as being waterproof and temperature resistant. Make sure you apply an even layer of epoxy over the insert before inserting into your arrow shaft for maximum hold strength.

Super Glue for Arrow Inserts

Super glue is a great option for securing arrow inserts into your arrows. Super glue creates an incredibly strong bond that won’t come apart, and its quick drying time ensures that you can get back to shooting in no time. Super glue also provides superior water-resistance, allowing it to withstand the elements without losing its integrity.

Additionally, super glue is easy to use – just make sure you apply enough pressure when inserting the insert so that the adhesive bonds properly with both surfaces.

Carbon Arrow Inserts

Carbon arrow inserts provide a secure, easy way to attach the fletching and point of an arrow. They are made from lightweight carbon fiber material, which makes them strong and durable yet still light enough for ease of use. The inserts have a threaded end that screws into the back end of an arrow shaft, creating a tight fit between the insert and arrow shaft.

This provides added stability when aiming at targets or hunting game such as deer or elk. Carbon arrow inserts are widely available in various sizes to accommodate different arrows and points for both recreational archers as well as professional shooters.


In conclusion, when it comes to putting inserts in arrows, a few simple steps can help you do the job with ease. First, ensure that you have all of your supplies on hand and that the insert is properly sized for the arrow shaft. Next, use a razor blade to make a slit in the back end of the arrow shaft before gluing in your insert.

Finally, be sure to check that everything is secure and aligned correctly before using your newly-made arrow with an insert. Following these steps should provide you with an easy way to add inserts into arrows so they are ready for use!


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