How to Wax Compound Bow String

To wax a compound bow string, you will need a bottle of bowstring wax. First, remove the arrows from the bow and stand it upright. Take off all accessories attached to the string such as peep sights or nocking points.

Secondly, hold up one end of your string and begin to apply wax at intervals along its length. Work your way down while keeping tension on the other side of the bow and make sure that each section is fully coated in wax before moving onto another area. Once finished with both sides, use a cloth to buff away any excess wax from the string so it doesn’t get onto your hands or clothing when shooting later on.

Finally hang up your compound Bow for future use!

  • Prepare the Bow String: Before you begin waxing your bow string, make sure it is clean and free of dirt and debris
  • This can be done by wiping the string down with a cloth or soft brush to remove any residue that has built up on it over time
  • Apply Wax to the String: When you have prepared the bow string for waxing, apply a generous amount of high-quality bowstring wax directly onto it using either your finger or a small brush (like an old toothbrush)
  • Make sure that all areas of the string are evenly coated in wax
  • Work in the Wax: Use your fingers or a cloth to work in and spread out the wax across all surfaces of the bowstring so that its fibers become fully saturated with it
  • You should do this for about 5 minutes until you feel like no more product will penetrate into them anymore; at this stage, they should appear glossy from being covered in a thin layer of melted wax from being worked in properly
  • Allow Time For The Wax To Dry: Once all areas have been thoroughly saturated with product, allow ample time for everything to dry before shooting again—at least 24 hours but preferably 48 hours if possible—as this will help ensure maximum protection against wear and tear on your equipment’s strings!

How To Wax a Bowstring – Humphries Archery

Do You Wax Compound Bow Strings?

No, waxing compound bow strings is generally not recommended. Wax will cause damage to the string and cable fibers leading to a decrease in performance and potential breakage over time. Instead of waxing your compound bow string, it’s best to use lubricants specifically designed for strings on a regular basis – this will help protect them from dirt and dust while also reducing friction between the strands which can cause wear over time.

Additionally, it’s important to take steps such as regularly inspecting your string for signs of fraying or wear so that you can replace it before any major problems occur.

What Part of Compound Bow String Do You Wax?

When waxing a compound bow string, the most important part to focus on is the area of the string that comes in contact with your arrow. This includes both ends of each serving as well as any areas where two strands of material are tied together. Applying wax to these areas helps reduce friction, which can extend the life span of your bowstring and prevent it from fraying or weakening over time.

Additionally, using a wax reduces noise and vibration when releasing an arrow from the bow, resulting in more accurate shots.

How Often Do I Need to Wax My Bow String?

The frequency of waxing your bow string will depend on the type of bowstring you have and how often it is used. For a natural fiber Bowstring, made from materials such as Dacron or Fast Flight, waxing every two weeks should be sufficient to keep it in good condition. If you’re using a synthetic material like BCY X, then wax every three to four weeks would be sufficient.

Additionally, if you’re an avid archer who uses their bow frequently (more than once per week), then monthly waxing may be necessary to keep your bowstring in top shape.

Can I Use Chapstick for Bowstring Wax?

No, chapstick is not suitable for use as bowstring wax. Bowstrings require a special type of wax that is specifically designed to protect the string from damage and wear caused by friction. Chapstick contains ingredients such as lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum, which can cause excess buildup on the strings and make them more prone to fraying or breaking.

It’s best to invest in a good quality bowstring wax made from natural products like beeswax or carnauba wax instead.

How to Wax Compound Bow String


How Often to Wax Compound Bow String

Waxing your compound bow string should be done regularly to maintain its performance and lifespan. Generally, it is recommended that you wax the string every two weeks if you are using the bow daily and monthly if you only use it occasionally. Make sure to use a quality wax designed specifically for bow strings, as these contain lubricants which can help reduce friction between the fibers in the string.

Wax Bow String

Waxing a bow string is an important part of bow maintenance and helps to prolong the life of your string. Waxing prevents dirt, dust, and other environmental elements from collecting on the strings which can cause wear and tear on them over time. Applying wax regularly ensures that your strings will be better able to withstand tension without breaking or fraying.

Wax also makes it easier to draw back the bow string as it reduces friction between the arrow and string when shooting.

Do You Wax the Cables on a Compound Bow

When caring for your compound bow, it is important to wax the cables. This helps reduce friction and wear on the cables as they pass through their pulleys or cams during shooting. Waxing also helps minimize noise when you shoot and can increase the longevity of your bow’s cable system by protecting them from dirt, dust, and debris that may get stuck in between strands of metal cable fibers.

To properly wax your compound bow’s cables, use a dry lubricant such as graphite powder or paraffin wax specifically designed for archery equipment.


In conclusion, waxing a compound bow string is not difficult and does not require much time or energy. With the right tools and information, you can easily keep your bowstring in good condition for years to come. Regularly waxing your bowstring will help protect it from wear and tear and also improve its performance.

Knowing how to properly wax a compound bow string can save you money over time by extending the life of your equipment.


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