Can a Felon Own a Bow And Arrow

Yes, a felon can own a bow and arrow in many states. Generally speaking, it is legal for felons to possess these items as long as they are not used for hunting or any other criminal activity. However, some states have restrictions on the use of bows and arrows by felons depending on their conviction.

For example, California law prohibits felons from owning archery equipment such as bows and arrows if their felony was related to the possession of firearms or ammunition. Additionally, many state laws include specific prohibitions against convicted felons using weapons with blades that exceed certain length specifications which may apply to certain types of bows and arrows. Therefore it is important for an individual felon to check the local regulations before purchasing this type of equipment.

Yes, a felon can own a bow and arrow depending on the laws of the state they reside in. While there are some states that have outright banned felons from owning bows and arrows, there are some states like Texas which allow them to do so with certain restrictions. In order to lawfully own a bow or arrow, felons must first make sure their rights have been restored by contacting their state’s Department of Justice or Bureau of Prisons before attempting to purchase one.

Additionally, it is important for felons to check their local laws as many cities require permits for ownership or use in public areas even if the state allows it.

Convicted Felon Bow Shooting!

Are Bows Considered Weapons?

Yes, bows are considered weapons. They have been used by hunters and warriors for centuries to hunt animals and fight in wars. Bows can shoot arrows at high speed and with great accuracy, making them a deadly weapon when used in the right hands.

Modern compound bows are even more powerful than traditional ones due to their use of pulleys that allow for greater draw weights, giving them higher kinetic energy upon release. As such, they are highly regulated in many countries, including the United States where owning certain types of bows may require special licensing or permits.

Can a Convicted Felon Have a Bow And Arrow in Florida?

In Florida, it is not legal for a convicted felon to possess any type of firearm, including a bow and arrow. According to state law, anyone who has been convicted of a felony in the last three years cannot own or possess any firearms. This includes bows and arrows as well as other weapons such as crossbows, air guns, slingshots, BB guns and paintball guns.

Additionally, those who have had their civil rights revoked due to their criminal history are also prohibited from owning or possessing these types of weapons. As such, if you are a convicted felon living in Florida then unfortunately you will not be able to legally possess or use a bow and arrow.

Can a Convicted Felon Own a Bow And Arrow in Georgia?

In Georgia, it is generally illegal for a convicted felon to possess any kind of weapon or firearm. This includes bows and arrows. According to the Georgia Code, even owning ammunition can be considered a felony offense when in possession of a felon.

Furthermore, federal law prohibits felons from possessing firearms or other weapons such as bows and arrows within the United States. As such, while there are certain exceptions that may permit some felons to own certain types of weapons if they have been granted permission by the court system, it is not recommended that convicted felons attempt to purchase or use any type of bow and arrow in Georgia without checking with legal counsel first.

Can a Felon Own a Bow And Arrow in Michigan?

Yes, a felon can own a bow and arrow in Michigan. However, there are certain restrictions on the type of bow that can be owned as well as what activities the individual is allowed to do with it. In general, anyone convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving force or violence cannot possess firearms under state law.

This would include arrows and crossbows since they are considered weapons in Michigan. The only exceptions are for individuals who have had their rights restored by court order or those participating in hunting activities with special permission from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Additionally, all bows must comply with local ordinances regarding storage and transportation requirements.

Finally, felons should keep in mind that even though owning a bow may be legal at the state level, federal laws still prohibit felons from possessing any weapon – including bows – so they should consult an attorney before making any purchases or engaging in any activity related to archery.

Can a Felon Own a Bow And Arrow


What States Can Felons Bow Hunt

In the United States, hunting is an incredibly popular pastime. For felons, however, state laws can limit their ability to participate in this activity. Some states that allow felons to bow hunt include Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Montana and Washington; although a few may require special permits or licenses.

It’s important for those considering bow hunting as a felon to research specific laws in their area before attempting such activities.

Can a Felon Own a Bow And Arrow in Ny

In New York, a convicted felon cannot lawfully own or possess any type of weapon, including bows and arrows. The possession of a bow and arrow by a felon is punishable under state law with up to 7 years in prison. It is important to note that the laws regarding felons owning weapons may vary from county to county so it is important for individuals with felony convictions to research their local regulations before attempting ownership of any kind of weapon.

Can a Felon Own a Compound Bow in California

In California, a felon is not prohibited from owning a compound bow. However, the individual must comply with all state and local laws to be able to possess one. It is important for felons to check with their probation or parole officer before purchasing any weapons as they may have restrictions on what type of weapon can be owned or used.

Additionally, the law states that it is illegal for anyone convicted of certain violent offenses in California to own, possess, purchase, receive or attempt to acquire any firearm while they are still serving out their sentence.


Overall, the answer to whether a felon can own a bow and arrow is yes. It depends on the state laws regarding felons owning weapons. In some states, such as Texas and California, felons may not be allowed to purchase or possess any type of firearm, including bows and arrows.

However, in other states like Nevada and Arizona felons are permitted to own certain types of firearms including bows and arrows. Ultimately it is important that all felons research their state’s regulations before attempting to purchase or possess any weapon as there could be serious legal consequences if they do not abide by those laws.


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