Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest

The Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest is a great choice for archers who want maximum accuracy and performance. This arrow rest is designed to provide complete fletching clearance when the bow is fired, allowing the arrow to travel faster and straighter. The rest also has an adjustable tensioner which allows for custom tuning of your setup.

It also features full containment arms that keep your arrows secure until you’re ready to shoot them. Additionally, it’s easy to install onto nearly any compound bow riser with only a few simple tools required. With its durable construction and reliable performance, this drop away arrow rest will help take your shooting game up a notch!

The Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest is a great choice for any archer looking to improve their accuracy and consistency. This arrow rest features an advanced drop-away design that ensures full fletching clearance upon release, resulting in more accurate shots. The adjustable launcher arm also allows you to customize the speed of your shots, giving you total control over every shot.

Additionally, this arrow rest is extremely durable and built with quality materials, so you can be sure it will last through countless hunting trips. With its superior performance and reliability, the Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest is a must-have addition to any serious archer’s arsenal!

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Are Drop Away Arrow Rests Better?

Drop away arrow rests offer many advantages over traditional fixed blade rests. They provide a cleaner, more consistent release and have a lower profile to increase aerodynamic efficiency. The arrow can also be loaded directly onto the rest without having to manually align it with the nocking point.

This is not only faster but helps ensure accuracy as well. Additionally, drop away arrows actively support fletched arrows which improves accuracy and stability while shooting. As such, they are becoming increasingly popular among competitive archers as they help to improve their scores at tournaments and other events.

How Does Drop Away Arrow Rest Work?

Drop away arrow rests are designed to maximize accuracy while hunting or shooting. They work by dropping the arrow rest down as soon as the bow is fired, allowing the fletching to pass without deflecting off of it. After the arrow is released, a spring-loaded arm pushes against the back of the rest and lifts it out of harm’s way before returning to its original position.

This helps ensure that arrows fly straight and true with minimal drag on their trajectory. Additionally, drop away arrow rests can also help reduce noise from vibration caused when an arrow makes contact with an object at close range.

Can I Use a Drop Away Arrow Rest on a Recurve Bow?

Yes, you can use a drop away arrow rest on a recurve bow if you are looking for enhanced accuracy. A drop away arrow rest works by allowing the fletching of your arrow to pass over the containment arm before dropping down as soon as the shot is released. This ensures that there aren’t any contact points with the arrow during release, which helps increase precision and accuracy when shooting.

However, it should be noted that due to their design, most drop away rests don’t work well with traditional arrows that have feathers instead of vanes. It is also important to make sure that the weight of your arrows is properly balanced in order for them to function correctly with these types of rests.

How Do You Knock an Arrow for Drop Away Rest?

Knocking an arrow for a drop away rest requires some special attention. First, you’ll want to make sure the rest is adjusted correctly and that it will fall away when fired. Next, you need to make sure the nock of your arrow is lined up with the launcher arms of the rest.

You then want to place two fingers on either side of the shaft at full draw and lightly press down until you can feel tension or resistance against your fingers – this will ensure that your arrow won’t bounce off when released from the string. Finally, while holding pressure with both fingers, slowly release your bowstring until it releases from its latch without causing any vibrations in your bow’s riser. With proper setup and practice, knocking an arrow for a drop away rest should become second nature!

Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest


Trophy Ridge Sync Arrow Rest Set Up

Setting up a Trophy Ridge Sync Arrow Rest is easy and straightforward. By following the instructions included with your rest, you will have it up and running in no time. The first step is to adjust the tension of both the launcher arm and cord, ensuring that they are at their proper settings for consistent arrow flight.

Next, carefully attach the mounting bracket onto your bow and make sure that it’s level before tightening down all screws securely. Finally, slide in your arrows into position and you’re ready to go! With its compact size, reliable performance, adjustable design & quick set-up process – this arrow rest is ideal for any archer looking to fine-tune their accuracy on target practice or hunting trips alike.

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

The Best Drop Away Arrow Rest is an incredibly versatile and reliable device that can help improve your accuracy when shooting a bow. This rest will allow you to let go of the arrow as soon as it has left the string, meaning that it won’t be affected by any movement from the shooter during release. The drop away mechanism also ensures that there will be no fletching contact with the riser, eliminating noise and providing greater accuracy with each shot.

With its adjustable spring tension for fine tuning, this rest is ideal for both beginner and experienced archers alike.

Trophy Taker Arrow Rest

The Trophy Taker Arrow Rest is a high-performance, easy to use arrow rest that provides superior arrow control and accuracy. Its patented design features an adjustable launcher arm with dual capture points and two independent wheeled arms for optimal performance. The innovative design allows you to quickly adjust the angle of the launcher arm to ensure your arrows are consistently positioned in the same spot on each shot.

It also features a self-centering system that helps keep your arrows on target even when shooting at longer distances. With its lightweight construction and durable materials, this arrow rest will provide years of reliable service for any archer looking for consistent accuracy from their bow setup.


This blog post has provided an in-depth overview of the Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest. It is a highly advanced arrow rest that is designed to increase accuracy and improve performance while hunting or participating in archery competitions. With its adjustable features, easy installation and dependable drop away action, the Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest offers reliable support for all types of arrows.

For any serious archer looking for top quality gear, the Trophy Ridge Drop Away Arrow Rest should be at the top of their list when shopping for arrow rests.


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