What is a Field Point Arrow

A field point arrow is a type of archery equipment that consists of an arrow shaft with a blunt metal tip affixed to the end. It is used for practice and target shooting, as opposed to hunting or other activities requiring sharpened arrows. Field points are typically made from steel, brass, aluminum or plastic and come in varied sizes and weights depending on the shooter’s preference.

The tips can be screwed onto the arrow shafts for easy replacement if needed. They provide a safe alternative to using broadheads during recreational shooting since they won’t cause serious injury should contact be made with another person or animal. Field points also allow shooters to simulate specific game animals when practicing their aim in order to become more proficient hunters when it comes time for hunting season.

A field point arrow is a type of arrow commonly used in archery, designed with a small, unsharpened metal tip (field points) to provide accuracy and safety. Field point arrows are perfect for target practice and can be used on both recurve bows and compound bows. They’re also very durable and can withstand repeated use without losing their shape or performance.

As an added bonus, they’re usually cheaper than other types of arrows so you won’t have to spend too much money stocking up on them!

Get ON POINT! | Choosing The Right Field Points

What is a Field Point?

A field point is a type of arrowhead typically used in target and practice archery. Field points are designed to penetrate into the target more easily than broadheads and have no cutting edges, making them safe for use in practice. They are also excellent for testing bows and arrows since they provide consistent results with each shot.

These points come in different shapes and sizes, allowing archers to choose what works best for their bow set up. Many field points even feature interchangeable screw-in weights which can be adjusted depending on the range or wind conditions that day. Field points are an essential asset to any archer’s toolkit!

What is the Difference between Field Point And Broadhead?

Field points are the practice tips used when shooting a bow and arrow. They are usually cylindrical in shape, made of steel or aluminum, and have no cutting edges. Field points help to improve accuracy while practicing with a bow and arrow by allowing for consistent flight patterns from shot to shot.

Broadheads, on the other hand, are designed for hunting use only. They typically have multiple sharp blades that expand upon impact for maximum damage to the target animal. The blades can be either fixed or removable depending on the type of broadhead being used; some models also feature additional features such as shock collars which reduce blade movement during flight for improved accuracy at long range targets.

What Grain Arrow Point Should I Use?

When selecting the right arrow point for your bow, it is important to consider the type of game you are hunting and the distance at which you plan on shooting. For big game such as deer, elk or moose, a broadhead with two-blade or three-blade designs offer greater penetration and more reliable performance. If you plan on shooting small game like turkey or rabbit, then field points are often recommended to limit damage done to edible meat.

As far as grain weight goes, most experienced archers recommend using an arrow between 500 and 600 grains for general hunting purposes. This provides a good balance between speed and accuracy while also providing enough kinetic energy needed to bring down large animals if necessary.

What is a Judo Point Arrow Used For?

A judo point arrow is a tool used to score points in judo competitions. It is typically made of metal with a round head and long stem, and it is usually held by the referee during the match. The arrow is placed on the floor pointing towards whichever contestant scored the point, and this helps keep track of points throughout the match.

This can help ensure that no competitor has an unfair advantage or receives more points than they should have.

What is a Field Point Arrow

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What are Field Point Arrows Used for

Field Point Arrows are used for target archery and provide a safe alternative to broadheads when practicing. They feature a blunt tip which is designed to safely stick into foam targets without causing damage or injury. Field points come in different sizes, shapes, and weights depending on the type of archery being practiced, but they all offer excellent accuracy while allowing you to practice at any range.

Field Points Vs Target Points

Field points and target points are two key components of archery that can affect the accuracy and trajectory of arrows. Field points, also referred to as field tips, are typically used for practice purposes due to their blunt shape which helps prevent damage to targets. Target points on the other hand feature a sharper design with more weight at the front end designed specifically for piercing through certain materials such as paper or foam in order to stick into an archery target.

This increased weight allows these types of arrows to fly truer and straighter than those equipped with field tips, making them ideal for competition shooting and hunting applications.

Arrow Tips for Practice

If you’re looking to improve your archery skills, one of the best ways to do so is through practice. One tip for successful archery practice is to make sure that you have the right arrows with the correct size and weight tips. Make sure that all of your arrows are consistent in length and diameter, as this will help maintain accuracy when shooting at a target.

Additionally, it’s important to check for any worn-out fletching or nocks on your arrows before each session – if found, replace them immediately. Finally, inspect your arrowheads regularly for wear and tear; if they become too dulled from use, it could cause inaccuracy in flight or impact with the target. With these tips in mind, regular practice should help you hone your archery skills!


In conclusion, a Field Point Arrow is an essential tool when it comes to archery. It allows the archer to practice and hone their skills while still having fun. With its unique features such as its blunt tip, curved fletching design, and lightweight body, the Field Point Arrow provides safety and accuracy that can’t be found in other arrows.

Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years, a Field Point Arrow is the perfect choice for any level of archer!


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