Best Glue for Carbon Arrow Inserts

The best glue for carbon arrow inserts is a two-part epoxy. Using an epoxy will ensure the strongest bond between your arrow insert and shaft, giving you the most reliable connection possible. To apply, mix equal parts of both components together on a piece of cardboard or other nonporous surface until it forms a consistent color.

Apply this mixture to your carbon arrow insert with a small brush or spatula, then press firmly into place in the shaft before allowing time to cure according to manufacturers instructions. Once dry and set, your arrow should be good to go!

For the best adhesion and flexibility possible when attaching carbon arrow inserts, look no further than BSI Adhesives’ Carbon-Tac Glue. This specially formulated epoxy glue is specifically designed to securely bond carbon arrow inserts into any shaft of your choice with unparalleled strength, making it ideal for use in both target shooting and hunting applications. It sets fast, allowing you to quickly get back on the range or out in the field without worrying about a weak bond.

Best of all, this glue will keep its hold even after years of use or exposure to extreme conditions such as water and cold temperatures.

Whats The Best Glue For Arrows?

What Glue for Inserts for Carbon Arrows?

When it comes to gluing inserts into carbon arrows, the most important factor is finding a glue that will create a bond between the insert and the shaft itself. The best option for this job would be an epoxy specifically designed for archery use. These types of epoxies are usually very strong and flexible enough to handle the forces experienced when shooting an arrow.

Furthermore, they generally come with more than enough working time, allowing you to properly align your insert before setting it in place. When using these types of glues, always remember to follow all safety protocols as some of them can become quite hazardous if not handled correctly or allowed to cure completely.

What Glue is Best for Arrow Inserts?

The best glue for arrow inserts is epoxy. It provides a strong bond, cures quickly and has excellent waterproofing properties to protect the insert from the elements. Epoxy also offers flexibility which helps resist loosening of the insert over time due to vibration or other environmental factors.

Its quick-drying nature allows you to easily reposition your arrows without waiting for extended periods of time before shooting, making it an ideal choice for archers who need fast results when getting ready for competition. Additionally, epoxy doesn’t have any offensive odors like some other glues do, so it won’t distract you while you’re trying to focus on your shot.

What is the Best Hot Melt Glue for Arrow Inserts?

The best hot melt glue for arrow inserts is a high-grade, industrial strength adhesive. Hot melt glue provides superior adhesion to metal and plastic parts with minimal effort. It also offers quick drying times and easy clean up after use.

The ideal product will have a strong bond that lasts without any leaking or oozing of the adhesive material. Additionally, it should be able to tolerate higher temperatures than conventional glues while still providing an effective bond between the insert and arrow shafts.

Can You Use Super Glue to Glue in Arrow Inserts?

Yes, you can use super glue to glue in arrow inserts. While not the most ideal method for doing so, it is possible and works well in a pinch if you don’t have any other adhesive on hand. It is important to note that super glue does not provide as strong of a bond as archery specific adhesives such as epoxy or hot melt glues, so it may be necessary to replace your arrow inserts more frequently when using this method.

Additionally, due to its quick drying nature, it’s important to make sure that your insert is properly centered before applying the superglue.

Best Glue for Carbon Arrow Inserts


Gorilla Glue for Carbon Arrow Inserts

Gorilla Glue is a great adhesive to use when installing carbon arrow inserts. It provides a strong and secure bond that won’t come loose or break, keeping your arrows secure during flight. When using Gorilla Glue for this purpose, it’s important to make sure the surfaces are clean and dry before applying the glue.

Additionally, you should allow adequate time for the glue to set before firing an arrow from your bow. With proper care, this adhesive can provide years of service when used with carbon arrow inserts!

Super Glue for Arrow Inserts

Super glue is a great way to help secure arrow inserts onto your arrows. It helps create a strong bond that won’t break apart even after the arrow has been shot. Make sure you apply the glue correctly and evenly, as any pockets of air could cause it to fail.

Also be sure to use enough pressure when securing the insert in place so that it can adhere properly. With proper preparation and application, super glue will provide a long-lasting hold for your arrow inserts!

Hot Glue for Arrow Inserts

Hot glue is an effective and inexpensive way to attach arrow inserts to your arrows. It offers a strong bond that can withstand extreme temperatures, without the need for expensive epoxies or adhesives. Hot glue also sets quickly, allowing you to finish up your arrow project faster than with other methods.

When using hot glue for attaching arrow inserts, make sure to use enough heat so that it melts into the insert completely and forms a tight seal.


In conclusion, when you need to glue your carbon arrow inserts, the best option is an epoxy or hot melt glue. Epoxy glues are strong and long lasting while a hot melt glue will work well for smaller jobs. Whichever type of adhesive you decide to use, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so that it provides a secure bond between your arrows and their inserts.


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