Bow Mag 357 Exploding Arrow Tips

When shooting a bow mag 357 exploding arrow, the most important thing to remember is safety. Always wear protective gear including eye and ear protection when shooting. Additionally, make sure your arrows are in good condition as any damage can cause them to explode unexpectedly.

When setting up your target, be sure not to place anything too close as it may be damaged or destroyed by the explosion of the arrowhead on impact. Aim carefully and always point away from yourself and others when firing an exploding arrow. Make sure you have plenty of space around you so that if something goes wrong there is no danger of injury or property damage.

Finally, follow all instructions provided with the bow mag 357 exploding arrows for proper use and handling!

If you want to take your archery skills to the next level, then look no further than bow mag 357 exploding arrow tips. These innovative arrows are designed for maximum flight and accuracy with each shot, allowing you to hit targets from greater distances and with increased precision. With their specialized design, these arrows will explode upon impact creating a larger surface area for hitting smaller targets or groups of small targets at one time.

Plus, they come in various sizes so that you can choose exactly what works best for your own shooting style and preferences. So why not give them a try? You may be surprised by just how much better your shots become!

BOW-MAG .357 Exploding Arrow Tips – We test them out!

Are Exploding Arrow Tips Real?

Exploding arrow tips are a real and dangerous phenomenon. These arrows have been used as weapons for centuries, primarily in warfare, but still exist today. They usually contain gunpowder or other explosives which ignite upon impact with their target, causing an explosion of flame and shrapnel that can cause serious injury or death to those nearby.

The explosion also causes the arrow itself to fragment and break apart into pieces upon detonation. Such arrows are commonly used by hunters who want to take down large game animals quickly and efficiently without having to use firearms or bows. In some places they are even illegal due to the potential risk posed by them if they were ever mishandled or misused.

What Arrow Tips are Illegal?

Arrow tips that are illegal depend on the country and state in which they’re used. Generally, arrow tips such as broadheads and exploding arrows are considered to be illegal because of their potential danger to humans or animals. In some regions, it is also illegal to use poisoned arrow tips, although this type of tip can help take down large game animals.

In most places, using any kind of unbalanced or homemade arrow tip is prohibited for safety reasons. It is always important to check local laws before using any kind of weapon involving an arrow tip so you don’t unintentionally break the law.

What Arrow for 70 Pound Draw?

If you’re looking for an arrow to use with a 70 pound draw weight, your best bet is to opt for one that has a spine rating of 500 or higher. This will ensure the necessary stiffness required to handle the extra pounds and deliver consistent accuracy. You’ll also want to look at arrows that are designed specifically for target shooting rather than hunting as those ones tend to be lighter and more durable over time.

A carbon fiber shaft should also provide great durability against wear and tear from the added draw weight, while still providing excellent performance in flight.

Is a 500 Grain Arrow Too Heavy?

A 500 grain arrow is on the heavier side when it comes to arrows, as most hunting arrows have an average weight between 400-450 grains. While a heavier arrow can be beneficial in certain applications, such as shooting at longer distances or through thick brush and vegetation, there are some potential drawbacks associated with them. Heavier arrows typically require more draw force from the bowstring, which can slow down your shot speed and reduce accuracy at shorter ranges.

Additionally, they will also produce higher levels of kinetic energy than a lighter arrow would; this may be great for larger game animals like deer but could cause unnecessary damage on smaller targets such as turkey or varmints. Ultimately it depends on how you plan to use the arrow and what size game you’re pursuing; if used correctly however a 500 grain arrow can definitely provide excellent performance.

Bow Mag 357 Exploding Arrow Tips


Bow-Mag .357 Exploding Arrow Tips

The Bow-Mag .357 Exploding Arrow Tips are a unique and innovative way to take your hunting game to the next level. These arrow tips have an internal cavity that can be filled with powder or any other incendiary material, allowing you to create an explosive effect on impact. The .357 caliber also allows for increased accuracy and penetration when shooting at targets from long distances, making them ideal for big game hunting.

Bow-Mag Hog Kill

Bow-Mag Hog Kill is a revolutionary new tool for hunting wild hogs. This device uses an arrow that has magnets attached to the tip, which creates a magnetic field when shot at the hog. The magnetic force causes massive internal damage, resulting in quick and humane kills of these animals.

It also eliminates the need for tracking wounded animals, reducing stress on both hunters and their quarry.

Bow Mag 357 Broadhead

The Bow Mag 357 Broadhead is a high-quality broadhead designed for big game hunting. This three-blade design provides devastating wound channels and superior penetration on large game, while its stainless steel construction ensures maximum durability in the field. The blades are razor sharp and feature an angled cutting edge that produces consistent flight trajectories at all distances, allowing hunters to make accurate shots even in windy conditions.

With its superior performance and reliability, the Bow Mag 357 Broadhead is an excellent choice for any hunter looking to take down big game with confidence.


Overall, it is clear that learning how to shoot an exploding arrow can be a tricky and potentially dangerous task. However, by following the tips outlined in this blog post, anyone can become more knowledgeable about shooting exploding arrows and have fun doing so safely. With practice and patience, you can master the art of bow mag 357 exploding arrow shooting for yourself!


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