How to Nock an Arrow on a Compound Bow

To nock an arrow on a compound bow, start by positioning the arrow on the rest of the bow. Make sure that the back end of the arrow is pointing toward you and that its feathers are facing away from you. Then, take one hand and press down on the middle of your drawstring with your index finger to hold it in place.

Next, grab onto both ends of your bow string with your other hand to keep it from moving around too much. Finally, slide the nocking point or locator onto both strands of string above where you’re holding it steady with your index finger and below where you’re pulling up with your other hand. This should secure the arrow in place so that when you release, it will fly straight ahead towards its target!

  • Prepare the Bow: Before shooting an arrow with a compound bow, you need to make sure that your bow is properly set up and ready to shoot
  • This includes tightening all of the necessary screws and bolts, attaching the bowstring and peep sight, making sure there are no kinks or twists in the string, and ensuring that all of your equipment is securely attached
  • Nocking the Arrow: Once your compound bow is set up correctly, you can begin nocking arrows onto it
  • Start by taking an arrow from its quiver (or container) and sliding one end of its nock into one of the grooves on either side of the top limb at a 90-degree angle so it is perpendicular to both limbs
  • Make sure that this portion slides tightly into place before continuing on to step 3
  • Set Your Draw Length: Now that you’ve successfully attached an arrow onto your compound bow’s string, adjust its draw length using either mechanical or cable adjustments until it reaches a comfortable position for shooting accurately without straining too much effort out with each shot taken (this will depend on how strong your arms are)
  • Generally speaking, most archers prefer their bows to be drawn back approximately 28-30 inches before releasing them towards their target destination point(s)
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  • Get Ready To Shoot: After setting your draw length accordingly with accurate measurements based off what works best for you specifically; hold firmly onto the grip area located near where both hands usually rest when aiming at targets while also keeping good form throughout every shot taken; including keeping eyes focused down range past where they intend to hit as well as maintaining proper posture & breathing techniques throughout each attempt made within firing off arrows from their respective bows in order for accuracy purposes as not just anyone should ever fire randomly anywhere without knowing exactly what they’re doing first

The Best Way To Nock An Arrow – Archery 101 for Beginners

Where Do You Nock an Arrow on a Compound Bow?

When shooting a compound bow, the arrow should be knocked on the nock located at the rear of the bow. It is important to ensure that your arrow is securely nocked and firmly placed in order to create an accurate shot. To do this properly, first align your arrows with the string groove so that it’s parallel with the center line of your bow.

Then slide it forward until you feel resistance; once you reach this point, push down lightly on the back of your nock while simultaneously pushing up against its front edge with your fingertip or thumb. This will help secure it in place and provide additional stability for a more effective release when shooting.

When Nocking an Arrow Which Feather is Up?

When nocking an arrow, the feather that is “up” should always be the cock feather. The cock feather is the one closest to you when shooting and should be placed at a 90 degree angle from the bowstring. When nocked properly, this will help ensure your arrows fly in a straight line for maximum accuracy.

Additionally, some archers prefer to tie a knot on their bowstring at the point where they are going to place their arrow so that they can easily find it again without having to search for it each time they shoot.

Which Way Should Fletching Be Pointed?

Fletching is the material (usually feathers or vanes) that is attached to an arrow shaft to stabilize its flight. The direction of fletching should be determined by the type of bow that you are using and your shooting style. Generally, for a recurve bow, the fletchings should point away from you when nocked on the string.

This will help ensure proper clearance between your hand and arrows as they leave the bowstring. For compound bows, it’s more common to have helical or offset fletchings which allow them to spin in-flight giving greater accuracy at distance targets.

Do You Knock an Arrow Or Notch an Arrow?

When it comes to arrows, knocking an arrow and notching an arrow are two different methods of attaching the bowstring to the shaft. Notching is a traditional method used by many archers that involves cutting a groove near the nock of the arrow into which they can attach a bowstring. Knocking, on the other hand, is typically done with modern aluminum arrows and involves pushing a steel rod or pin through both sides of the nock in order to secure it onto the string.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages depending on what type of archery one is practicing, so it’s important for any archer to research and decide which technique suits their needs best.

How to Nock an Arrow on a Compound Bow


Which Way Does the Odd Color Fletching Go

When making arrows, the odd-colored fletching should be placed away from your dominant eye. For example, if you are right-handed and shooting a bow with your right eye dominant, then the odd colored fletchings should point to the left side of your body when pulling back on the bow string. This allows for better visibility of where you’re aiming, as it is easier to follow an arrow with one’s non-dominant eye.

How to Nock an Arrow With a Drop Away Rest

To nock an arrow with a drop away rest, start by positioning the arrow so that it is slightly below horizontal and pointing in the direction of your target. Place the nock at least one-quarter inch above the rest, which should be set to its lowest position. Make sure there is no gap between the shaft of the arrow and either side of the launcher or where it rests on top.

Hold your bow steady while you draw back until you reach full draw. When ready to fire, let go of your thumb as if releasing a trigger and allow your bowstring to slide off from underneath your fingers while also pushing down on each side of launch arm release buttons found at each end of rest arms simultaneously. Lastly, watch as dropaway technology takes over and allows for increased accuracy when firing arrows!

How to Nock an Arrow With a Whisker Biscuit

Nocking an arrow with a whisker biscuit is a simple process. To begin, position your arrow on the rest and make sure that it is level and pointed away from you. Then, pull back on the bowstring until it snaps into place in the center of the “biscuit,” or circular riser, at full draw length.

This will hold your arrow securely in place so that when you release, it should fly true towards its intended target.


Overall, learning how to nock an arrow on a compound bow is relatively simple with the right steps and precautions. It is important to understand that it takes practice to master this technique and increase accuracy and consistency when shooting. With time, effort, and patience you can become proficient in executing the perfect nock for your arrows every time.


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