Which Part of the Crossbow Holds the Arrow

The part of the crossbow that holds the arrow is called the prod. The prod is typically made from wood, plastic, or metal and acts as a bow with strings on either side. It houses the string and cable which are used to shoot an arrow when it’s cocked.

When cocked, tension is created between both sides of the prod and held in place by a latch until released. This tension allows for greater accuracy when shooting arrows due to its ability to store energy which propels them further than just releasing it manually with your bare hand.

The arrow holder on a crossbow is located at the front of the bow and is typically referred to as the “prod” or “latch.” It holds the arrow firmly in place until it is fired, allowing for more accurate shooting. The prod itself consists of two pieces; an arrow rest where you place your arrows before loading them into the prod, and a latch that securely locks onto an arrow shaft when loaded.

To fire an arrow from a crossbow, you must first insert it into this holder and then push down hard on its handle to release the string.

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What Holds an Arrow in a Crossbow?

The arrow of a crossbow is held in place by the string and the trigger mechanism. The bowstring is stretched between two limbs at either end of the stock, and when activated, it pushes against the arrow shaft to launch it forward. The trigger releases the tension on the string, allowing it to recoil back while simultaneously propelling the arrow forwards with great force.

This combination allows for accurate shots over long distances due to its high velocity and precision accuracy.

What Holds the Bolt in a Crossbow?

The bolt of a crossbow is held in place by two parts: the arrow rest and the nock. The arrow rest provides a secure platform for the bolt to rest on, while the nock is an indentation at the rear of the bolt that fits over part of the bowstring to help keep it in place. Together, these two components ensure that your bolts are securely attached when you fire them from your crossbow so they fly straight and true.

What Part of a Crossbow is the Riser?

The riser is the central part of a crossbow and is typically made out of aluminum or magnesium alloy. It serves as the frame that holds all other parts together, including limbs, axle pins, sight window, cam system, trigger box and arrow rest. The riser also provides mounting points for accessories such as sights and quivers.

Its design depends on the type of bow; recurve models tend to be shorter than compound bows due to their simpler construction. Additionally, risers are designed with specific ergonomics in mind so that they can provide comfortable shooting experience for users.

What is the Bow Part of a Crossbow Called?

The bow part of a crossbow is also known as the prod or lath. It is usually made from wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy or other materials and consists of two curved arms connected by a central riser. The limbs are typically attached to the stock with metal limb pockets.

This part of the crossbow holds and propels the arrow when it is released from the string at high speed.

Which Part of the Crossbow Holds the Arrow

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Which Part of the Crossbow is Designed to Prevent the Arrow from Releasing Accidentally

The safety catch is the part of a crossbow designed to prevent the arrow from accidentally releasing. It creates an obstacle between the trigger and string that must be overcome before the arrow can be launched, ensuring that only intentional shots are fired. This makes it much safer for hunters, as well as anyone else who may use a crossbow for recreational or sporting purposes.

Which Part of the Crossbow is Used to Draw the Bow

The part of the crossbow used to draw the bow is called a prod. The prod is usually made from metal, wood, or sometimes composite materials and attaches to the tiller (the stock) of the bow. It contains grooves that accept bowstrings and its shape can vary depending on the type of crossbow being used.

When drawn back, it stores energy in its limbs which when released will propel an arrow forward with great force.

Which Part of the Crossbow is Used to Draw the Bow Quizlet

The bow of a crossbow is the part that is used to draw the string back and load it with energy. This is done by placing the arrow on top of the bow and then pulling back on either side and locking it in place within the trigger mechanism. The tension created by drawing back on both sides causes the limbs, or arms, to bend inwards towards each other until they are secured into place.

Once this is done, the crossbow can be fired when you pull on its trigger.


This blog post has explored the anatomy of a crossbow, with particular focus on which part of the crossbow holds the arrow. It was determined that this function is fulfilled by the bowstring, located at one end of a crossbow and used to draw back an arrow before it can be fired. With this knowledge in hand, users can now understand how their own or prospective crossbows work and ensure they are properly equipped for whatever shooting needs they may have.


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