Ten Point Arrows With Lighted Nocks

Ten Point Arrows with Lighted Nocks are a great way to improve your accuracy when shooting at night or in low light conditions. The arrows come equipped with an LED nock that illuminates the arrow, making it easier to find and follow its trajectory. This can help you make more accurate shots in darkness and give you better control over where your arrows land.

The LED nock also increases visibility of the arrow for other archers, making it much safer during group shooting sessions. Additionally, these types of arrows provide a longer flight path than regular non-lighted arrows due to their improved aerodynamics design and weight distribution.

Shooting arrows with lighted nocks is becoming increasingly popular among archers, as it allows them to easily track and retrieve their arrows in low-light conditions. Not only that, but ten point arrows with lighted nocks are also incredibly accurate due to their design which features a straighter flight path than other types of arrows. They also offer a greater degree of accuracy when shooting at longer distances since the increased mass helps stabilize the arrow in flight better than lighter arrows.

With these advantages and more, ten point arrows with lighted nocks make an excellent choice for any serious archer looking for improved accuracy and performance on the range or out in the field.

Alpha-Blaze Lighted Crossbow Nock | TenPoint Crossbows

Do You Have to Use Alpha Nocks With Tenpoint Crossbows?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you use alpha nocks with TenPoint crossbows to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Alpha nocks are designed specifically for TenPoint’s bows and they provide a secure fit without compromising accuracy or safety. They have an angled wall on the interior of the nock which helps reduce string wear, a larger diameter opening provides more contact area with the arrow, and their single-piece construction ensures consistent alignment between bowstring and arrow shaft.

All these features make them ideal for precise shooting while also reducing overall wear on your equipment.

Can You Shoot Half Moon Nocks from a Tenpoint Crossbow?

Yes, you can shoot Half moon nocks from a TenPoint crossbow. These nocks fit TenPoint’s standard-size carbon arrows and have an easy to use design that allows for quick loading and unloading of the arrow onto the rail of your bow. The half moon shape helps keep the arrow centered on the string while shooting, allowing for improved accuracy.

Additionally, this type of nock provides greater durability than other types of plastic or aluminum nocks when used with higher draw weights. All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable way to attach your arrows to your TenPoint crossbow so that they shoot accurately each time, Half Moon Nocks are definitely worth considering.

How Do You Use Tenpoint Lighted Nocks?

Using TenPoint lighted nocks is simple and straightforward. To use, first attach the nock to your arrow shaft by sliding it onto the end of your arrow shaft until it clicks into place. Once attached, you can then turn on the lighted nock by pressing a small button on its side or bottom.

The LED light will stay illuminated for up to 20 hours, giving you plenty of time to find your arrows during low-light conditions or even at night. Additionally, TenPoint’s patented SmartSwitch technology allows you to select between three modes: steady on, off and blink mode which flashes every 5 seconds – perfect for finding arrows in tall grasses or thick brush!

How Do You Turn off Tenpoint Lighted Nocks?

To turn off the TenPoint lighted nocks, first make sure that all arrows have been removed from the crossbow. Once the arrow is out of the bow, you can then unscrew and remove the battery cap located on top of your lighted nock. This will disconnect power to your lighted nock and turn it off.

Make sure to store your batteries in a safe place as they are not waterproof and could be damaged if exposed to moisture or water.

Ten Point Arrows With Lighted Nocks

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Tenpoint Lighted Nock Replacement Batteries

Tenpoint Lighted Nock Replacement Batteries are designed to provide long-lasting illumination and performance for your crossbow bolts. These batteries can offer up to 20 hours of continuous use, making them perfect for hunting in low light or night conditions. The batteries are constructed with a durable polymer housing that ensures they won’t break down under extreme temperatures or when left unused for extended periods of time.

With Tenpoint Lighted Nocks, you can easily replace the battery without having to buy an entirely new nock, saving you money while still providing reliable lighting solutions.

20 Inch Crossbow Bolts With Lighted Nocks

20 inch Crossbow Bolts with Lighted Nocks are an essential tool for any crossbow shooter. These bolts provide a more accurate shot and better visibility in low light conditions because of their bright LED nocks, making them perfect for hunting at night or in poor weather conditions. The 20 inch length is ideal for increased stability and accuracy when shooting, while the lightweight design makes it easier to carry multiple bolts without sacrificing performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hunter, these bolts will make your next hunt a success!

Tenpoint Bolts With Omni-Nock

Tenpoint bolts with Omni-Nock are designed to provide maximum accuracy and performance when shooting a crossbow. The patented design of the Omni-Nock eliminates “string jump” while providing greater control and consistency, resulting in improved accuracy. Tenpoint’s superior strength carbon fiber construction also provides enhanced durability and consistent performance over time.

With its precision engineering, the Tenpoint bolt with Omni-Nock is an excellent choice for serious crossbow hunters looking to get the most out of their equipment.


Overall, Ten Point Arrows with Lighted Nocks are a great choice for the archery enthusiast looking for an edge on the competition or even a beginner just starting out. Not only do they provide improved accuracy and visibility in low light conditions, but their rugged design ensures that they will last you many years of use. Plus, with several different designs to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your shooting style perfectly.

Whether you are aiming at targets or game animals, using arrows with lighted nocks can help make your next shot count!


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