How to Turn off Lumenok Arrows Without Tool

To turn off Lumenok arrows without a tool, start by unscrewing the back plate of the Lumenok and removing it. Pull out the battery from its slot in the arrow shaft. Cut one of the leads on the top or bottom side of the battery with wire cutters to disable it completely.

Make sure that both sides are connected before you go ahead and screw back on the back plate and re-insert your arrow into your bow. Once you have ensured this, shoot an arrow and check if there is no light emitting from it – if so then you have successfully turned off your Lumenok arrows without using any tools!

  • Lift the Lumenok arrow off of the bowstring so that it is no longer attached to the string
  • Unscrew the back cap of the Lumenok arrow until it comes loose from the shaft of the arrow
  • Pull out and remove any batteries that are inside, if applicable for your particular model or style of Lumenok arrows
  • The battery should be marked with a rating such as CR2032 or LR41, which will tell you what type it is and how many volts it has when fully charged
  • Replace all parts (cap, battery) in reverse order after confirming that power to the Lumenok has been turned off and remains off before reattaching to bowstring

How To Turn Off a Lumenok

How Do You Turn off a Lumenok Arrow?

To turn off a Lumenok arrow, you will need to unscrew the end cap located at the front of the arrow shaft. Once removed, you’ll be able to access and remove the battery which powers the Lumenok light-up feature. After removal, reattach the end cap and your arrow is now turned off!

It’s important that you remember to always check your arrows before shooting them in order to ensure that they are not still illuminated by a Lumenok.

How Do You Turn on a Luminox Arrow?

To turn on a Luminox arrow, press and hold the power button located on the side of the arrow until you hear a beep. After that, use the + or – buttons to adjust your brightness setting. The LED willl start blinking when it is ready for use.

Once you’re done with your session, press and hold the power button again to turn off your Luminox arrow.

How Do You Remove a Glued Arrow Nock?

Removing a glued arrow nock requires the use of an acetone-based solvent such as nail polish remover and a soft cloth. Start by applying the solvent to the area around the nock, taking care not to get it into any other parts of the arrow. Once you have applied enough so that there is some visible discoloration on the glue, gently work at it with your cloth until you can separate them.

Be sure to apply even pressure around all sides so that you don’t damage either piece. After separating them, use additional solvent and a clean cloth to remove any remaining adhesive residue from both pieces before reattaching your new nock.

How to Turn off Lumenok Arrows Without Tool


Lumenok Turn off Tool

The Lumenok Turn off Tool is a great tool that allows archers to easily turn off the Lumenok lighted arrow nock system. The easy-to-use design of this tool makes it simple for anyone to quickly and safely deactivate their lighted arrows, giving them peace of mind knowing that they won’t unintentionally leave any lit up arrows on the range or in the field. This versatile tool can be used with both aluminum and carbon shafts and it also fits most conventional sized vanes, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

With its lightweight construction and durable materials, this handy accessory will help keep your arrows safe while you enjoy your next round of shooting.

Lumenok Won’T Turn off

A Lumenok is a special type of arrow nock designed to be used with carbon arrows that contains an LED light powered by a small battery. The LED will remain on when the bowstring is released, providing hunters and archers with better visibility in low-light conditions as well as helping them easily find their arrows after they have been shot. A Lumenok won’t turn off until its battery runs out, so it’s important to remember to remove the battery before storing your arrows for long periods of time.

How to Turn off Excalibur Lighted Nocks

If you’re looking to turn off your Excalibur Lighted Nocks, the process is simple. First, unscrew and remove the battery cap from the nock. Next, take out the batteries and store them away safely in a dry place – this will prevent corrosion or damage to your batteries.

Lastly, replace the battery cap back onto the nock and make sure it’s securely fastened. You’ve now successfully turned off your Excalibur Lighted Nocks!


The Lumenok arrow is a great tool to use while hunting, as it provides visibility and accuracy. However, it can be difficult to turn off the arrow without the appropriate tool. Fortunately, this blog post has outlined several methods for disabling the arrow without requiring specialized tools.

By following these steps one can easily turn off their Lumenok arrows with minimal effort or cost.


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