What is a Good Foc for an Arrow

A good fletch for an arrow is one that can effectively control the flight of the arrow, reducing drag and increasing stability in flight. The most common type is a three-fletched design featuring two identical vanes at 90 degrees to each other (helical or offset) with a third vane perpendicular to them. This provides balanced lift and drag characteristics which help keep the arrow on target when released from a bow.

Other designs such as four-fletch (featuring two helicals and two offsets) may also provide better results depending on individual shooting style and conditions. Fletching should be chosen based on the shape, size, weight, and speed of your arrows as well as personal preference; some archers prefer larger vanes while others opt for smaller ones. Ultimately, trial-and-error testing will determine what works best for you!

A good fletch for an arrow is a material that provides stability and accuracy when the arrow is fired from a bow. Fletching can be made from feathers, plastic, or other materials. Feathers are the most common choice because they provide superior aerodynamic properties which allow arrows to fly more accurately and with greater stability than those with plastic or other types of fletching.

Additionally, feather-fletched arrows tend to have better penetration power due to their higher mass compared to plastic-fletched arrows. Ultimately, what type of fletching you choose depends on your individual shooting style and preferences; however, selecting quality feathers will generally result in greater accuracy and performance from your arrows.


What is Considered a High Foc Arrow?

A high FOC arrow is one that has a higher than average Front of Center (FOC) percentage. Generally speaking, arrows with an FOC of 12-15% are considered to be high FOC arrows and provide superior accuracy compared to traditional hunting arrows that have an FOC below 10%. High FOC arrows feature heavier insert weight and point weight, allowing them to fly further, flatter and with more kinetic energy.

Additionally, they are less affected by wind due to their increased stability in flight.

What is the Ideal Foc for Target Arrows?

When it comes to target arrows, the ideal FOC (Front-of-Center) is typically around 10% to 12%. This means that 10%-12% of the arrow’s total weight should be located in its point/tip section. Having a higher FOC helps ensure that your arrows fly faster and straighter with less wind drift.

It also helps to increase penetration power when shooting into targets or game animals. In addition, having a high FOC can help you achieve tighter groupings at longer distances due to the increased stability of your arrows during flight. To achieve this level of FOC, many archers use heavier points on their arrows and/or have them professionally fletched with offset vanes or helical wraps for improved aerodynamics.

Do High Foc Arrows Drop Faster?

High FOC arrows, or “front of center” arrows, are designed to fly faster and farther than traditional arrows due to their higher mass. The higher mass causes the arrow to have a lower trajectory and therefore drop more quickly over longer distances. This is because when an arrow with high FOC is shot at a target far away from the shooter, it will lose its kinetic energy faster due to air resistance which causes it to drop more quickly than an arrow with low FOC.

In addition, since these types of arrows tend to be heavier in weight they also experience increased drag force as they travel through the air which further contributes to their rapid descent rate.

Is a 500 Grain Arrow Too Heavy?

A 500 grain arrow is on the heavier side, but it can still be an effective hunting or target arrow. Generally, arrows of this weight provide more penetration and faster knockdown power than lighter arrows. However, they can also cause more damage to targets when used for target practice.

Additionally, a 500 grain arrow may not fly as far as a lighter one due to its added mass. For hunting purposes with larger game animals like elk and moose, a 500 grain arrow provides excellent stopping power and increased penetration for deeper shots into thicker hide and bone structure. Ultimately, the choice between light-weight or heavy-weight arrows comes down to personal preference based on shooting style and application needs.

What is a Good Foc for an Arrow

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Arrow Foc Calculator

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What is a Good Foc for a Hunting Arrow

A good fletch for a hunting arrow is considered to be feathers. Feathers provide better aerodynamics and stability in flight than other materials such as plastic or rubber, allowing the arrow to fly straighter and with greater accuracy. The most common type of feather used for this purpose are turkey feathers, although other types of feathers can also be used depending on preference.

20% Foc Arrow

The 20% Foc Arrow is a wonderful tool for archers of all skill levels. It helps to improve accuracy and consistency, as well as increase power. This arrow has been specifically designed with a unique weight distribution that allows it to fly straight and true.

The arrow also features an optimized center of gravity which helps create the perfect balance between speed and control when shooting at target distances. With its combination of strength, stability and precision, the 20% Foc Arrow is sure to help you hit your mark every time!


In conclusion, choosing a good foc for an arrow is not as complicated as it may seem. It all comes down to the type of archery you are practicing and the specific needs of your equipment. A good foc can make or break your accuracy when shooting, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

With some patience and knowledge on the subject, you’ll be able to find the perfect foc for whatever type of archery you pursue.


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