How Far Can an Arrow Travel

An arrow can travel a long distance depending on a number of factors such as the size, weight and design of the arrow, the force behind it from the bowstring, and wind conditions. Generally speaking, an average modern hunting arrow shot from a recurve or compound bow will travel about 100-150 yards in ideal weather conditions with minimal wind resistance. However some archers have been able to achieve up to 300 yards shooting with custom arrows under optimal conditions.

Longbow users also tend to get greater distances since they are typically used for longer ranges when hunting game animals over open terrain.

The distance an arrow can travel depends on a number of factors, such as the type and quality of bow and string used, the draw weight of the bow, the strength and technique applied by the shooter when releasing the arrow, along with environmental conditions like wind speed. Generally speaking however, arrows fired from a compound or recurve bow can fly up to distances between 200 to 300 yards. For those skilled in archery techniques however, arrows have been known to travel over 500 yards!

How Far can Arrows fly using Modern Bows?

What is the Furthest Distance an Arrow Can Travel?

The furthest distance an arrow can travel depends on the type of bow used, the draw weight of said bow and the wind conditions. Generally speaking, a longbow with a higher draw weight has been known to shoot arrows over 500 yards away when fired in ideal conditions. However, it’s important to note that this is not typical for most archers and taking into consideration wind resistance, an arrow shot from a hunting-style compound or recurve bow may only reach distances between 30-50 yards.

Additionally, skill level plays a large factor as well; a highly proficient archer can expect to achieve far greater distances than someone who is just starting out.

How Far Will a Arrow Fly?

A typical arrow can fly anywhere from 50 to 120 yards, depending on its weight and the strength of the archer’s draw. Heavy arrows with a strong draw can reach distances up to 200 yards, while lighter arrows with a weaker draw may only travel around 30 yards. The angle at which an arrow is released will also affect how far it flies; launching an arrow slightly upwards increases its range by allowing gravity to take hold sooner.

Wind and weather conditions can also have a major impact on how far an arrow travels; even light winds can significantly reduce the distance a projectile will cover.

How Far Can an Arrow Travel from a Compound Bow?

When it comes to the distance an arrow can travel when fired from a compound bow, it ultimately depends on the power of the bow and the skill of the archer. An average recreational compound bow will fire arrows at speeds between 200-300 feet per second (fps), allowing them to reach distances of up to 150 yards or more. A high-end, competitive compound bow with a draw weight upwards of 80 lbs may be able to exceed 300 fps speeds, potentially pushing arrows out as far as 250 yards or further depending on conditions such as wind speed and direction.

To maximize accuracy and achieve greater distances, skilled archers often employ heavier arrows and special techniques such as tuning their bows for maximum performance.

What is the Range of Arrow?

The range of an arrow is determined by a number of factors, including the type and weight of the arrow, the draw weight of the bow used to shoot it and the shape and size of its fletchings. Generally speaking, arrows shot from modern compound bows can travel up to around 100 yards, while traditional longbows can send arrows up to around 200 yards in distance. However, these distances are all dependent on user skill level; an experienced archer will be able to extend their shooting range much further than those who are new or relatively inexperienced with bow shooting.

How Far Can an Arrow Travel


How Far Can an Arrow Travel from a Bow

An arrow fired from a bow can travel up to 300 yards, depending on the type of bow and the strength of the archer. The speed at which an arrow travels is highly dependent on the design of the bow, as well as how strong and accurate your aim is when releasing it. Arrows typically fly faster with heavier bows due to having more stored energy in their limbs.

Additionally, arrows are affected by wind resistance which can cause them to lose momentum over long distances.

How Far Can an Arrow Travel from a Recurve Bow

A recurve bow can send an arrow up to 200 yards at its peak, depending on the type of arrow and draw weight of the bow. The average for a standard hunting set-up is 100-150 yards with good technique. However, factors like wind speed, angle of release and other environmental elements can drastically reduce this distance.

How Fast Does an Arrow Travel M/S

An arrow can travel at an amazing speed of up to 310 m/s, or more than 700 mph! This incredible velocity is achieved through the combination of a powerful bow and a lightweight arrow. When fired from an Olympic-style compound bow, arrows can reach speeds as high as 320 km/h (200 mph).

However, most traditional bows are only capable of reaching velocities between 100 and 200 km/h (60 – 120 mph).


This blog post has demonstrated that the distance an arrow can travel is largely dependent on a variety of factors. The draw weight, type of arrow, launch angle and wind conditions all have an effect on how far the arrow will go. An experienced archer with well-crafted arrows may be able to shoot their arrows farther than most people would expect.

Ultimately, it’s clear that when given the right circumstances and proper technique, an arrow can fly much further than many people think possible.


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