How to Cut Arrows to Length

Cutting arrows to length is a relatively easy process. To begin, measure the length of the arrow from its nock (rear end) to where you want it to be cut and mark it with a pencil or marker. Then find an area that can safely contain the debris created by cutting such as a garage floor or outside on flat grassy ground.

Place your arrow onto a piece of wood and secure with either clamps or tape. Use either a hacksaw, bow saw, coping saw, band saw, miter saw or jigsaw to make the cut at your marked spot along the shaft until complete. File any sharp edges if needed and test fit into your bow’s arrow rest before using again!

  • Measure the arrow shaft – Determine how long you need your arrows to be and use a measuring device to measure the length of each individual arrow shaft
  • Mark the desired length on the arrow – Use a marker or pen to make a clear line at both ends of where you want to cut your arrows
  • Make sure that this line is visible enough that it will be easy to follow when cutting with a saw blade
  • Securely mount the arrow in a vise – Place one end of the arrow securely in a vise so that it won’t move during cutting, then ensure that all other sections remain stationary throughout this process as well by using extra clamps if necessary
  • This will help keep everything level while you are cutting and prevent any accidental injuries from occurring due to shifting movement during this process
  • Cut along marked line – Using an appropriate saw blade for wood or carbon fiber (depending on what type of material your arrows are made out of), begin slowly cutting along the marked lines until reaching both ends, making sure not to go beyond them either way as accuracy is important here! Once complete, remove any excess debris off remaining pieces before moving onto next steps such as sanding/finishing etc…

How to cut your own arrows

How Do You Cut Arrows to Length at Home?

To cut arrows to length at home, you will need a few pieces of equipment. First, you’ll need an arrow saw or a hack saw with fine teeth; both are suitable for cutting arrows. Second, you’ll need some clamps and sandpaper to secure the arrow while it is being cut and to smooth any rough edges afterwards.

Third, use a ruler or measuring tape to mark where the arrow should be cut before clamping it down onto your workbench. Finally, using the saw of your choice carefully start cutting along the line until it’s been completely severed from its shaft. Make sure that all cuts are clean and straight so that there won’t be any issues when shooting later on!

Do You Cut Arrows to Draw Length?

No, you do not need to cut arrows when drawing length. Instead, you can use a ruler or measuring tape to accurately measure the desired length. A good way to ensure accuracy is to draw lightly first and then go back over it with a heavier line once the measurement has been made.

Additionally, if possible, use a straight edge along your drawn line instead of free-handing it for further precision.

How Do You Cut Carbon Arrows to Length?

Cutting carbon arrows to length is a straightforward process, but it requires some basic tools and knowledge. First, you will need an arrow saw with the appropriate blade for cutting the type of arrow shaft you are using (aluminum or carbon). To determine how long your arrows should be, measure from the string groove on your bow’s riser to where your finger would rest when at full draw.

This measurement will give you the overall length of your finished arrow. Once you have determined this measurement, set up a jig or other support system that allows for accurate trimming. Cut slowly and check often as mistakes can ruin expensive arrows quickly!

When done correctly, all that remains is sanding down any rough edges left over from cutting and adding fletching if desired.

What Can I Use to Cut My Arrows?

If you are looking for a tool to cut your arrows, the best option is to use an arrow saw. An arrow saw can easily and accurately cut through wood shafts of any size in a matter of seconds. It comes with adjustable blades that will allow you to customize the length of your arrows depending on what type of bow you’re using.

Additionally, an arrow saw also allows you to evenly taper the ends of each arrow or create custom shapes if desired. When making sure that your arrows are accurate and consistent every time, an arrow saw is essential for achieving those results.

How to Cut Arrows to Length


How to Cut Arrows Without an Arrow Saw

If you don’t have access to an arrow saw, you can still cut arrows with the help of a few common tools. Start by using a hacksaw or coping saw to shape the shaft and fletchings of your arrows. If your cutting tool isn’t able to make clean cuts in the wood, use sandpaper or a file for more precise trimming.

Once satisfied with the overall shape of your arrows, use either a pocket knife or razor blade to carefully notch out any nocks that need to be made. With these simple steps, you will soon have perfectly cut and ready-to-use arrows!

Cutting Carbon Arrows With Tubing Cutter

Cutting carbon arrows with a tubing cutter is an easy and accurate way to cut your arrows. Tubing cutters are designed to easily slice through carbon arrow shafts, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time. While this method might not be suitable for cutting larger diameter hunting or target arrows, it is the ideal choice for smaller-diameter archery arrows like those used by youth archers or in backyard shooting.

When using a tubing cutter, make sure that you firmly grip the arrow in order to keep it from moving during the cutting process; this will help ensure straight cuts each time.

How Long to Cut Arrows

Cutting arrows to the correct length is essential for an accurate and effective shot. It is best done with a special arrow-cutting tool that can accurately measure the arrow shafts’ lengths, but if one isn’t available, then a metal ruler or yardstick can be used instead. The process of cutting arrows typically takes between 5-10 minutes depending on how many arrows you have to cut as well as the precision needed in measuring them correctly.


In conclusion, cutting arrows to length is an essential part of archery and should not be overlooked. It is important to use the correct tools for the job and take your time when measuring since incorrect lengths can cause inaccuracy in shooting. Be sure to wear protective eyewear when sawing or sanding your arrows as well as practice proper safety measures at all times.

With this guide you are now equipped with the knowledge needed to properly cut arrows for optimal performance.


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