PSE Premonition HD Review

Looking for a compact and high-performing hunting bow? Look no further than the PSE Premonition HD. With its exceptional speed, adjustability, and affordability, this bow is a great choice for any shooter. One standout feature is its HD cams, providing a smooth and comfortable shooting experience. The Premonition HD also offers 15 pounds of draw weight adjustment, making it suitable for a wide range of shooters. Its compact and durable construction, along with the option to choose from various finishes, add to its appeal. Whether you’re a growing archer, a female shooter, or simply in search of a smaller hunting bow, the Premonition HD is a reliable and versatile choice.

PSE Premonition HD Review

Why Consider This Product?

The PSE Premonition HD is not your ordinary hunting bow. It offers extraordinary speed and adjustability that sets it apart from its competitors. If you’re in the market for a shorter, high-performance hunting bow, then the Premonition HD should definitely be on your radar. Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, but it also comes at an affordable price of $599 for the bare bow. The value you get for your money is unparalleled.

One of the standout features of the Premonition HD is its HD cams. These cams have an 80% let-off and an adjustable valley, providing an incredibly smooth and comfortable shooting experience. The solid back wall and high let-off allow shooters to stay relaxed at full draw, enhancing accuracy and overall shooting experience. Additionally, the bow offers 15 pounds of draw weight adjustment, making it suitable for a wide range of archers.

Features and Benefits

Exceptional Speed

The Premonition HD boasts speeds of up to 345 feet per second. This impressive velocity ensures that your arrow reaches its target swiftly and powerfully, making it an excellent choice for hunters who want to increase their success rate.

Adjustable HD Cams

With the HD cams, you can fine-tune your shooting experience. The 80% let-off and adjustable valley provide a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall, giving you the confidence to take that perfect shot. The cams also offer customization options, allowing you to find the perfect balance for your shooting style.

Compact and Lightweight

Weighing in at just 3.9 pounds, the Premonition HD is incredibly lightweight, adding stability and strength to your shot. The compact riser with large cutouts further reduces weight while maintaining durability, making it easier to handle and carry during long hunts.

Versatile Grip

The narrow and comfortable grip of the Premonition HD ensures a secure and controlled hold. Additionally, the bow allows for customization with additional rubber inserts, allowing you to tailor the grip to your preferences and shooting style.

PSE Premonition HD Review

Product Quality

When it comes to construction, the PSE Premonition HD is built to last. Its compact riser is not only lightweight but also strategically designed with large cutouts for weight reduction. The limbs, split and highly prestressed, provide excellent energy storage and vibration cancellation, resulting in a smoother and more accurate shot. The limb pockets are durable and securely hold the limbs in place, ensuring stability and consistency. With its quality craftsmanship, the Premonition HD is a bow that will withstand the test of time.

What It’s Used For

Hunting Success

The Premonition HD is specifically designed for hunting. Its compact size and exceptional speed make it the perfect companion for any hunting adventure. Whether you’re targeting small game or going after larger game, this bow will deliver the power and accuracy you need to ensure a successful hunt.

Competitive Shooting

If you’re a competitive archer looking for a high-performing bow, the Premonition HD is a great choice. Its speed, adjustability, and overall performance will give you an edge over your opponents. With this bow, you can confidently step onto the competition field and showcase your shooting skills.

Target Practice

Even if you’re not a hunter or a competitive shooter, the Premonition HD is still an excellent choice for target practice. Its adjustability allows you to fine-tune your shooting form and improve your accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting out, the Premonition HD will help you hone your skills.

Recreational Shooting

Sometimes you just want to have fun and enjoy shooting arrows. The Premonition HD is perfect for recreational shooting, offering a compact and versatile design that makes it enjoyable for archers of all skill levels. Whether at the range or in your backyard, this bow will provide hours of entertainment.

PSE Premonition HD Review

Product Specifications

Specification Measurement
Axle to Axle 30 5/8 inches
Speed Up to 345 feet per second
Draw Weight Range 15-pound adjustment
Let-Off 80%
Weight 3.9 pounds
Riser Construction Compact with large cutouts
Limbs Split and highly prestressed
Limb Pocket Durable and secure
Finish Options Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, Skullworks, solid black

Who Needs This

The PSE Premonition HD is perfect for individuals who prioritize speed, adjustability, and performance in their hunting or shooting endeavors. Whether you’re a growing archer looking for a reliable and versatile bow, a female shooter seeking a compact and high-performing option, or anyone in search of a smaller hunting bow that doesn’t compromise on power, the Premonition HD has got you covered.

PSE Premonition HD Review

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional speed and adjustability
  • Affordable price for its features and quality
  • Smooth and comfortable shooting experience
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Versatile grip with customization options
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance


  • Limited finish options compared to other models
  • Custom shop option may incur additional cost and lead time


  1. Can I adjust the draw weight on the Premonition HD? Yes, the Premonition HD offers 15 pounds of draw weight adjustment, making it suitable for archers of various skill levels and preferences.

  2. What is the let-off percentage of the HD cams? The HD cams have 80% let-off, allowing you to hold at full draw comfortably while maintaining stability and accuracy.

  3. Does the Premonition HD come with additional inserts for grip customization? The bow’s grip is narrow and comfortable, and additional rubber inserts can be added for personalized grip preferences.

PSE Premonition HD Review

What Customers Are Saying

“The Premonition HD is a game-changer for any hunter. It offers incredible speed without compromising accuracy. The smooth draw cycle and comfortable back wall make every shot feel effortless. I highly recommend it!” – John D., avid bowhunter

“I’ve been shooting the Premonition HD for competitive archery, and it has significantly improved my performance. The adjustable cams allow me to find the perfect balance, and the lightweight design makes it easy to handle during long tournaments.” – Sarah H., competitive archer

Overall Value

The PSE Premonition HD offers exceptional value for its price. Priced at $599 for the bare bow, it combines speed, adjustability, and reliability in a compact design that will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast, a competitive archer, or just looking for a reliable and versatile bow for recreational shooting, the Premonition HD delivers outstanding performance without breaking the bank.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Take the time to fine-tune the adjustable features of the bow to find your optimal draw weight and let-off percentage.
  • Practice regularly to become familiar with the bow’s performance and consistently improve your shooting skills.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different grip customization options to find what works best for you.
  • Consider investing in a reliable bow case to protect your Premonition HD during transport and storage.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In summary, the PSE Premonition HD is a compact and high-performing hunting bow that offers exceptional speed and adjustability. Its HD cams, adjustable valley, and 80% let-off provide a smooth and comfortable shooting experience. The bow’s lightweight construction, durable limbs, and secure limb pockets make it a reliable choice for any archer. With its versatile grip and customization options, the Premonition HD caters to the individual preferences of shooters. Overall, this bow offers great value for its price and is suitable for hunters, competitive shooters, and recreational archers alike.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in the market for a shorter, high-performance hunting bow, the PSE Premonition HD is a reliable and versatile choice. Its exceptional speed, adjustability, and overall performance make it a standout option in its price range. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting out, this bow will undoubtedly enhance your shooting experience and increase your success on the hunt. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a bow that offers incredible value and performance. Choose the Premonition HD and take your archery skills to the next level.


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