Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest is an innovative arrow rest designed to provide the ultimate in accuracy and performance. Its hybrid design combines a full capture rest with a drop away style, allowing for maximum efficiency while keeping arrows secure throughout the draw cycle. The carbon frame construction provides superior durability as well as weight savings, while its adjustable launcher arm ensures consistent tuning and smooth operation.

This rest also features a silent trigger technology that eliminates any extra noise or vibration at launch, making it ideal for hunting applications where sound can be an issue. With easy installation and setup, the Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest delivers high performance accuracy in even the toughest conditions.

The Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest is a great choice for archers looking to upgrade their equipment. It’s made of lightweight carbon composite construction and features an adjustable spring tension system that allows you to customize your draw weight. The drop away design ensures complete arrow clearance while the dual brake system provides enhanced fletching clearance.

This rest also includes interchangeable mounting blocks so you can easily mount it on any bow riser. With its durable construction, easy adjustability, and reliable performance, this arrow rest will help take your shooting accuracy to the next level!

TRUGLO Up•Draft — Installation

Are Drop Away Arrow Rests Better?

Drop-away arrow rests are often seen as an upgrade to more traditional fixed blade rest setups. This is because they offer greater accuracy, speed and stability by allowing the fletchings of the arrow to clear away from the bow’s riser once it is released. With a drop-away system, there’s no need for feathers or vanes that can interfere with your shot as they’re already out of the way when you fire.

Furthermore, these types of rests provide better clearance for broadheads which ensure that your arrows fly faster and truer than ever before. As such, drop-away arrow rests are generally considered superior in terms of performance compared to other types of archery equipment on the market today.

How Do You Nock an Arrow With a Drop Away Rest?

When using a drop away arrow rest, the first step is to attach it onto your bow and make sure that everything is securely tightened. Next, you will need to insert an arrow shaft into the launcher portion of the rest, making sure that all necessary components are in place such as nocking points, fletchings and broadhead. Once everything is properly set up, you can draw back your bowstring until it reaches its anchor point while at the same time keeping tension on your fingers so that they remain on the string after release.

Finally, gently move your hand forward slightly so that when you let go of the string with a smooth motion of relaxation rather than jerking or pulling back suddenly; this should cause nock travel which will result in an accurate shot release.

How Does a Drop Away Arrow Rest Work?

A drop away arrow rest is a specialized piece of archery equipment that helps to improve accuracy and eliminate shot discrepancies when shooting arrows. Essentially, the drop away arrow rest works by temporarily suspending the arrow in mid-air just before it leaves the bowstring. As soon as the string is released, a spring mechanism allows the entire arrow rest to “drop away” from contact with the bowstring.

This ensures that no part of the arrow is impeded during its flight, allowing for more consistent performance and better accuracy overall.

What are the Different Types of Drop Away Arrow Rests?

Drop away arrow rests come in a variety of styles and configurations. There are three main types: full containment, semi-containment, and no-containment (or “whisker biscuit”). Full containment drop-away rests feature a cradle that fully captures the arrow shaft for maximum accuracy.

Semi-containment models have an open face but still provide good support for the arrow shaft. No-containment rests are basically just a flat surface with no additional support; they allow you to use your own fletching configuration. All three styles can be adjusted to optimize performance and arrow flight characteristics depending on shooting style and bow setup.

Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest


Truglo Drop Away Arrow Rest Installation

Installing a Truglo Drop Away Arrow Rest is relatively simple and can be completed in just a few steps. First, attach the rest to your bow with the provided bracket, then secure it by tightening the mounting screws. Next, adjust the launcher arm so that it’s in line with your arrow shafts when nocked.

Finally, set up your desired drop away timing and test fire several arrows to ensure accuracy of performance before heading out on your next hunt.

Truglo Storm Capture Arrow Rest Review

The Truglo Storm Capture Arrow Rest is a great option for bowhunters who want an adjustable and reliable arrow rest that won’t break the bank. It features micro-adjustable windage, elevation, and launcher arm angle settings to ensure accuracy out of any bow setup. Its full capture system design helps keep your arrows in place even during hard shots, while its convenient thumbwheel tension adjustment knob makes fine tuning easy.

With its durable construction and ultra-smooth launching action, the Truglo Storm Capture Arrow Rest offers top notch performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

Truglo Arrow Rest

The Truglo Arrow Rest is an innovative arrow rest designed for modern archery. It features a full containment design that prevents fletching contact and provides a consistent nock position every time, allowing for more accurate shots. The adjustable launcher arm allows you to customize the arrow launch angle and trajectory, ensuring maximum accuracy when shooting at varying distances or angles.

The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry in your quiver, while the durable rubber dampers absorb shock from bow strings on release to reduce noise and vibration. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to archery altogether, the Truglo Arrow Rest will help take your shooting performance up a notch!


The Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest is an excellent choice for any archer looking for a reliable drop away arrow rest. It offers superior performance, with accuracy and consistency that can’t be beaten. The adjustable design allows you to customize the rest to fit your shooting style, while its carbon construction ensures durability and strength.

With all of these features combined, it’s clear why the Truglo Carbon Hybrid Drop-Away Arrow Rest is one of the best on the market today.


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