Where to Shoot a Turkey With an Arrow

To shoot a turkey with an arrow, position yourself so that you have a clear shot of the bird and can clearly see what you are aiming at. Make sure to use broadhead arrows as they give more penetration than target points or field points. Aim for the vitals – the neck or chest area – where it is slightly wider than its head or tail feathers.

This will ensure that your arrow has enough force to go through its thick skin and penetrate deeply into vital organs for a clean kill. Also make sure not to aim too close as this could result in missing the target entirely, causing unnecessary suffering for the animal.

Turkey hunting with an arrow is one of the oldest and most rewarding forms of hunting. While it may seem intimidating at first, there are a few key places to aim for when shooting a turkey with an arrow. Aiming for the base of the neck or just above the wing will result in a quick kill and minimal suffering on behalf of the turkey.

When aiming at these areas, make sure you factor in any movement that may occur while taking your shot to ensure accuracy.

Turkey Anatomy and Proper Arrow Placement

Where is the Best Spot to Shoot a Turkey With an Arrow?

When shooting a turkey with an arrow, the most important factor is having a clear and unobstructed view of the target. Since turkeys have excellent eyesight, it’s essential to be in a spot where they won’t detect your presence. The best places to shoot from are elevated positions such as tree stands or roofs of buildings that offer you some cover while still providing an open area for you to aim.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to hide yourself among vegetation or other objects like rocks and logs so that you can remain undetected by the bird until you take your shot.

Where Do You Aim a Turkey With a Bow?

When aiming a turkey with a bow, you should aim for the vital organs located in the center of mass. The goal is to quickly and humanely take down your turkey with one shot. To do this, begin by drawing your arrow back just behind your ear.

Then, focus on the area between the breastbone and leg joint (the “kill zone”) as it offers an 8-10 inch diameter target that houses both lungs and heart – two essential components for taking down any game animal humanely. Additionally, make sure to release at full draw so that you can deliver enough kinetic energy to penetrate deeply into these organs for a clean kill.

Where Do You Shoot a Turkey With a Bow from a Treestand?

The best way to shoot a turkey with a bow from a treestand is to set up your stand in an area that has plenty of open space, preferably near or within the range of the birds. When taking aim at turkeys, it’s important to make sure you have enough draw weight and arrow speed so that you can hit your target accurately. It’s also crucial to be aware of what direction the wind is blowing in so that you don’t spook any birds by making too much noise during your shot.

Once you’re ready, take aim at the bird and release when confident – just remember not to draw back too far past perpendicular with your bow arm as this can cause loss of accuracy and power.

Where Do You Shoot a Turkey With Broadhead?

When hunting with broadheads, it’s important to remember that the most effective way to take down a turkey is by aiming for its vital organs. The best place to aim for this purpose is directly behind the shoulder, near where the neck meets the body. This area contains several major arteries and veins as well as an abundance of muscle tissue which are highly susceptible to damage from a sharp broadhead.

If you can get your arrow in this general vicinity, you’ll have a much higher chance of bringing down your prey quickly and humanely.

Where to Shoot a Turkey With an Arrow

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Where to Shoot a Turkey With a Crossbow

The best place to shoot a turkey with a crossbow is in the center of its mass, which is known as the “kill zone.” The kill zone should be aimed for about 12-15 inches behind the shoulder. This will ensure that the arrow or bolt will penetrate deep enough into vital organs to cause instant death.

Where to Shoot a Turkey With a 12 Gauge

When shooting a turkey with a 12 gauge shotgun, it is important to use the correct shot size for the job. A good choice would be #5 or #6 lead shot, which provides enough power and range to take down your target without causing too much damage. Additionally, shooting from distances of 25-35 yards will ensure that you have an effective kill zone while still remaining safe and avoiding accidental injury.

Finally, aiming at the head or neck area of the bird will give you more reliable results than attempting shots to other parts of its body.

Where to Shoot a Turkey With a Rifle

When hunting turkey with a rifle, it is important to remember that the bird’s vital organs are located in its chest. Therefore, an ideal shot placement would be somewhere between the base of the neck and mid breastbone. This will give you the best chance to achieve a clean kill on your target.


This blog post provided a comprehensive overview of the best places to shoot a turkey with an arrow. From different types of terrain and distances, to how much cover you should have between yourself and the bird, readers now have all the information they need for successful archery hunting. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just getting started, knowing where to aim when shooting a turkey can make all the difference in your success rate.

With this knowledge in hand, anyone can confidently set out for their next hunt armed with the skills needed for success!


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