Will an Arrow Go Through a Deer Shoulder

Yes, an arrow can go through a deer’s shoulder. It is possible because arrows are designed to penetrate various materials, including thick fur and hide. An arrow fired from the correct angle and at sufficient velocity will have enough kinetic energy to penetrate the shoulder of a deer.

The most effective way for an archer to ensure that their arrow penetrates deep enough into the shoulder of a deer is by using a broadhead-style tip on their arrow, as these types of tips are specifically designed for penetration into thicker materials such as animal hides. Broadheads also provide larger surface area contact with target material which increases the chance of successful penetration when compared with other tips such as field points or judo tips.

When hunting deer, one of the most important things to know is whether or not an arrow will penetrate a deer’s shoulder. The answer is yes; in fact, it may be easier for an arrow to go through a deer’s shoulder than its vital organs due to the thick muscle and bone protecting them. However, if you are using a bow with low draw weight or inadequate arrows this may not be the case.

It’s important to ensure that your equipment is up-to-date and capable of delivering enough force needed to penetrate a deer’s shoulder before going out into the field.

Arrow Penetration Test With a Deer Shoulder Blade

Should You Shoot a Deer in the Shoulder?

No, shooting a deer in the shoulder is not recommended. While it may seem like an easy shot, hitting the shoulder can cause significant damage to the animal’s vitals and make it difficult or impossible for hunters to track their prey afterwards. In addition, if you don’t hit exactly where you were aiming (which can be very hard with a rifle), then there is a chance of hitting bone which could ricochet off and cause even more injury to the animal.

It’s best practice for hunters to aim for either heart/lungs shots or neck/head shots as these areas are more likely to result in quick kills and less suffering from your quarry.

Can a Deer Survive a High Shoulder Shot?

Yes, a deer can survive a high shoulder shot. This type of wound is often referred to as a “gut shot” because the bullet passes through the animal’s stomach and intestines without causing any major damage to vital organs or tissue. The best way to ensure that your target survives the shot is by aiming just behind the front leg on either side of its body.

If you do hit it in this area, there is still some risk of infection due to bacteria from digestive tract contents entering into surrounding tissues; however, if treated quickly and properly with antibiotics, most animals should make a full recovery.

Can a Deer Survive an Arrow Pass Through?

Yes, a deer can survive an arrow pass through if the arrow is not fatal. Deer are incredibly resilient animals and their thick hide helps protect them against most injuries. If the arrow’s trajectory does not hit any vital organs, then the deer has a good chance of surviving its injury with proper medical attention.

It’s important for hunters to aim carefully to ensure that they do not injure an animal unnecessarily and cause it undue suffering. With prompt treatment and rehabilitation, most arrows can be safely removed from a deer without causing permanent injury or death.

How Do You Know If You Hit a Deer in the Shoulder?

If you hit a deer in the shoulder, it is likely that the force of impact will cause significant damage to both your vehicle and the animal. Depending on how hard you hit them, there may be visible physical signs like dents or broken glass. You should also look for fur on your car’s exterior from where the deer made contact, as well as evidence of blood or other bodily fluids from inside your car.

If you are concerned about any potential injuries to the animal, it is important to call wildlife services immediately so they can assess and treat them accordingly.

Will an Arrow Go Through a Deer Shoulder

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Arrow Stuck in Deer Shoulder

When a deer is shot with an arrow, it is not uncommon for the arrow to remain lodged in the shoulder of the animal. This can be hazardous, as it can impede the deer’s ability to move and feed. It is important that hunters take extra caution when shooting arrows at their intended targets so as to prevent such occurrences from happening.

If an arrow does become stuck in a deer’s shoulder, proper action should be taken immediately by contacting local wildlife authorities or veterinarians who specialize in removing arrows from animals.

Where to Shoot a Deer With an Arrow

When hunting deer with an arrow, it is important to know where to shoot. The best place for a clean kill shot is the heart-lung area, which is just behind the shoulder of the animal. Aiming at this spot will ensure that your arrow penetrates deeply enough into the body cavity and reaches vital organs like the heart and lungs.

Additionally, aiming slightly higher than normal can help you achieve greater accuracy when shooting from up close or at mid-range distances.

High Shoulder Shot on Deer Archery

The high shoulder shot on a deer during an archery hunt is one of the most difficult shots to make. It requires the archer to aim precisely and accurately in order for the arrow to penetrate deeply into the vitals of the animal. To be successful in making this shot, practice proper form, take your time while aiming and use quality arrows that are designed specifically for hunting purposes.

If done correctly, a well placed high shoulder shot can result in an instant kill or humanely dispatch of game animals with minimal loss of meat or trophy antlers.


Overall, this blog post has provided an interesting look at the question of whether or not an arrow will be able to go through a deer shoulder. With all things considered, it appears that a well-placed shot from the right type of arrow has a good chance of passing completely through and doing enough damage to bring down the deer. However, it is important to remember that there are many variables involved in such shots, so hunters should always strive for accuracy when taking aim at their targets.


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