What Bow Does Cameron Hanes Shoot

Cameron Hanes is a well-known professional archer and bowhunter from Oregon. He shoots a Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Ultra as his primary hunting bow. It has a draw weight of 60 lbs, with an adjustable draw length between 25″ and 30″, making it suitable for virtually any shooter’s size.

The Carbon RX-4 Ultra also features the latest in Hoyt’s technologies, including FUSE Custom Strings & Cables, ECS Cam System and XTS PRO ARC Limb System with RKT Cams. All of these components work together to provide Cameron with unparalleled accuracy and speed while hunting in the field.

Cameron Hanes is an experienced hunter and archer, and he takes his bow hunting seriously. He currently shoots a Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 Compound Bow with a draw weight of 70 lbs., making it one of the most powerful bows on the market today.

Cameron’s bow has an adjustable draw length, allowing him to adjust it for different shooting distances. It also comes with a custom sight that was designed specifically for long range accuracy and precision. With its lightweight design, smooth draw cycle, and outstanding performance, this is certainly one of the best bows available today!

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What Bow Brand Does Cameron Hanes Use?

Cameron Hanes is a world-renowned bow hunter and outdoor enthusiast. He has been sponsored by several archery brands over the years, but he currently relies on Elite Archery for his hunting needs. Elite Archery produces high quality bows designed to give hunters optimal performance in any situation.

Cameron trusts the engineering and craftsmanship of each product from Elite Archery, especially their flagship series – The Impulse 34 and 31 models. These are incredible bows that provide power, accuracy and speed without sacrificing balance or comfort – perfect for those long days in the field!

What Bow Does Joe Rogan Shoot?

Joe Rogan is an avid bow hunter and often shares his experiences on social media. He uses the Mathews Halon 32 5 Bow with a draw weight of 70 lbs. This bow is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver in tight hunting spots.

The Halon 32 5 also features a dual-track cam system that provides a smooth drawing experience while remaining fast and accurate at longer distances. In addition, the flatback grip design helps reduce hand torque for increased accuracy when shooting from awkward angles or positions. Joe Rogan loves this bow so much that he even had it customized with custom strings and cams for optimum performance in the field!

What Bow Does Steven Rinella Use?

Steven Rinella is an avid bow hunter who uses a variety of bows for his hunts. His go-to bow is the Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34, which he has used since its release in 2013. This high-performance hunting bow features a dual cam system that allows for smooth and accurate shots at any distance with minimal vibration and maximum speed.

The length of the bow makes it ideal for both ground blinds and tree stands so that you can stay concealed while still having enough draw weight to take down even the largest game animals. Additionally, the adjustable draw lengths make it easy to customize your setup to fit your shooting style and preferences, making this an extremely versatile choice for all types of hunters.

What Bow Does Cameron Hanes Shoot

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What Bow Does Cameron Hanes Shoot 2022

Cameron Hanes is a well-known archer and bowhunter, and he currently shoots a Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo Bow. This bow features an adjustable draw length from 24” to 30”, and draw weights from 40lbs to 70lbs, making it ideal for shooting long distances. Its design also helps reduce noise and vibration so that you can take precise shots in the field or at the range.

Cameron uses this bow for all of his hunting adventures and competitions because of its accuracy, performance, and reliability.

Cameron Hanes Bow Setup 2022

Cameron Hanes Bow Setup 2022 is a great option for bow hunters looking to upgrade their equipment. This setup features the latest in compound bow technology, with an adjustable draw length of up to 33 inches and draw weights ranging from 18lbs-40lbs. It also has a high let-off of 85%, making it suitable for long-distance shooting and accuracy on the range.

It comes equipped with a 7″ stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, peep sight, D loop, wrist strap release and premium aluminum arrows. All of this makes Cameron Hanes Bow Setup 2022 one of the best options for serious bowhunters looking to increase their accuracy and performance in the field.

Hoyt Axius Turbo 80#

The Hoyt Axius Turbo 80# is a powerful bow that provides superior performance and accuracy. It features the all-new Axis series riser, which reduces torque on the shot for improved accuracy, as well as a new smoother draw cycle that’s designed to optimize arrow speed and energy transfer. Its adjustable draw length of 19″ to 30″ allows it to fit various body sizes, while its brace height of 7” provides ultimate stability when shooting.

The Axius Turbo also comes equipped with Hoyt’s patented Pro Fit grip system which can be easily adjusted for perfect hand positioning and comfort during long days of shooting. Additionally, this bow is packed with technology such as XTS Arc Technology limb pockets for reduced vibration and noise at the shot. All in all, this lightweight powerhouse has everything you need to take your archery skills to the next level!


Overall, Cameron Hanes is a dedicated archer who prefers to use specific bows for his competitions. He uses the Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Alpha for 3D shooting, and he opts for the Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo when it comes to indoor tournaments. His choice of bows reflect his desire to be accurate and precise with every shot he takes during a competition.

With the proper training and equipment, anyone can become an excellent archer like him.


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